Chapter 7: The Breaking Of The Contract

Over the next six weeks Ginny continued to meet Draco in out of the way places. With him she felt cherished, even loved. She was constantly planning her next encounter with the blonde Slytherin. So much so that she failed to notice that Harry was rarely around.


Harry was busy trying to stop the so called war. He had learned a few truths from several of his parents' papers that had been in the vault. They had been placed there to protect them from Dumbledore. If some of them were to be seen by the 'wrong' sort of person, all hell would break loose.

It was that information that had him sending messages to someone that he normally wouldn't. An invitation had been sent for himself and his wives, but only Hermione was going to go to the home of his enemy for the Christmas Holidays. Ginny would go to the Manor or the Burrow during that time. Too much was at stake for her to mess things up.


Harry called a 'family' meeting in their quarters a week before the break for the holidays. Ginny was afraid that she had been found out and that Harry would toss her aside even more than he already had. Her mother had just finished a specialized love potion for her and Harry. She only had to get him to the Burrow so that her mother could give the potion to Harry. Then Harry would put her first and drop Hermione like a bad potion. She had even worked out how to get him there. She was going to ask him to escort her there and invite him in for a drink. It had to work! She was brought out of her thought by Harry.

"I've made some plans for the holidays that will affect all of us."

Ginny was pleasantly surprised. Maybe Harry was changing his mind!

"Ginny, I need to know if you wish to spend the holidays at the Manor or with your family."

"May I ask why?"

"Hermione and I have other plans for the holidays. You need to be somewhere that I can trust you to be looked after."

"You mean spied on!"

"If you wish it to seem that way."

Ginny snorted.

"You are now a married woman and have to follow certain rules. One is to obey your husband. I don't trust you. So you need to make a choice."

Ginny seemed to ponder her answer quietly. Neither location seemed good. If she couldn't be with Harry then she needed to be with Draco. He was staying at Hogwarts during the holidays as his parents would be gone as well during that time.

"Can't I stay here?"

Harry looked at Hermione. They had thought of that possibility as well but didn't trust her to not try something.

"Only if I get a Witch's Oath from you that you will obey the rules that I have laid down. Also that you do not do anything to mine or Hermione's belongings. Do you agree?"

Inside Ginny was seething. How dare he ask such a thing from her! She was his wife! True the plan she set with her mother would have to wait, but in the mean time she could see Draco. Her body was beginning to burn for him.



On the train to Kings Cross Harry voiced his concerns over Ginny's quick agreement.

"I think she's up to something."

"What could she be planning? Besides your seduction?"

Harry shuddered at the thought. "Promise me that if she does succeed in that you kill me quickly?"

"I promise. No one would want you if she did manage that." Hermione teased.

"You're certainly full of vinegar today Lady Potter."

"I have to be to put up with you."


During the two weeks that consisted of the holidays, Ginny was secretly with Draco nearly the entire time. Even in her private room. She had no idea that her every move inside the Potter quarters was being recorded and would bring about her downfall. Things were coming to a head.


The main part of the school returned from their holiday, including Harry and Hermione. Their meeting went better than planned. The 'war' was soon coming to an end and with little or no violence. Ginny was waiting for them at the Entrance Hall. She looked very pale and had dark circles under her eyes. Harry didn't look to happy about that. Just as he was going to yell at her, Ginny fell to the floor in a faint.

When she woke up Harry looked absolutely furious.


"Who what, Harry?"

"Who have you been seeing behind my back?"

She instantly shrunk away from him. Just then the doors to the Hospital wing opened. In walked a smiling Mrs. Weasley, with Mr. Weasley and Dumbledore following behind.

"Ginny! Harry! Congratulations!"

Harry looked even more furious and Ginny was puzzled.

"For what, Mum?'

"Ginny! Stop teasing me! Why didn't tell me that you and Harry were trying for a baby?"

"A baby?"

"Yes a baby that isn't mine!"

"Harry! Of course it's yours! After all you are Ginny's husband."

"Who hasn't 'slept' with her since her wedding night! Now! Who is the 'father'?"

