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Summary: Draco and Harry are friends from the time that Harry's parents are killed. He lives with Sirius so there won't be any Dursley's in this story. The Malfoys are not part of Voldemort's group of followers and the Weasleys are also friends with the Malfoys. Each chapter will be a year at Hogwarts (if they're too long I'll break them apart) and the situations will be rather the same, but only involving Draco and Harry as friends. Eventually this will be a Draco/Harry pairing.

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Forever Friends: Prologue

As I stood facing my untimely death, I realized that it was true, that when facing death your life flashes before your eyes. I saw snippets from the age of one up until today. So much had happened in my life, much more than was typical for a normal seventeen year old, but as I was reminded many times by so many different people, I wasn't normal. Never had been, never would be. I had accepted that long before now, but it never truly set in until now.

I was on the receiving end of a deadly wand with no hope in sight. I came to this point to settle this once and for all, but I found myself questioning what for? Who was I trying to save here? Was I trying to save myself? No of course not, that I could answer easily. Was I trying to save my friends? Of course I was and my godfather as well, but I asked myself again, what truly brought me here to this point in front of this man? Then I heard them speak. My whole reason for being. My whole reason for existing.

"Harry, don't do this. I've messed up. Don't ruin your life because of me. Please Harry. I love you more than anything. Don't do this," they pleaded from behind me. I felt tears coming to my eyes at the declaration, but it was too late, I had already made up my mind. This had to end and it had to be now.


November 2, 1981

"Are you sure you can handle taking on a child like this? You don't have to right now. Everyone would understand that you're hurting inside," Albus Dumbledore said kindly to him.

"James and Lily left me responsible for him should anything…happen to them. I am his godfather and I will be taking him in. I will not allow him to go anywhere else, but with me," Sirius Black responded his voice breaking.

"You don't really know the first thing about raising a child Sirius. We can take Harry, we'd be more than happy to," Molly Weasley said kindly.

Sirius glared at her through his unshed tears. "No Molly, I will take him. James and Lily would not have left him to me if they didn't think I could handle it otherwise. I'll have a lot of people to help me," he responded angrily.

Molly nodded and stepped back.

"Sirius, Lucius and I will be more than happy to help you through this. You can learn right along with us. We'd even be happy to let you stay with us while you learn the ropes of raising a child," Narcissa Malfoy offered.

"I will gladly accept anyone's help, but I will do it in my own home. It's been a tough couple of days. Let's just leave this for another day. I have all of Harry's stuff at Grimmauld and-" Sirius' voice broke and his unshed tears began falling. He was immediately engulfed in a hug from both Narcissa and Molly. They were both patting him tenderly on the back whispering words of assurance. He hated feeling so vulnerable right now. He wanted to be strong for Harry despite only being a little over a year old he still understood that something was very wrong and that his parents were missing.


Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were in another room playing with most of the Weasley children. The kids were playing various games at their level and at some point both Harry and Draco found a place near the door to where the adults were talking. Harry peeked in and saw Sirius crying into Narcissa's shoulder. It was like the ball had dropped and Harry knew that his parents weren't coming back. He completely forgot about the game that he was a part of and started walking towards the gathered adults tears already sliding down his cheeks. Draco noticed his movements and followed behind him, curious about what his new friend was doing.

"Sirwi?" he asked as he approached the adults. They all turned to look down at a wide, teary eyed Harry and a concerned looking Draco. The young boy hated when others cried and he definitely didn't like his new friend crying. He looked up at his parents expectantly with a questioning look. His mother scooped him up and held him close as she looked down at a now kneeling Sirius.

"Hey, pup. I'm sorry that you saw me crying, it's just I have something to tell you," Sirius began trying to find the appropriate words for telling a fifteen month old that their parents were gone and never coming back.

"Mummy, Daddy, gone" Harry finished for him. Sirius's eyes widened at the perception that Harry was showing. All the adults gasped at his words and looked between the two in wonder.

"Yes, pup, they are gone. You'll be living with me now," Sirius replied his voice breaking once again with new tears beginning to fall. Harry's bright green eyes filled with tears as well and he reached his arms out and Sirius reached out and pulled the little boy into his arms. They sat there crying together as everyone else in the room slowly began leaving the two alone.

