Chapter 2.

Across the world, A warrior by the name of Flame, was walking through SPAAACE KAAAAATS.

Umm, no. Anyways, Flame... How do I say this...? Oh yes, not a warrior. He runs around with a tin pot on his head. He works at the bathroom.


Anyways, one day, he tried to sneak out of work. He walked straight into a criminal named Burn. He didn't know it yet, but he was about to save the day! (Lol, Cheesy and Stereotypical.)

Burn pulled out something from his pocket. Flame figured it would be a gun, so he knocked him over and punched him. Suddenly, it was as if all time froze. People were staring, but no one was blinking. He looked, and noticed a revolver was pulled to his head. BANG.

Blood ran down his head.

Or at least, that's what would happen.

The bullet bounced off of his peculiar hat, and suddenly the gunman was dead.

Flame couldn't stand the sight of blood.


2 days later...

Flame woke up in the hospital.