Three sets of eyes turned to look at Ginny, who seemed to be trying to shrink herself into the bed. Harry turned his anger on her again.

"I won't ask again, Ginerva. WHO IS THE FATHER?"



The rest of the school was at dinner when the doors to the Great Hall flew open and banged against the walls behind them. A very angry Harry Potter walked through them and headed straight for the Slytherin table. A worried Dumbledore was seen following close behind.

"Harry! You must stop!"

"Stay out of this sir. This has nothing to do with this school or you. Only family business."

Snape appeared almost out of nowhere.

"Potter! Go back to your own side!"

"Not now, Snivellus. I'm hunting dragons."

Every Slytherin that heard that remark looked at Draco. Whatever the idiot had done it was big. As very few had ever seen Potter that angry before. Draco looked like he was a deer caught in a light. Not a good sign.


Draco seemed to snap out of his fear into his stupidity. "And you would know wouldn't you Potty?"




Several gasps were heard through out the quiet hall. This was very serious. Whatever Malfoy did it was bad if Potter called in 'Family Honor'. Only the worst of offenses called for that. Draco was a dead man.

Draco himself paled at Potter's words. The git must have found out about his wife.

"Very well. Dawn tomorrow?"

"Fine. Call your second and get all of your arrangements ready. I guarantee you won't leave there walking or possibly even breathing."

With that said Harry walked out of the Great Hall. Conversations as to what had happened started almost right away. Many watched as Malfoy practically raced out of the room.


Never had dawn seen so many students up and about as the day of the duel between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Many bets were being placed as to whom the seconds were, how long the duel would last, the winner, and so on. No one would ever guess that the upcoming duel would change the world.

Ginny Weasley Potter was forced by her husband and father to attend the duel. She had no idea whom she wanted to win and actually wished that both would kill the other.

Harry had written to the one he asked to be his second the moment he left the Great hall that night. He knew that Malfoy no doubt had written his father asking for his blessing and more than likely be his second.

So it was no surprise when the Scion to the Malfoy family was seen in the role of second for his son. Harry's second was running behind, wanting to make a dramatic entrance. Harry just shook his head at the theatrics.

Professor Dumbledore was waiting in the center of the dueling area. He wanted to talk both boys out of it if possible. But the look on Harry's face proved that wish wasn't going to happen. The Malfoys reached the center first. Both were smirking at seeing the boy-who-lived alone.

"Lord Potter, where is your second?"

"Waiting to make a grand entrance."

"Why would he do that?"

Out of the tent came none other than Lord Voldemort. Several screams were heard as the students began to panic.

"Because I wished it so."

Dumbledore turned to Harry. "How could you?!? How could you name him your second?"


Dumbledore waited for the boy to continue but he didn't. "Yes?"

"I wanted family to support me and he is my great grandfather after all."

Dumbledore and both Malfoys paled at those words. It was Dumbledore who voiced the question. "I don't understand. He cannot be Lily's grandfather, can he?"

"I never said he was Mum's grandfather because he wasn't. He was Dad's."

"You're James Potter's grandfather, my Lord?"

"Harry showed me the proof during the Christmas holidays. He requested that you and your family not be invited. I granted that request. Obviously your son has no upbringing or manners if he pulled this stunt. I have done some unpleasant things in my life but never have I messed with the bloodline of an ancient family. Isn't that right, Great Grandfather?" Voldemort turned his attention to Dumbledore who paled even more when asked the question. The Malfoys stood in shock at what they just heard.

"I have no idea what you are talking about Tom."

"Of course you don't Great Grandfather. You don't remember after having an argument with your lover Grindelwald, you went and used one of the 'ladies of the night' at the local pub to vent your frustrations. She became with child and you paid her off as you and Grindelwald were back together. He never knew about the child did he?"

Dumbledore refused to answer but his eyes were pleading not to reveal the rest.

"That child, a daughter by the way, grew up and married Marvolo Guant, my grandfather. She died trying to give him a third child. Leaving my mother to use a potion on my muggle father to get out of the situation you placed her in, by refusing to acknowledge your own daughter."

