Sorry that it took so long to write. I've been slowly recovering from being struck by a car, 6 months back. And then I needed to figure out where I wanted to take the story since it had been a while.

There will be something in 4 of the Character's perspective taking off from the end of last chapter.

Lucas sat on the plane looking out the window, as he waited to take off. He was letting go of the love of his life, and moving forward with his life. He knew it would be hard, but if Peyton had been able to do it, then he guess he could too.

~ 6 Months Later ~

Lucas and new wife drove up to Haley and Nathan's house. They were coming over for dinner. They had just gotten back in town, after being away for over a month promoting his new book.

Lucas looked over to his side to see that his girlfriend was fidgeting with her hands. Place his hand over hers, "There's nothing to be nervous about, Nathan and Haley love you."

"Well that was before. I don't see Haley too pleased that we eloped in Vegas. I mean we weren't even together before it happen."

"That may be true, but she loves us, and she only wants us to be happy. And you make me happy," he smiled. It had been a long while since he could say that.

"I still can't believe it. If you told me a year ago that you would be calling me Mrs. Lucas Scott, I would have called them crazy."

"Well a lot has happened in the last few months. But one things for sure that it was fate that we found one another again."

Brooke watched from her store, as she saw the happy couple walk down the street. Jealousy boiled through her blood. Not because she thought that Peyton didn't deserve to be happy, but because she was with the guy she loved and because she wanted the same thing that they had.

She wanted the fairytale ending, the happily ever after. She was beginning to wonder if she would ever find it. All her friends had found it, but her.

~ 1 Year Later ~

Brooke ran into Peyton's office in excitement. "Guess what!"

"What?" Peyton could tell that whatever it was, it was great news.

"He asked me to Marry him. We're getting married!" she screamed in excitement.

Peyton ran over to her best friend, and gave her a hug. "B. Davis I'm so excited for you. You deserve it. "

"He makes me so happy, happier then I ever thought possible."

"Well I'm glad, otherwise I may have to kick some butt there," she laughed.

Peyton stood outside the her old bedroom, staring at the inside. She had finally gotten the nerve to start taking everything out of the room. She knew they needed to move on from the past, and look forward

She open up the drawer, and began putting the infant clothes into the box that she had in hand.

She prayed that one day Chase and her would get a chance to adopt a little one.

~ 1 ½ Years Later ~

Peyton is sitting on her bed. She picked up her phone, and took a deep breath, before dialling his number.

"Hey Beautiful," he said on the other end of the line.

"Hi," she smiled."

"I miss you," he said, as he laid on his hotel bed.

"I miss you too. I know it's late, but I need to tell you something."

"It's really alright, I love to hear your voice before I go to sleep"

Tears began to roll down her face, "I don't know if I can call you my fiancée anymore, cause I was thinking that maybe I would call you my baby daddy,' she cried.

Did he really hear her right, he thought to himself. "What, I thought we couldn't get pregnant."

"So did the doctor, but here we are. We're going to be parents!" She was so happy that she couldn't contain it.

"This is our miracle Peyton Sawyer, and nobody deserves it more."

Chase stood in front of their home, smiling. Everything was starting to work out of the two of them. They were finally moving forward from their tragedy.

"Welcome home Mr. Adams," Peyton said, as she walked outside towards him, embracing him.

"It's good to be home," he said, before leaning down to kiss her.

~ 2 Years Later ~

"So Chase how does it feel to finally be marry the girl of your dreams tomorrow?" Nathan said, as they stood on the court shooting hoops.

"Feels good. I feel like it's about time. After everything, I'm ready to marry her, and start our lives together."

"Well I'm glad to hear that. And as her friend I'm glad that she's finally happy, nobody deserves it more then she does."

"I've got to agree with you on that one."

Peyton walked down the aisle, smiling from ear to ear. Chase stood at the end, and he was smiling right back at her. Everything had finally pieced itself together, and things were finally how they always should be.


Peyton walked into their living room, to find Chase sitting on the couch, watching a little TV. She sat down beside him. He took a deep breath. She knew the next few words out of her mouth would change everything. "You know I love you, right?"

Chase stared at her, a little confused where this was coming from, but still answered, "Yes."

