Sorry for the delay with Let Him Live. Chapter 7 is in the works, but Springer is being stubborn. Anyway, this is a story I had written for the Transformers Kink Meme. I'll post the sticky version on my Livejournal, and put the clean one up here. Enjoy!

Not Fast Enough

'Nononononono!GottagetoutLongarm'sthespy!MusttellUltraMagnus!' Blurr thought frantically as he raced through the base. Door after door slammed shut, blocking his escape. The intelligence officer wasn't stupid. He knew he was being herded deeper and deeper into the base. His thoughts raced frantically, trying to find a way out of the situation. He sped down the hall, trying to beat the next closing door. He didn't make it. Changing directions, he found that that gate too was closed. Blurr was effectively trapped. 'Nonononononono!Tightspacetightspace!Needtogetout!Whatwasthat?!' A loud screeching noise made the officer jump. He watched in horror as the walls began to close in on him. Panicking, he pressed his back to the wall he was leaning against, trying to keep it from moving. 'Thiscan'tbehappening!It'snothappening!'


Shockwave watched the Autobot's desperate flight for freedom. The Decepticon knew that he couldn't catch the bot, but trapping him would be just as effective. Finally, his victim had reached the intended room. He shut down all gates, preventing the Autobot from leaving the room. Activating the compressor, he watched with amusement as Blurr tried to keep the walls from crushing him. He zoomed in, watching the blue bot's face as he realized there was no escape. The expression on his face was delicious. The raw terror sent jolts of lust through his circuits. Hmm, perhaps there was a better use for this bot than deactivation. He waited until the walls pressed into Blurr, effectively trapping the agent. The pressure so far had done little more than dent Blurr's armor, but that would change quickly. Flipping off the compressor, he watched as the intelligence officer struggled, trying to escape his bindings.

Watching the struggle only increased the Decepticon's lust. Blurr was a tiny little thing, streamlined, and built for speed. Height wise, he only came up to Shockwave's chest. It was a well known fact the Blurr's strength was minimal, as corners had to be cut in order to make him has fast as he was, making the bot easy to dominate. Minute shivers ran up the spy's spinal struts as he imagined pinning Blurr down and taking him hard. And that mouth. A fast talking bot like Blurr would have to be able to use it for other, much more pleasurable things. But, as proven earlier, he was much faster than the Decepticon and carried vital information that could put "Longarm" into a compromising position. What to do, what to do? Ah, that would work. Moving across the room swiftly, he entered his living quarters. Activating the computer screen, he kept and optic on the spy, who it seemed had tired himself out with his struggles, and was limp in his bonds. Striding over to his work station he opened a secret compartment under his desk. Ignoring the lust now raging inside him, he pulled out a set of modicuffs. These energon cuffs were specifically designed to allow modifications in order to keep troublesome prisoners under control. Imputing the specifications, Shockwave left his room.

Stopping briefly to input a command that would open all the doors except the ones that kept the Autobot prisoner, he left the command center, heading towards the compressor. Keeping half of his processor on the situation, he allowed the other to indulge in the fantasies that had been bombarding him since he had first noticed how beautiful that little Autobot was in the throes of terror. He would have to move him to the Decepticon ship of course. There was no chance that Blurr wouldn't try to escape and deliver the information he carried to Ultra Magnus, if given the chance. That presented another problem. He would have to come up with something to tell Ultra Magnus about Blurr's disappearance. It would be worth it though. Having the blue bot at his mercy, trained to answer his every request. He would keep him locked away, his personal little pet. Well, maybe not entirely personal. After all, Blurr was the kind of bot that Mighty Megatron enjoyed taking to his berth as well, and sharing with his leader was always fun. Inwardly smirking, Shockwave approached the compressor.