Still Dumbledore did nothing.

"I never would have been raised in that awful orphanage. You, lover of one Dark Lord, couldn't bee seen connected to another one could you. You made me what I am."

"And made me what I am" added Harry.

Still Dumbledore said nothing. No one noticed the beetle flying away.

"Now that all the dirty laundry is out can we get on with the duel? I still have to kick Malfoy's arse for getting my wife pregnant."

"He did what?" asked Lucius.

"Had an affair with my second wife and knocked her up."

"And you know this how?"

"One, I only bedded Ginny on the wedding night. Two, during the holidays I placed a recording device in her room and our sitting room. Guess who spent most of his time there?"

Lucius grabbed Draco forcing him to face him. "Did you?"

Now Draco was scared. He had no idea that Potter could be so Slytherin. "Yes Father."

"Very well. If you survive we will discuss this."

"Yes Father."

Dumbledore still said nothing. It got to the point that Professor Flitwick was asked to referee the duel.

"Alright boys, no dirty tactics and no unforgivables. Understand?"

All four men nodded. "Very well I will count to ten while both young men walk in opposite directions." Flitwick began the count and both Harry and Draco began to move. Being more afraid of his father than Potter, forced Draco to jump the count. He began firing several curses before the count of ten was reached.

Luckily for Harry he had anticipated such a cowardly act from Malfoy and had a shield ready. He felt several curses hit the shield and jumped out of the line of fire.

The crowd went wild and had no idea that the duel was over before it really had a chance to get going. A cutting and banishing curse ended the duel as Harry removed any further chance for the Malfoy line of continuing. He had Malfoy's wand in under a minute. Lucius couldn't protest as Draco had fired the first curse.

Harry stood in front of his former nemesis and snapped the wand in half. Looking up at the elder Malfoy he said. "I hereby declare that the marriage between the House of Potter-Black and the House of Weasley is hereby in violation of the marriage contract."

A glow was seen around Ginny and she fell to her knees in tears. She had gambled and lost.

"If I were you I would look into a marriage between your son and my ex-wife. He won't be giving you an heir any other way. She's carrying the only one."

Lucius Malfoy realized that the boy was right. The chit carried the future Malfoy as said boy had cut off any other means of doing so. The negotiations would not be pleasant.


The Daily Prophet the next day had the entire detailed history on Dumbledore and his unknown family. People were captivated by the story and many questioned as to how such a thing was kept under cover for so long.

In the same paper it was announced the reason for the Duel and its outcome. The Malfoy family soon found themselves shut out of every Wizarding event for years to come.

Ginny Weasley Potter was 'given' to Draco Malfoy that very day. She was never seen in public again. It was rumored that she gave birth to a daughter but as no one talked with the Malfoys it was hard to prove.

Dumbledore never recovered from his secrets being known. He was last seen heading to his office. His body was never found.

Lord Voldemort finally pulled himself together and actually began to do something worthwhile for the Wizarding world. It was said that his great granddaughter in-law spent several hours talking to him about muggleborns and muggles themselves. He was found to be the best Head of the Wizengament the Wizarding world had every seen. Even better than Dumbledore.

As for Harry and Hermione they quietly finished Hogwarts. Several different wizarding positions wanted them to work for them, not that they needed to. Harry was quite willing to stay at home, write his books, and play house Dad to his growing family. Hermione couldn't just sit at home, but didn't want to do anything that most people expected her to. With Harry's support and blessing, not to mention Tom Riddle's, Hermione Potter set up a school for all muggleborn and wizarding children before they attended Hogwarts. This allowed the muggleborns to be better prepared before going to Hogwarts. Also allowed got them to be around those that were raised with magic. That first year the school had well over a hundred students from eight countries. Several of her and Harry's class mates joined in to help teach, especially when Hermione was gone on maternity leave. After the fifth one Hermione called it quits to more children.

Harry completely understood. His life was now filled with love, laughter, and honesty.