Draco watched his young, crying friend until he could no longer see him. He leaned back in his mother's arms and looked at her, confusion all over his little face. "Mummy?" he asked curiously.

"Harry's mummy and daddy have left us," Narcissa replied.

"Go?" he asked.

"They went to the sky, love," Narcissa responded. Draco's eyes widened and his own tears came to his eyes. "Why are you crying my dragon?"

"Mad," Draco said his small voice angry that his new friend was sad.

"He's sad, my love. People cry when they're sad. You're crying right now because you're sad for him. He'll be okay and I know you'll help him feel better. You're good at making people happy when they are sad," Narcissa assured him giving him a tender smile.

His little face contorted into a smug smile, but his eyes still looked sad as he thought about his friend and his breaking heart.


December 25, 1985

"Sirius you have done a wonderful job raising Harry. He has turned into such a bright boy," Narcissa commented as she watched Harry and Draco run around the large sitting room, carefully avoiding the presents and elaborate Christmas tree.

"He's growing up so quickly you know? Before we know it both boys will be off to Hogwarts and then what will we do all day?" Sirius pondered.

"Relax," Lucius joked as he took a sip of his butterbeer. Narcissa and Sirius nodded in agreement and smiled. Draco and Harry had gone off somewhere in the house and were being rather quiet, but seeing as it wasn't rare that the two would do something like that, the adults paid no mind.

"Harry, I want to give you a present," Draco said quietly as he reached into a drawer at his tiny little desk. It was covered with an assortment of children's books and parchment that had doodles and scribble writing on it.

"Why isn't it under the Christmas tree?" Harry questioned as he took a seat on the floor by Draco's train set.

"I wanted to give this to you when we were by ourselves because I only want me and you to know about it," Draco explained. He pulled out a long box and closed the drawer as he took a seat next to Harry. He handed the box to Harry and waited impatiently for him to open it. When he did he smiled broadly at the contents of the box. "I made this myself," Draco added with a smile as he watched Harry lift it out of the box.

"What does it mean?" Harry asked. It was a carefully twined friendship bracelet in all of Harry's favorite colors: green, red, gold, and silver. There was a little charm attached that said Friends Forever. Harry gazed at it and figured it took Draco a very long time to make it.

"It is a friendship bracelet. You are my best friend Harry and we will always be best friends no matter what. And the best part is I made a copy for myself so we can both have one. Do you need help tying it?" Draco explained. Harry nodded as he handed the bracelet to Draco. He wrapped around his wrist and tied it carefully. The knot instantly bound together and a ribbon of magic wrapped around the threads. Harry took the other one and wrapped around Draco's wrist and they both watched as the same thing happened. They looked up at each other in surprise and then both smiled as they hugged each other.

"Friends forever," they whispered before they both stood up and returned to the sitting room.


August 20, 1991

A gangly, blond boy lied sprawled in the shade of a large willow tree watching the clouds float overhead, enjoying the last days of summer before school started. He was contemplating what house he'd be placed in and all the new people he'd be meeting and all the magic he'd be learning. He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice an equally gangly, yet shorter, black haired boy approach from his right. When said boy plopped down next to him he jumped slightly at the noise, but smiled brightly when he saw who it was.

"Finished with all your chores then?" Draco asked with a teasing smile.

"Yes, I have thank you very much. You're lucky I know how to clean and cook because otherwise you'd be a lost cause without me," Harry responded with an equally teasing smile. Draco looked up at the bright green eyes of his best friend and smirked.

"You're right. I'll admit it. It's a good thing we'll be roommates after Hogwarts so you can teach me a thing or two before we both get married," Draco agreed. They looked at each other and both grimaced at the thought of girls and getting married. Then they laughed with each other at the concept and Harry settled in next to Draco looking up at the clouds with him.

"Draco, do you think you'll be in Slytherin?" Harry asked quietly.

"I know I'll be in Slytherin. Do you think you'll be in Gryffindor?" Draco replied equally as quiet.

"Yes. My mum and dad were both in Gryffindor and Sirius so it only seems fitting that I am as well. Do you think we'll stay friends?" Harry questioned again even more nervous at the thought of not being friends anymore.

