Sophie recently turned 20 years old. The plans for the wedding began shortly after the proposal. Sophie couldn't wait for the wedding. To keep herself busy, she decided to go up to the attic and look around at stuff.

She walked up and saw boxes everywhere.

At first she started looking through boxes that contained stuff from her childhood. Stuff like some of her old clothes, her old art supplies, etc.

She found a picture of Sophia. She smiled at the picture. Even through Sophie was only 5 when Sophia died, Sophie could kind of remember her. Sophie couldn't believe her and her mom have been living here for 15 years.

Sophie then looked through a box full of Dynamo stuff. She laughed at the costumes and pictures of her mom, Tanya, and Rosie.

At the bottom of the box, she found a pink journal. Sophie opened it up and noticed the year. The year Donna had been pregnant with Sophie. Maybe Donna said who her dad was in it. Sophie grabbed the journal and walked back to her room.

Sophie was thankful she didn't run into her mom, so she wouldn't have to explain why she had the journal.

Once she was in her room, she began reading. She read all about Sam.

"Sam. He's my dad." Sophie smiled.

She decided to read more and find out what happened to him. When she read when Sam left, she knew why her mom never talked about her. Then it went into the story of Bill and Donna. Then about Harry and Donna.

"I have 3 possible fathers." Sophie said to herself.

Sophie thought of a plan. She would invite Sam, Bill, and Harry to the wedding. She would know once she saw them which was her father. She had to meet him and have him walk her down the aisle.

She wrote their addresses on three separate envelopes and wrote a letter to each. She made it sound like her mom wrote the letter so she knew they would come. She couldn't tell her mom about this plan or Sky, he would want her to tell her mom.

Sophie sealed each envelope and took a small boat to the mainland. She did this at night, she paddled her way. Once she got there, she put each letter in the mailbox. After, she got back in the boat and rode back to the KaloKairi.

She hoped they would come.

Author's Note: and you know the rest