A young girl with platinum blonde hair, pale skin and violet eyes stared at the horrible scene, mortified. Her naturally big eyes widened. Her face was filled with shock.

In front of her stood two figures. One was a young girl two years younger than her with silver hair and green eyes that was currently fading of their color. Her light warm skin grew paler and colder. Another figure was a lady with long brown hair and blue eyes that was currently replaced by a bright gleam of red. But that wasn't the cause of the first girl's shock. It was the lady's fangs, which was sunk deep into the younger girl's bare throat.

"Hitori-one-san..." A soft whimper escaped Hitomi's mouth. "Help me..." She could do nothing more that to mouth those words due to her lack of energy. Hitori could only watch her younger sister who was being fed on mercilessly by the lady, feeling entirely helpless.

The lady knew she was being watched. She lifted up her head, an evil smile spread across her face. The unconscious Hitomi collapsed to the ground. Traces of blood can be seen at the side of the lady's mouth. Her eyes was cold and filled with indifference. Despite that, she wore an evil smile that Hitori knew she will remember always.

" Thanks for the meal..." she sneered. " Don't worry, child. Your dear sister is still alive. I didn't get to enjoy my feast with someone watching me. Although, I can't really say your sister is completely okay..." she said, turning towards Hitomi.

Hitori could only screamed in terror. However, a loud bang interrupted her scream. She turned towards the lady, whose face was filled with shock. She collapsed to the ground, in a pool of her own blood. The lady was killed.

A man wearing an eye patch entered the scene. He looked at the lady then turned to Hitori and then to Hitomi. He sighed, not of sympathy, but of fustration. "Vampires, especially Level E's, only bring trouble. Now look at the cause of that thing actions and worse, she's a pureblood," he said emphasizing the word 'thing' while looking at the lady.

Hitori, who was confused by the whole thing, could only take a step back. The man turned towards Hitomi and walked towards her. Hitori immediately blocked his way.

" Stay away from my sister," she hissed. She could not trust the man just yet. She looked intently at the man. The man sighed again. "Don't worry, kid. I'm not going to harm your little sister. I'm just going to check how she's doing," he said curtly. Hitori didn't say a thing. She stared at the man for a while. Then after a few seconds, she stepped aside to let the man pass.

The man kneeled beside the unconscious Hitomi and put his hand at the side of her neck to check her pulse. Fortunately, although weak, it can be detected. He turned towards Hitori, a small smile visible on his face.

"Looks like that 'thing' ain't lying, kid. Your sister is still alive,"

Hitori sighed with relief.

"However..." the man added hesitantly.

Hitori turned back her attention towards the man. Her eyes narrowed. "However what?" she growled. " What's wrong with my sister?"

"Well, I did said that the 'thing' ain't lying. I'm afraid that your sister isn't going to be the normal girl you knew anymore...

"What do you mean by that?"

The man didn't answer. Instead, he picked up Hitomi and headed towards outside. "You'll find out if you follow me, kid," he muttered. Hitori stared at the man with suspicion. And then, she reached out her hand towards him hesitantly...

~ Five years later~

"Are we there yet, Yagari-sama?"

Ai Hitomi lolled restlessly in the backseat of the car. Beside the 14 year old girl was her 16 year old sister, Ai Hitori. She was quietly reading a novel and not whining like her sister. The man with an eye patch, Yagari, who was busy driving, sighed for what a hundredth time.

"For the last time, no, Hitomi. Jeez... why can't you be as quiet as your sister, Hiomi?" he said, turning his gaze towards Hitori. Hitomi pouted. She smoothed out her white uniform and fixed the headband she was wearing. " Because, Yagari-sama, I'm not my sister," she answered simply.

" She does has a point," Hitori answered quietly. She was wearing a black uniform with a flower clip pinned at the side of her head. There was no expression on her face as she continued reading her novel.

" How long till we reached there?" Hitomi whined.

" In a few minutes," said Yagari.

"You said that a few minutes ago!"

"If you keep on whining, we'll never reach there, Hitomi," her sister replied.

" But one-san..."

She couldn't finish her sentence. The car came to a halt. HItomi was nearly thrown out of the car. HItori and Yagari sighed in unison.

" Sigh? Is that the only thing you could do?! I could have hurt myself back there," Hitomi snapped. Yagari didn't reply. Hitori just looked out of the window. It's clear to Hitomi that they didn't want put up to her whining.

"Meanies!!" she cried, pointing an accusing finger towards them. Yagari let out an annoyed sigh. "If you settle down a bit, kid, you'll know that we're here," he said curtly.

Hitomi settled down and looked out of the window. He's right. The car had stopped in front of a huge building. Hitomi smiled gleefully. She jumped out of the car and stretched herself. It had been a long ride. Hitori came out of the car and walked towards the excited Hitomi.

" You're excited," she commented.

"I sure am! At last we're here!"

They walked towards the main gate of the building. On the gate hung a sign that said 'Cross Academy'.