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But I wrote a fic, so take a look!

Jake POV.

Briar was dead. Dead, and never coming back. And all because she was dating a Grimm. Even if she hadn't been a member of the Hand, they wouldn't have gone after her full force like that otherwise. It was his fault. Because he was a Grimm.

Goldilocks had tried to cheer him up by saying something like, "It's to be expected, from your family, but you have to move on. How does that saying of yours go?"

He'd repeated it to her, and now it kept running through his head.

We are Grimms. This is what we do.

What did that mean, exactly?

It meant that you helped Everafters who needed it. You solved mysteries. You kept the barrier up by having at least one live Grimm in town at all times. You did what you could to keep the balance between humans and Everafters and between Everafters in general. Most importantly, it meant you did not get involved personally.

But he had gotten involved. It was too late now. There was no going back. The Hand had forced him, and now he was involved. It was his war now.

Maybe it was time to change what Grimms did.