Hey guys, there is really no excuse I can make for not updating this story in like a year. I've just been so busy with everything else and I've also started college this year so I haven't been able to find the time for inspiration and to write. Thank you my loyal readers for sticking with me for so long. Please enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 30


Christine had emerged from the darkness of the opera, satisfied with what she had finally accomplished. 'At last,' she thought to herself gleefully, 'now you'll forever be alone Erik. If I can't have you, then no one can, most especially, my sister.' As these sinister thoughts ran through her head, she felt a pang in her belly where the little one was growing. Looking down, she placed a hand over her belly. "One day," she whispered to her child, "you'll understand the extremes you go to when you fall in love." It was terrible to be promoting such ideas, but the rush of what just happened left Christine in a whirlwind of rash thoughts.

She came upon her dressing room, but as she pushed opened the door, she nearly fainted at the sight of Alethea standing before her in her dressing room. A horrible hallucination that she tried to convince was not real. There was mad rage and fury running through the girl's eyes leaving Christine with shivers down her spine. "Alethea," Christine tried to speak casually, "...what a surprise? I would have half expected you to not ever want to see me again."

"Couldn't agree more," replied Alethea in the coldest and most harsh tone she had ever spoken in her life. "But I believe there's a little more at hand than what you've deceived everyone into believing." She pulled out her locket from her bosom, raising it up high for Christine to see. "Recognize it?" Alethea mocked with a snarl as her eyes turned to slits. "You should. It looks identical to the one you have," with those words, Alethea raised Christine's locket in her other hand, holding the two lockets together in matching set. "I found it."

The adrenaline that was once thrill now turned to fear and intimidation. "Why Alethea, what a beautiful locket you have...I-I guess the same maker must have made both our lockets," Christine was trying to control her voice, but her fear was making it tremor and she found herself shaking uncontrollably. "Wait! You went through my personal belongings? Alethea! That's indecent!" She tried to pull herself together, but she was falling apart at the hands of her sister.

"Stop with your lies!" declared Alethea so passionately and she thrusted both lockets onto Christine's vanity. "Raoul told me the truth! How apparently I am your long lost sister! How you've known all along! You knew Christine! You knew my story about how I was lost and you knew the truth! You've kept the secret of my real identity all along!"

Christine's eyes shot open wide at the mention of Raoul. 'Raoul,' she snarled now at the thought of him. Her thoughts of him were interrupted by Alethea who was still staring at her with rage as fiery as that of hell. Christine's knees were still shaking and she almost couldn't support herself anymore. She grabbed onto the door handle as that was the closest thing to her to grab. "W-why...would Raoul tell you?"

Alethea shook her head in anger and disappointment. "Through a misunderstanding as I was seeking comfort from that first betrayal of Erik!" She spat out Erik's name like a disease. "Now I have discovered another betrayal...and from the person I thought was my friend from my sister!" The word was such dangerous poison on Alethea's lips; it tainted her soul to speak it.

"And how do you know to trust Raoul so quickly?" Christine pleaded hoping to find some way to stop her plans from unraveling at her fingertips. "Are you sure it wasn't you who misunderstood, Alethea? After what you had just seen, you must have been confused in your head and misunderstood."

"I heard everything clear as crystal, Christine!" spat Alethea who was now beginning to advance upon her sister leaving Christine in too much terror to try to escape. "I remember now too, Christine. Everything. I thought I must have been going insane, but no, I know what happened, I remember. I remember the train station and how I was separated from you and our father. I remember the commission to paint our portraits and our lockets! I'm remembering it all! To think I once used to seek your comfort, but now I would rather be embraced by hell's fire first."

"You're lying! You don't remember anything! You don't know anything!" Christine tried to lunge at her, but Alethea was able to dodge and grab her, forcing her into a nearby chair. Though it was dangerous for Christine to act so irrationally, she couldn't help but try to fix what was ripping apart at the seams..

Alethea circled around Christine as if playing a mocking game of cat and mouse with her. "Everyone here talks about your chastity and purity, but they're wrong. I can see what you really are, a monster! A true monster!" With those words, Alethea flung everything from Christine's vanity, not caring that the locket was lost among the mess. "First, you take the man I love away from me! Now this!"

Christine was fearful at first, but when Erik was mentioned, she forced herself to stand her ground. "He loved me first! You little bitch, you don't know even know what Erik and I have been through. He belongs to me as much as I belong with him! Our voices are forever bounded by the heavens!"

"You think you know everything, but you're wrong!" the tension was growing more and more fierce in Alethea that she thought she would destroy everything in sight. "I know about you, Christine Daae, even Erik told me everything before I even dared to embark on a relationship with him. I thought he was a good, decent man who loved me as much as I loved him, but I guess I was wrong! Are you happy now? At least I spared your husband from the details of your infidelity! You want to know why? So that I could give you the chance to tell him yourself!"

Christine smirked as she heard these threats from Alethea. "You think anyone cares if Erik loved you. He's always love me and only me! And you think that even if Raoul found out what I did, that he would turn me away, especially since I am carrying his child?"

"That only proves how low of a soul you are," Alethea growled when Christine mentioned she was pregnant. "At least that would show that Raoul is a good person, a moral soul that you will never be worthy of because you're a liar!" Alethea was unstoppable as she allowed the words to spill from her mouth. She wanted to cry so desperately, but her anger and frustration prevented it from happening. She wouldn't allow herself to break down now, not when she still had so much to say. "I can't believe you lied to me," her voice was calming more, but still filled with so much anger. "I used to think you were good and chaste too...but I was wrong. You were never my friend. All you wanted me for was to get closer to Erik. Do you even care anymore that we're sisters? Guess what? I don't. I wish I never found out! I wish you weren't my sister, Christine Daae!"

Without another word, Alethea fled from the room. She couldn't allow herself to be any more humiliated than she already was. As she trampled down the hall, she found herself shattering at her core. The tears were only beginning to fall. It blurred her vision, but she continued to walk; she just had to get back to her room. She didn't notice Raoul as he passed by her.

"Alethea, my God, what is the matter?" he pleaded trying to catch her, but she brushed right past him, ignoring his call. Confused, Raoul glanced down the hall in the direction of Christine's dressing room. He could only assume the worst.

There were no words to describe the emotions that Christine was feeling. Angered, tensed, humiliated and ashamed. "What have I done?" she whispered to herself reflecting back on her kiss, the fight and the statements that Alethea made which were only the truth.

"Christine, what happened?" she turned to see a frazzled Raoul at the door. The mess as well as her state in the chair frightened him. "Are you all right?"

Christine was near the brink of tears. "No Raoul," she mumbled as they began to stream, "far from it."