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Chapter 1: There's No Such Name as Sakura

"Wake the hell up, Nee-sama! We are almost late!" a light gray-haired boy forcibly drag the brunette out from her bed, for her to wake up. A loud thud echoed through the hall.

"Damn you stupid brat! What the fuck was that for?" the wide awake brunette snarled at him, she was gently rubbing the sore spot that hit the cold hard floor.

"Don't 'What the fuck' me you idiot sister! We're late for school, and I'm 100% sure that mom will not let us off about it! Do you want to hear her lectures for a half day? If not, then get your sleepy butt off the floor and fix yourself quickly!" he barked, it was obvious that he didn't like begin lecture. The brunette sighs in defeat, briskly walking her way to the bathroom.

"Good radiance! Why do we have to go to school when we just arrive yesterday night? Traveling from San Francisco to Japan isn't a joke. Hey Youichi, did mom called?" the brunette was currently fixing her hair, getting ready to leave. "Oh, and by the way where did you put my contact lenses?" she asks, but she was stilling searching for it inside her hand bag.

Youichi rolled his eyes and pointed at their luggage, "Nee-sama, are you sure about that? I mean aren't you afraid that once Mom will find out that you're crossing dressing, she without a doubt will definitely kill you? – And why don't you just cut your hair short? Wearing a wig is kinda troublesome." He said, eyeing her from head to foot.

"Well, its better wearing a wig than cutting my hair short since for sure, mom will definitely kill me. That's why we should keep it a secret from her and yes I'm absolutely sure about dressing up as a guy." Mikan grinned, throwing a peace sign. "And besides Mikan Yukihira and Youichi Yukihira are very well known "Geniuses" throughout the business world, and what's worst dad enrolled us in the super famous elite school just for heir and heiress of Japan. It would be troublesome to have Fan girls and Fan boys following us all day long."

"So? Tell me, how will we persuade the teachers to act and play along with our little games?" Youichi questioned, observing on how his sister will react, to his amusement he saw her threw a playful smile. "Once a troublemaker will always be a troublemaker for the rest of their lives, right?" She giggled, Youichi gave her a smirked.

"Well, mom was once a troublemaker and not to mention Dad was also once a member from a Motorbike Gang, so I guess it runs in our blood?" Mikan threw a triumphant smile. After putting her contacts on she also threw a pair of crimson colored contacts at Youichi. "Trust me you need that, and I know that color suits you best." She smiled at him.

"Right…" As Youichi looked at the contacts he narrows his eye on her, "You, you still can't forget you childhood crush? Awwww, first love never dies huh?" Youichi teased and suddenly an empty plastic bottle hit his head without warning. "What the hell was that for?" he grimace.

"Revenge." Mikan glared and saluted him with her middle finger. "I'm taking the train, how about you?" she asks,

"Well, I'm taking the magic carpet. Duh, of course I'm also taking the train, can't use the car, we might expose ourselves." Youichi explained rolling his eyes.

"Know what? You act and talk like a girl, wanna switch gender?" Mikan mocked, she was smirking.

"– And bleed non-stop for a week in every month? Ha, No Thank You." Youichi obviously shook his head.

"What is with this school? It's a like a friggin' maze! It took us thirty minutes to arrive the teacher's lounge for heaven's sake!" Mikan ranted, "Nee-sama, let's just get this over with." Youichi sigh, he was also tired. "Whatever." Mikan rolled her eyes and they knock at the door, and slowly opened it.

"Excuse us is there a Narumi Anju in here?" Youichi asks. A blonde man in a weird French clothing walked up to them, "Are you the transfer students by any chance?" he asks them with high pitched voice.

They stared at him for a moment, Youichi and Mikan looked at each other smirking, "Oh, nope. We're the Ghost Busters." They replied with serious face. Narumi was left speechless, as he heard chuckles with his co-teachers.

"I see." Narumi sweat-dropped, "Sorry, I was expecting that the Yukihira would appear with their bodyguards right now and also I wasn't expecting you would dress-up like that." He stated, "Now then, come this way I'll introduce you to your classmate and designated classroom." he said.

"Don't mind us it's just part of our game, and you teachers you also play along with our little game." Youichi stated.

"If the Heir and Heiress of the Yukihira say so then we will play along, I will also inform the other teacher about it." Narumi said.

"Youichi-sama, please wait here. Mikan-sama starting today this will be your classroom, Class 2-B and as for the pen-name Mikan-sama don't worry about it, Youichi-sama already fixed everything and also his." He explained. After explaining, Narumi smiled as Mikan gave him a quick nod. Narumi opened the classroom door, Mikan and Youichi found a whole new world.

Mikan raised an eyebrow, "This is the right school, right Youichi?" She turned to Youichi. "That, I'm starting to doubt." He muttered. "It looks more like a jungle to me." Mikan mumble, Youichi nervously laugh, "True."

"Class, listen up!" when Narumi spoke, the whole class went silent, "Oh, look. Youichi they suddenly became silent. Maybe Narumi-sensei's the mother baboon?" Mikan stated, and it was loud enough for the whole class to hear.