Blurr was tired. He had literally run across the galaxy to deliver the information to someone in command that Shockwave was the Decepticon spy, only to find out that Longarm Prime was Shockwave. He had then run though the base to try and find a way out, and, when he had finally been caught, fought to get away from the crushing walls that were pinning him in place. He had no idea why Shockwave had stopped the walls from closing in, but he had no doubt that it was not going to be pleasant for him. He'd given up on comming for help. He didn't know if a jamming signal was in place or if he was too far out of range for anyone else to hear him, but he knew that no help was coming.

Blurr jerked, startled, as the walls began to shift away from him, allowing him to drop lifelessly to the ground. Pushing himself to his knees he cycled his intakes furiously, trying to regain his equilibrium. So focused on that, he didn't notice when the traitor stepped into the room, nor did he notice the optic roving over his shaking body hungrily. He did notice, however, when a pede connected with his torso, throwing him off his knees and flat onto his back. He had no time to react before Shockwave reached down. He found his arms bound in energon cuffs almost quicker than he could process. Instead of the debilitating energy racing through his body however, he found that he was moving in slow motion. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get his body to move at its normal speed. This threw him more off balance than the energy shocks would have.


Shockwave watched, pleased, as the young mech realized what had been done to him. And what a pretty picture he made, bound in chains, bound but not broken. He could see that from the expression in the youngling's optics, even if at first glance he seemed defeated. The Decepticon trembled as the youngling looked up at him, terrified, but trying not to show it.

"Why? Why have you done this to me?"


Despite knowing to expect it, Blurr was still startled at the slow speed his vocal cords produced sound. His situation fully sunk in at this. He was no faster than anyone else. He was a lot weaker than everyone else. He was bound in chains, instead of deactivated, for reasons known only to Shockwave. His panic increased to never before felt heights. He was trapped with a traitor, who would do Primus knows what to him, and he did not have his special ability, the only thing that could possibly get him out of this. So caught up in his fright, he almost missed when the traitor began to speak.

"Because, young one, I have far better uses for you than deactivation, as does Lord Megatron." Shockwave bent over the fallen mech and hoisted him up by his cuffs. "Come. We have on last thing to do before I return to the Nemesis." Calmly, he slung Blurr over his shoulder. Despite his violent thrashing, the mech had no trouble holding the light weight firmly against his chassis.

"No! Put me down! Let go you glitchspawn!" Blurr cursed Shockwave all the way back to the command center, beating on his back with his cuffed hands, growing more furious as Shockwave ignored him.

Before entering the command center, Shockwave switched back into his Longarm disguise, and checked to see if the center was empty. It was. Carrying his burden inside, he closed the door and let the little mech fall to the floor. The jarring impact knocked Blurr's processor for a loop, and Longarm took the moment to trigger a little bundle of nerves in his prisoner's neck, knocking the Autobot out. Satisfied that he would not be interrupted, Longarm turned to the console and placed a priority one call to Cybertron. The visage of Ultra Magnus flickered into view, and Longarm saluted.

"Ultra Magnus sir! I require and immediate conference with you! I have discovered disturbing news about Megatron, and the Decepticon spy. I cannot give you the information over this line, for I fear that it could be intercepted. Someone is watching. I know it." Ultra Magnus frowned.

"Are you sure the line is being watched?"

"Yes sir!" Longarm said earnestly. "I have been picking up strange communication waves and managed to translate them. They were conversations between Megatron and his spy. Unfortunately, they know that I have caught them, but thankfully I do not believe they know which base has picked up on their messages. We must speak face to face sir! It won't be long before they figure out where I am!"

"Very well then Longarm, report to Iacon immediately. I will expect you within the next joor."

"Yes sir!" Saluting again, Longarm bowed slightly and cut the transmission. Once the screen went dark, he walked over to his unconscious quarry, and picked him up with a gentleness that belied his true intentions.

"You, my dear Autobot, will be a great aid in bringing down that fool Ultra Magnus." Stroking a claw down the innocent bot's cheek, he left the base, heading for his private shuttle.