Draco propped up on one elbow and looked down at Harry, his face set in determination. "Of course we'll stay friends. The best of friends and don't let that thought ever cross your mind again," Draco ordered. Harry searched his silver eyes in assurance of his words and found nothing but truth there. He nodded and smiled at him. Draco gave him a curt nod and settled back on the ground next to him. Harry still felt a bit unsettled about them staying best friends, but if Draco was confident then Harry should be as well.


September 1, 1991

"Now Harry don't be afraid to make new friends at school. Just because you have one best friend doesn't mean you can't have more. I also want you to be careful because of who you are and what you mean to both the light and dark side of the Wizarding world. Also, don't worry that you and Draco won't be friends anymore if you're sorted into different houses. I'll see you at Christmas and write as often as possible. I'm not sure what I'm going to do without you home all the time," Sirius instructed as he walked Harry towards the Malfoys.

Harry tried not to roll his eyes at his godfather, but found it hard not to. Draco caught his eye roll and smirked. It appeared that his parents were giving him the same lecture. Harry turned and looked up at his godfather's worried expression. He had a feeling that there was more behind the look than what he was telling him, but he ignored it and gave him a huge hug casually wiping the few tears that managed to escape. He turned and gave Narcissa a hug and received a shoulder squeeze from Lucius before him and Draco started walking towards the train. They both turned and waved one last time before boarding the train.

"Alright Harry, Draco?" Ron Weasley asked as he passed his compartment on the way to find an empty one. His twin brothers, Fred and George were in there as well as another brother, Percy. Harry and Draco both said hello to the Weasley brothers before continuing on. They found an empty compartment three down from the Weasley's and stepped inside. They set their respective owls down, Harry's, a snowy white owl named Hedwig and Draco's, an eagle owl named Aries. Then they both sat down and let out equal sighs of relief.

"Well, we made it through that step didn't we? We are on the train now with no chance of turning back. Well, I suppose we could get off the train, but then we'd probably never live it down so I think it's better that we stay," Draco rationalized. Harry knew his best friend well and could see the doubt in his eyes.

"Everything will be fine Draco. I'm here and you're here. We're not alone like a lot of the first years so I'm sure everything will be just fine," Harry assured him with a brilliant smile. Draco smiled back and nodded in agreement. Harry definitely knew him very well.

The train started to pull away from the station and Harry and Draco looked out watching all the people on the platform go by quickly as the train picked up speed. Draco and Harry waved frantically to Sirius and the Malfoy's who they were barely able to pick out of the crowd and then all too soon all they saw was fields on both sides that quickly changed into forest. They both settled back deep in thought.

"Want to play a game?" Harry suggested.

"Um, actually I was thinking that I want to look at our textbooks. Can we play later? We are going to be on here for a long time," Draco replied.

"Yeah, sure, I think that's a good idea anyway," Harry replied. He reached up and took down Draco's trunk as well as his own and they both dug through the contents pulling out several books. After awhile, they replaced their trunks and cracked open a textbook, both picking potions first.

They were so lost in thought that they didn't hear the door slide open or the subsequent shuffle of feet that entered the compartment. "Well, look what we have here, two little bookworms and what do you know, if it isn't the infamous Harry Potter and his wee little best friend, Draco Malfoy," a young boy who was about the same height as Harry, but far scrawnier, said in a sneering tone. Draco and Harry both looked up with different expressions. Draco was sneering at the group of boys while Harry tried to push himself further into his seat while covering his embarrassed blush.

"Can I help you?" Draco asked as he slammed his book closed and stood up. Harry followed in his steps and copied his motions taking a stance behind him.

"Not really, we are just passing through, meeting all the new first years," the boy replied with a haughty smirk.

"I don't recall you formally introducing yourselves," Draco pointed out gesturing with his right hand, his bracelet reflecting the light. The boy quirked an eyebrow and noticed that Harry had one on his left hand as well. He smirked again.

"My apologies. I am Theodore Nott and these are Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle and you two are just a bunch of girly boys apparently. What's with the bracelets?" Theo questioned. The other boys began snickering at his remark as Harry moved his left arm behind his back hiding the bracelet. Draco held his ground although his right hand did twitch.

"Um no I don't believe we are girly boys as you just called us. These bracelets are a sign of friendship between us which obviously is not something that you and your minions have. Harry and I are best friends and these bracelets let everyone know exactly how we feel about each other," Draco drawled.