"Ehem." Narumi faked a cough, "As I was saying, today there will be a new student joining us, treat him well. Makoto Sakura-Kun, please come in."

"See you later Youichi." Mikan bid her goodbye and Youichi just gave her a quick nod and a tiny smile.

(A/N: Staring from this point, I'll be addressing Mikan as Makoto and Verse-versa if needed, so that you won't get confused.)

Makoto stood in front of the confused and puzzled class, he just raised an eyebrow. Narumi broke the silence between them, "Ok, This is Makoto Sakura a new student, if you have questions you can ask him if you like."

"The way you look and the way you dress-up, if I'm not mistaken you must belong to the lower class family right? I mean seriously, there is no such name as Sakura in the business world or did your parents have just started a low class company and that's why you were able to enroll in this school? But it's such a shame, you look a bit hot you should dress more appropriately." a girl with Perm-hair arrogantly commented.

Makoto twitched, but he played his role very well and went along with her bitching, "Actually no, we don't own any company, my mother and father just worked their ass off for us to be enrolled in this school, and before I forget, it's not that I want to blab about it or what so ever you call it, but we got into this school by scholarship after all we have an IQ of 200. Remember that clearly Permy-chan." He finished it off with a daring smile.

"My name is Sumire Shouda, not Permy!" Sumire roared.

"Oh-kay. That's enough for now, Makoto-kun your seat is at the back beside that crimson eyed boy." Narumi interrupted before it will turn into a fight. "Ok, settle down, you know the rules, New student = Free Period. Take Care, I still have to introduce his little brother to his class." Narumi bids his goodbye.

"Crimson?" Repeating the word crimson in his head over and over again until he finally spotted the crimson lad, his mouth hung wide open, "Natsume Hyuuga?" he exclaimed. "Shit, I thought he was in New York branch! Damn those idiot parents. They knew I was avoiding him but why are they trying to make me face him?" she panicked inside her mind.

Natsume wasn't as surprise as him, he already got used to it. "What." Natsume asks, no more like stated. Makoto realize the he almost blow his cover and gulp, "Ah. No sorry, this is the first time I saw you in person so I was kinda startled?" he let out a nervous laugh and sat beside him. He just narrowed his eyes and "hn."

"Why do you have to be the one who sit besides Natsume-sama?" Sumire whined. "Because it's the only vacant seat left Permy-chan." Makoto replied. "What? I don't see the logic about it." She blurted. "Since when were we talking about logic?" Makoto stated, smirking. "Ugh! Shut it douche bag." Sumire glared.

"Hello, Hyuuga-san, I'm Makoto Sakura, it's a pleasure to meet you." Makoto smiled and held out a hand for a handshake, Natsume raised an eyebrow and snub her. "Tch." was all he replied.

"Arrogant brat." Makoto hissed.

"What did you say?" Natsume glared, he of course heard it.

"Nothing." Instead of glaring back Makoto just gave him a blank stare, to piss him off, after all they were childhood friends, the only difference now is that Natsume doesn't have a single clue that the one he is facing now is Mikan Yukihira.

"Oi, new kid. Don't you think your outfit is kinda off? Why are you enroll in here anyway, your world and ours have the kind of gap just like heaven and hell." a girl with strawberry blonde hair bluff. Makoto rolled his eyes after hearing those nasty comments but, he made those nasty comments as his stepping stone to make a comeback. "Hey, Luna you're going too far." Sumire cowered up.

Makoto's lips formed a mischievous smile, "The gap is indeed just like heaven and hell."

Luna flashes a smirk, "Then if you knew that, you shouldn't have enrolled in this grandiose school. You'll just stain the name of our school."

"Of course this school is indeed grandiose, and of course I know very well that the school's name would be stain if each and every student has the same rotten attitude as yours, and I know very well that we have a gap just like heaven and hell, but who do you think is in heaven and who do you think is in hell? In my opinion I'm the one who's in heaven while you're the one who's in hell. So know you place woman." Makoto flashed a satisfied smile.

"Wow, Luna you just got owned." A boy with blond spiky hair snorted, ridiculing Luna.

"Shut the hell up Yomi." Luna snared.

Ignoring Luna, he walked his way towards Makoto "I'm Kokoro Yomi by the way." He said and held out his hands.

Makoto smile as he accept and shakes his hands as acknowledgement. "Makoto Sakura, it's a pleasure knowing you Yomi-san."

"No, please don't be so formal with me just call me Koko, everyone here does, well expect for her." Koko grinned, pointing at Luna.

Youichi and Mikan stopped by in the nearest park, since it was too early for them to go home, "Youichi, I really can't tolerate that spoiled princess." The moment Mikan and Youichi met, she was whining non-stop about it.

"By spoiled princess, you mean Luna Koizumi right? Oh, there's nothing new about that, when you first meet her you just said the same thing. You can't tolerate her and you didn't stop whining about it just like now." Youichi sighs.

"Well excuse me, but there's still more. Natsume Hyuuga and I are in the same class, and the worst thing is we're even seatmates." Mikan slouched on the bench and stared at the clear blue sky.

