Chikin - Bear - Ventures A story of friendship and awesome.

A hero, who dislikes KFC. Featuring a flaming beak.
Loves to burn wood. Who knows why? Don't ask me!

Another Hero, he understands Chikin's pain,
and offers the moral support Chikin would never understand. Sadly he doesn't know how hard he is trying to help.

Chikin and Bear were walking through the forest of candy canes. Along the lines, they found Human warriors. They were extremely threatened, and chose to fight back, do to the humans VERY sharp spears.

Chikin pecked the first human's head, who later they would find out is Falafel. (It's not funny.) Bear ripped off a human's head, but realized he was being overly violent.

As the fierce battle went on, Chikin had blown out several enemy arms, Bear dispatched dumb... Didiots. Anyways, THE BATTLE ENDED. :D

Bear and Chikin went onward. Soon, they came upon a burned forest. They ran in, to discover people running rampant in circles.

Soon they opened a door, and saw a child in the corner whimpering with his dog. Bear wondered if it should be the other way around, but suddenly, a creature stabbed right through his back!

Bear lay still on the floor. Chikin wondered how this could have happened. He turned around to see the boy was a decoy. He had disapeared! The thing approaching must want me gone, Thought Chikin.

He prepared for what could perhaps be the last battle of his life.

And Bear's.