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For the Love of Roxas

Friday, September 12th, 2006

"You do…?" Sora asked, almost speechless as the words of the boy in front of him hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Yeah, I have for a long time," the boy said, and Sora's heart swelled so large it almost exploded out of his chest.

"I've liked you for a long time too, Roxas," his cheeks stained a dark red.

"Really?" Roxas asked; his smile widened even larger.

"Yeah, I just can't believe you like me back."

"Who do you think made it so clear that I'm gay?"

"I guess me?" Sora asked, and Roxas couldn't help but laugh. Sora laughed along nervously, feeling his heart beat tremendously.

"My heart feels like it's going to explode," Sora said a few moments later.

"Make that two hearts," Roxas said, gently grasping Sora's hands in his own.

"So, does this mean we're together?" Roxas asked curiously.

"I'd like us to be. But what about your dad? And everyone else at school, what would they think? What would society think?"

"Screw society," Roxas quickly replied, "I like you and nothing will ever change that."

Sora pulled Roxas in and wrapped his arms around him, practically crushing him in the embrace.

Tears rolled down the cheeks of Roxas and Sora, each thinking they were the happiest person in the world.

Friday, February 14th 2008

Sora quickly jolted out of his bed at the sound of his phone ringing. He stumbled over clothes and books along with his room being pitch black and finally reached his phone and answered it without bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Hello?" his tired voice called. It seemed only someone in a dire case would call him at 4 in the morning.

"Sora!" called the voice. Sora quickly identified it to be the voice of Roxas, whom Sora had been dating for over a year now. He cleared his throat before continuing.

"Roxas? What's wrong?"

There was a pause and Sora could hear the faint sounds of beating on a door.

"My dad, he's just gotten home from a bar and he's completely drunk. He's yelling and throwing things and I don't know what to do," he stopped, and Sora could hear his sobs.

"I'll pick you up outside your house; you can stay at my place for a little while until he cools off."

"Are you sure, Sora? Your mom won't mind?"

"I'm positive, Roxas. I'll be there soon, okay?"

"Okay, Sora. I'll be outside."

"I love you, Rox."

"I love you too, Sora."

The line went dead, and Sora turned on the lights, wincing at how bright they seemed. He found a pair of jeans and an old t shirt and grabbed his car keys and was out the door.

There was only a short drive to Roxas' house. In a matter of minutes he turned onto his street and saw that out of the lights on the street, his house contributed to about all of them. He pulled in front of his house and Roxas was nowhere to be seen.

"I guess I'm going to have to go and get him," Sora grumbled. He unbuckled his seatbelt and went up to the door and knocked for some time. After about a minute, Sora was through waiting and opened the door himself to come to Roxas lying face down on the floor surrounded in a puddle of blood, a knife nearby, ominously close to Roxas' lifeless body.

"ROXAS!" Sora shrieked. He kneeled down to the body and turned Roxas over, witnessing a stab wound to the heart.

"ROXAS! NO!" he yelled, tears bursting from his eyes.

And just as a shadow approached him in the darkness—


There was a pause.


Sora opened his eyes to his first period English teacher, Mr. Nakashima.

"A senior in high school and still falling asleep in first period, Mr. Hikari?" the teacher asked.

"I-I uh, I'm sorry, Mr. Nakashima," Sora said, and laughter abounded through the class.

The bell rang and first period was over. Roxas immediately came up to Sora after class.

"Sora, what happened back there?"

"Oh, nothing. I just had a bad dream is all."

"Oh, what was it about?" Roxas asked curiously. They were making their way to second period: Psychology.

"Oh, uh, nothing really. You know, heartless and nobodies and stuff."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

They looked ahead to an empty hallway. Roxas looked at Sora and Sora's eyes looked back at him. For a moment they were suspended in the hallway until Sora leaned forward and placed his lips onto Roxas' own. Roxas' hand trailed up Sora's back and onto his neck, allowing Sora further access into his mouth. There was an opening of a door and Sora immediately withdrew from Roxas' mouth and continued walking down the hallway to second period.