"Oh, well ain't that great? You can finally settle your unfinished business with your first love? – And who knows, maybe it will work out this time and you will finally be in peace." Youichi snorted, patting Mikan on the head.

Mikan snap back into the right sitting position and glared at Youichi, "Hey, I'm not dead yet. What's with the unfinished business and you'll be in peace thing. Do you wanna be in peace first? I would gladly help you." She snarled.

Youichi nervously laughed, "I was only kidding! No need to be so serious."

"Whatever. Seriously what were Mom and Dad thinking? They knew that we had a fight a day before we moved to San Francisco and I made it worse by not telling Natsume that we were moving. Now I'm so fucked up. How will I face him? Ugh. Whatever." Mikan sighs and threw her hands up as a sign she gave up. "Well, how about you? How's the first day in hell?"

"Hell, yeah right. Made some friends and these stupid lenses made me even noticeable, worst thing is those girls in my class already formed an official fan-club. Inspiring huh?" though he was smiling, but the sarcasm was everywhere and he was obviously wasn't pleased by it.

"LOL." Mikan blurted out.

"Don't you 'LOL' me, when you're not even laughing out loud." Youichi snapped, "I shouldn't have listened to you, I should have wear another color." Youichi sigh as he regretted it.

"Whatever colors you wear you can't change the fact that you're hot. Don't even try to argue, I'm from the Fashion Industry and there's no way I can be wrong. "Mikan bluffed.

"I know, you know, what's best for me." Youichi flashed a sweet smile that even Mikan would fall for it.

"Seductive little devil. Would you stop showing that kind of smile in front of me? I might lose myself and violate you." Mikan snickered.

"Well, if you were that kind of person, you should have violated me a long time ago, right? And God knows how many times you saw that kind of smile." Youichi said, with a matter of fact tone.

Mikan was somewhat surprise after all she wasn't expecting to get such sincere answer from him, "Wow, you left me speechless for a moment back there, right on the bat, Sherlock." Mikan sweetly laughed, and Youichi flash another sweet smile, he just loves her so much, no more, no less and no malice.

"Nee-sama, how about going to the game center? We still have enough time and going home this early is kinda boring and also the Condo is still messy." Youichi suggested, and it was shown all over his face that he really wanna go to the Game Center, Mikan left with no choice, she sigh. "Fine, but only until five, playing at the Game Center for an hour is enough." She stated.

Youichi beamed a smile and tightly hug her, "Thanks!"

And so, both of them spend an hour playing games, Youichi and Mikan was too focus playing Taken 6, both of them were enjoying it, roughly twirling the joystick and hitting the combo buttons hard, you can see that any moment by now it will fall out from its spot. Their enjoyment was interrupted when someone grab Mikan's shoulder and she flinch by surprise. "What the fuck was that all about?" she snapped at the guy how interrupted them.

"Ha! I was right, It really is the New kid." the boy exclaimed but Mikan was in the state of confusion. She didn't know who they were until reality stuck her. "Oh, you guys from my class, right?"

The boy's lips formed a smile which was up to no good. "I didn't know that a low class kid like you, still have time to play here and this ain't just an ordinary game center, you'll pay a quite high entrance fee and also you need to be a member to be able to play here. Oh, let me guess, you must have stole someone's money just for you own selfish desire." The boy insulted. Youichi just stood there clenching his fist, how dare they insulted his sister just like that, Mikan was giving signals not to make a scene or else they would blow up their cover and not only that, it might also come out from the media that the Yukihira sibling are Rebels or what so ever they will write to make their works sell.

Makoto mouthed him an "I can handle It.", "Look, I maybe poor but I'm not a thief a you say I am." Makoto shove the boy's hand off his shoulder.

"That's what they always say." The boy scoffed. Makoto twitch, he notices that any time soon Youichi would snap.

Good thing a security guard showed up, "You kids, what's with the ruckus?"

"Oh, security great timing, we caught a thief." The boy smirked, pointing at Makoto, the security guard only looked at the smiling boy, and then he took of his hat and slightly bows his head as a greeting and respect for the higher-ups. Since the security guard knew him just with a single glance. Well who wouldn't? Behind him was Youichi and not to mention Youichi's the owner of the Game Center and he also wouldn't mistake Mikan as someone else, she's a caring person after all, she was like their second mother though she's still young, even though they live in San Francisco but they also keep in touch with their business in Japan they would visit it monthly and of course both of them are always together.

"I apologize for their rudeness Mi –" Makoto threw a 'don't you dare say my name' look, the security guard sweat-drop but nods in the process, "The four of you come with me, and don't you know you're being rude and not to mention a bother to the other customers." The security scolded them.

"I have enough Game Center for a week." Mikan sigh as she rubs her temple. Youichi just snickered. "Phew, that was close I almost made them taste my fist." Youichi let out a relief sigh.

"I wanna go home and have Pizza." Mikan stated. She was exhausted by the happening around her.

"That sounds great." Youichi gave her a thumb-up. Both of them decided to call it a day and went home, and this was for sure the start of a new hellish page of their life.

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