Epilogue~ Memories

It was an ordinary evening. The sky was filled with pretty colors such as orange, red and a hint of pink as the sun began to set. Birds flew across the sky, hurrying back to their respective nests. Violet eyes watched the scene with little interest. A sigh escaped her lips. There, sitting near the windowsill, was none other than Ai Hitori.

It had been a whole year since Haruhi and herself moved from Cross Academy. They were now living together in their old home. When she first arrived there, she immediately got all nostalgic. Old memories rushed to her head, causing her to break down. After being alone for a while, she got over it. But until now, her heart remained incomplete. A part of it was still at Cross Academy. The memories she made, the people she met, they were all precious to her. She was reluctant to leave all the people she held close to her heart. But the siblings knew that it was for the best. She smiled when she remembered them.

Yuuki was like another younger sister to her. She was always bright and made her less lonely whenever she's around. Kaien never failed to give advices to her whenever she needed it. His goofy antics never failed to bring a smile to her face. Zero… Though she could never fully understand him, he was very important to her. Sharing the same pain as her, he was one of the few that really inderstood her situation. Kaname was a mystery to her. He was friendly in a sense, but never allowed anyone, with the exception of a few certain ones, get too close to him. She found him irritating but somehow, her heart was attracted to his mysterious aura as she was to Zero's. Those feelings confused her greatly, but she managed to understand them a little. Kotoko always had time to listen to her, even getting worried just for her. Sayori was a great friend to have as she was always calm and helped her to understand her confused heart. How she missed them…

But the person she missed the most waswithout a doubt, Hitomi, her precious younger sister. Her sister, who allowed herself to get killed by a Level E, just for the sake of her older sister's safetly. The same person which never failed to bring a smile to her face just by being around. Though she had to suffer a cruel fate of being transformed into a vampire, she never once seen Hitomi complaining or wanting to give up on her life. Instead, she worked harder, focusing on making a full of use of her life. Never, have she seen her saying that her life was unbearable, or that her raging bloodlust was a pain. She constantly wore her bright smile, even if she's in obvious pain. In fact, she smiled her brightest smile ever on the verge of her death. As she lay in Hitori's arms, eyes closed, skin pale and cold, her everlasting smile remained on her blissful expression. How she remembered how she struggled to remind her that she was always loved and told her to never give up on her life as her own life was withering away. Hitori cried and cried when she finally closed her eyes and slipped into an eternal darkness. But deep in her heart, she knew that Hitomi had gone to a better place. She was finally released from all pain and suffering, as well as her cruel fate. Haruhi buried her body under a sakura tree in the academy's compound upon her request. She knew, Hitomi would have liked it that way. To be buried in a place she held dear to her heart.

Without her realizing it, tears trailed down her cheeks. Flashbacks of her came rushing to her head. Her sister's words rang in her ears.


"You are always loved…"

"Everything is going to be alright…"

"I love you, one-san,"

A smile crept to her face as she wiped her tears. "I love you too, Hitomi," she said softly. A knock can be heard and the office door opened. Haruhi peeked inside. "Are you ready to go?" he asked. Hitori nodded. "Yes," She got up and walked towards the door. She was visiting her sister's grave that evening, as it was her sister's first death anniversary. She made a resolve to convey something she meant to say a long time ago to her beloved sister. As she walked back home, she glanced at the sunset behind her. Her mouth opened to whisper something.

"Thank you, Hitomi, for everything…"

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