Sabrina was looking at him in a way that made him feel terribly guilty, but what could he do? It was too late. He'd made his choice. He was the Master of the Scarlet Hand and he had stolen their brother.

It wasn't as if he hadn't given them enough hints, even though if he'd had his way, they never would have known until it was too late. The hobgoblin's mirror. The shards of glass that mysteriously disappeared. Red's descrition of him, two faces on the same man, a room full of holes, he was pretty sure she'd even said he was trapped. The way the Hand kept getting supplies only the Grimms were supposed to have.

Yet their trust in him had never wavered, and here Sabrina was, staring at him like she wanted to both kill him and burst into tears, and it almost made him sorry for what he had done and was going to do.

But he had to! He needed to make sure that he could never be used like that again. He had been ignored, abused, and made a laughingstock, albeit not with this family, but with others. Even Wilhelm hadn't treated him that well. he needed to make sure that he could be free of this place, this horrible prison. He'd never seen anything that wasn't in view of a mirror, for goodness sakes, and that only in the past few years! He'd never seen the sky!

He wanted to tell Sabrina that, after all, he had been her friend, but he couldn't, not with the others. Puck would laugh, he'd lose his temper, Daphne wouldn't believe him, or if she did, Sabrina wouldn't, to protect her sister. And then there was the fact that his whole organization was watching them at the moment. So instead of the apology he wanted to make, he just told her to come with him, and he was secretly pleased when she resisted.