"That's why the next thing I'm going to say if going to hurt." She knew it would hurt her more then him.

Chase didn't like where this conversation was going. Something told him it was about to change everything.

"I have to let you go."

"What! Why? I thought we talked this out?" what had changed, he thought. Hadn't they already worked this out weeks ago, why was this coming up again?

"You have to know that I've really thought about this. Chase, Brooke's the one for you. She loves you, she can give you everything that I'm not able to give you-"

"Peyton, I already told you there's nothing going on between the two of us. We're just friends." Why didn't she believe that when he told her, he thought.

"Chase I can see it your eyes when you look at her. It's the same way I use to look at Lucas, the way I look at you now. She's your soul mate. And with everything she's been through, she deserves to be happy. I love you so much, and that's why I have to let you go. I can't be selfish about this."

Chase knew deep down she was right, in all of their tragedy he had fallen again for the brunette with the big heart. "I'm so sorry, the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you like Lucas did. I wanted to be the one guy you could always count on."

Tears ran down her face, but she still manage to put a smile on her face. She took a hold of his hands, "Be happy Chase, that's what I want for you. And take care of our girl."

As she got at the end of the aisle she spoke to Chase, "Take care of her."

Smiling at her, "I will." He was glad that even through everything, that they had been able to still be friends.

Everyone in the church stood up, and watched as the bride, Brooke emerged from the doors, down the aisle. She looked stunning, wearing a Bro's over Hoes original. A mermaid style dress with a strapless heart shape neckline. Her hair was pulled back, with curls.

She beamed from head to toe. This day was everything she thought it out to be since she was a little girl. Best part was that she was finally marrying the man of her dreams. Today she would become Mrs. Chase Adams. She loved how it sound.

~ Flashback ~

Brooke arrived at the high school. She couldn't figure out why she got a note from Chase to meet him here. Of all places to meet him, why the high school.

As she arrived at the courtyard, she saw candles everywhere, and Chase stand by the picnic table. "What's going on?" she asked.

Chase grabbed a hold of Brooke's hand, pulling her towards him. "Don't you remember, this is where we first met, where Shelly introduced us. This is where I met the girl with the big bubbling heart. Though I never admitted it to you, I was instantly attracted to you."


"Really. Brooke Davis you have forever changed me. You were able to open my heart again. And when I fell for you I knew it was it. And I know we somehow got lost in our ways, but there wasn't one time that I stopped loving you. You sacrificed your happiness so that I could be happy. And when we lost the baby, you were there for me when I really needed someone there. You Brooke Davis give yourself, without asking for anything back. I love you, and I love Sawyer, and I would be honoured if you both spent your lives with me."

Brooke began to cry, leaping into his arms, "Yes, a million times yes." Her dreams were finally becoming true. She was finally getting the life that she had always dreamed of, with the guy she always dreamed of.

They all came together on the basketball court. The reception was over, but they weren't ready for it to be done. They wanted to spend the rest of the evening with one another.

Peyton sat on her soon to be husband, Julian's lap, as he had his hand on her very pregnant belly. It was with him that she was able to get over the pain of losing Chase, and they found comfort in one another, and soon fell in love. And in the end would soon become a mother to their miracle baby.

Haley and Nathan stood next to Lucas and his wife, Lindsay. At first they had been surprised by the elopement. But after seeing the two together could see that they were in love, that it was real this time because Lucas had realized that some hearts change, and some people change allow the way.

Chase and Brooke stood in front of them all. They were the lucky ones, they had found one another again, after all these years, proving that some high school relationships are meant to last.

"What do you say, girls against the boys?" Brooke said, as she grabbed the ball. She still stood in her wedding dress.

"You're on," Lucas said. "Have fun trying to play in that," he laughed, pointing out her dress.

"A little cocky there."

"Well you are attempting to play against the Scott brothers."

"Just for that, we get the ball first," she kicked off her heels, the girls all followed her suit. All the girls got into position, Brooke bounce the ball down the court, out of the way of Lucas, and went in for a shot, scoring the first basket.

"You were saying," in a cocky tone, grinning at Lucas.

Through everything, the heartache, the betrayals, the loses; they were able to pull together, and remain friends. Things may not be how they picture 4 maybe even 8 years ago. But through it all they were finally all happy.