They had gotten so good at what they did they hardly got worried about getting caught anymore. After first period they would be left alone, at break they'd go to Mr. Nakashima's class only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when his room was unlocked but he wasn't there. In fourth period PE they'd ask to go to the restroom, and at lunch they'd sneak into the vacant janitor's closet. They're system of being alone together as a couple had been perfected since junior year, and they made sure no one ever caught them in the act of being together. For if anyone caught them in the act, there would be serious consequences.

In the town they lived in, there were many people against gay couples. As many times as they were told it was wrong, they both still believed that they were supposed to be together, and nothing anyone could do would stop them.

They planned on waiting until graduation to come out about their relationship to everyone, which was only a few months away.

The anticipation began growing unbearable for both Roxas and Sora. They didn't want to wait any longer to be together, finally. If only they lived in a perfect world.

Because in a perfect world they'd be together every day and they wouldn't have to hide their love for each other like they've had to do so many times before.

But they didn't live in a perfect world. Their world was far from perfect. Sora's father left his family when he was a small child. The only things he could remember from his past were when his father threw a glass shard at Sora when he was a small boy, forever scarring his arm and forever breaking the trust between him and his "father".

Roxas' father wasn't different. If anything, he was worse. He was an alcoholic, known to be violent when under the influence. And since he was under the influence almost always, he was almost always violent. Roxas' mother was killed in a car accident, along with his younger brother about five years ago.

To say the least, Sora and Roxas' lives were far from perfect. And perhaps the most glaring problem with their lives was the hatred Roxas' dad had for homosexuals.

To him, being gay was like a disease. That it is just a "stage", something people will eventually grow out of.

But both Roxas and Sora disagreed completely. They knew it wasn't a stage. What they had was real. It was a real relationship, just like a relationship between a girl and a guy.

The only difference about their relationship versus a "normal" relationship was that they weren't accepted among their society.

So they would wait. They would wait until their high school graduation, and that day they'd finally be able to start their lives together.

They both just wished that that day would come sooner.


It was after school, and Roxas and Sora met up in one of the more empty buildings of Twilight High.

"Sora, let's go to my house today. I don't think my dad will be home, he's usually wasted every Friday night and doesn't even bother to come home."

Sora sat down next to him in the hallway, their knees touching and Sora's hands gently rubbing against Roxas' thigh.

"Sounds good, Rox."

Roxas turned to Sora and looked into those huge, pleading eyes.

"What's wrong, babe?"

"Nothing, it's just its cold outside and I don't have a jacket or anything," Sora said, practically begging Roxas to keep him warm inside his arms.

"Oh, I have an extra jacket in my locker. I'll go get it for you, love."

Roxas began to stand up but a pair of arms threw themselves on Roxas, bringing him back down to the floor.

"Oh, you know what would really make me warm, Roxas." Sora taunted, and Roxas went along with it.

"A jacket?"

"No, not a jacket."

"A, uh, blanket?"

"No, not a blanket either," Sora taunted; flashing his brilliant smile.

"Then what?"

"How about a seventeen year old boy clinging to your side?"

"Oh well fine," Roxas said, "I see I'm not wanted."

"A seventeen year old boy clinging to your side named Roxas," Sora added with emphasis on the last part.

Roxas' faced immediately lit up. "Oh I think I can get you one of those," Roxas said, rapidly placing his lips onto Sora's, pressing against Sora's lips with his tongue, hoping to explore his boyfriend's mouth. After a feint battle Roxas succeeded and was free to explore, causing Sora to moan every few seconds. After what seemed like forever, Roxas pulled himself off of Sora, gasping for air and noticing an intense constriction building up in his boxers.

"Hurry, let's get to my house."

"I'm right behind you, Roxy," Sora said in a luring tone, quickly running to catch up with Roxas who was already half way down the hall.


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