Theo, Crabbe and Goyle stared at the two boys dumbfounded. Then Theo burst out in laughter and Crabbe and Goyle soon followed. Draco took an unconscious step back into Harry stepping on his foot, but Harry barely noticed as he was already burning with embarrassment. He had the urge to rip his bracelet off and hide it, but as if sensing his thoughts Draco placed his hand around his left wrist and shook his head without looking at him.

"So you two are gay for each other then? That is the funniest damn thing I've ever heard!" Theo said roaring with laughter. Draco and Harry shrank back further. Harry was still bursting with embarrassment while Draco was about to boil over with anger.

"What is the meaning of all this nonsense talk?" A deep voice demanded behind the three boys. Draco and Harry's eyes widened as a dark haired, dark eyed man wearing all black glowered down at the three boys in front of him. Draco and Harry were shaking in their boots at the sight of him and by looking at the other three boys it appeared that they were about ready to wet their pants.

The three boys began stuttering as they turned to look up at the man. If looks could kill the three boys would be dead a hundred times over. "S-s-sorry s-s-sir. We'll j-j-just be going n-n-now," Theo stuttered out loud finally as the three boys quickly fled the compartment. The man barely glanced at their retreating backs as he returned his gaze to Harry and Draco.

"Mister Malfoy, Mister Potter, good day to you," the man said as he turned on his heel and stalked away, his robes billowing out behind him. Harry and Draco collapsed to the ground one on top of the other and didn't move at first. They were both still shaking in fear from the man.

"I hope that Professor Snape was helpful in getting those boys away from you," a small, bushy haired girl said from the doorway. "I cannot believe they talked to you two the way they did. I think it's fantastic that you are able to express your friendship like you do. Those guys are idiots and I'm sure they'll be in Slytherin," She continued matter of factly.

Draco glared at the girl for a moment. "And you think that just because they're idiots they're going to be in Slytherin? What does that say for the rest of us who are probably going to be in Slytherin as well?"

The girl stood her ground and quirked an eyebrow at him. "I'm not implying that all Slytherins are idiots, but it's typically common amongst them. They are mostly jerks anyway so if you are sorted into Slytherin at least try to not be an idiot and a jerk. Be like you are now. Not afraid to show your friendship to someone who is most likely not going to be in Slytherin," the girl replied.

Now it was Harry's turn to glare at the girl. "And what makes you think I'm not going to be in Slytherin?"

"You don't really seem the type, but who knows. By the way, my name is Hermione Granger and you two must be Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. I've read so much about you Harry. Well, at least since I found out I was a witch and going to Hogwarts. I got so many books about the magical world that had all sorts of information about you and other famous people of this world. There is just so much to read and I feel like I have barely anytime to read them all. No matter, at least you two are alright and I doubt those boys will be back to bother you two. Enjoy the rest of the trip. I expect we'll be arriving rather soon," Hermione responded with a quick smile. She turned and quickly walked away leaving the two boys looking at the spot she had just been, dumbstruck.

"Well, she was…friendly," Harry commented.

"More like a busy bodied know it all. She was something else, but at least she came to our rescue or I should say Nott and his goons' rescue. I've heard of Professor Snape. I think he knows my father, but I'm not sure. I don't meet my father's friends very often. He seems vaguely familiar though. Anyway, do you think that Granger was right about being close to the school?" Draco asked as he started pushing himself to his feet. He turned to help Harry up and they both sat down again across from each other.

"The train seems to be slowing down so maybe we are. I've seen him somewhere too, but I'm not sure either. Why do you think those guys were so mean to us?" Harry asked quietly. He twisted the bracelet on his wrist around and around not meeting Draco's eyes.

"What have my parents and Sirius been telling us all along? We are famous people in our world. My family has very strong ties in the community and we go back for centuries and you, well, you're Harry Potter. You saved the Wizarding world when you were just a baby. There are people who won't like us and there are people who will only like us because of our names. But you and I Harry, we are true friends. We will always be friends and we'll always love each other too no matter what comes our way. Never remove your bracelet and I'll never remove mine. Agreed?" Draco replied.

Harry couldn't suppress the grin at Draco's words. He looked up and nodded. "Agreed. We'll always be here for each other and we'll always love each other. I like the sound of that," Harry replied quietly.

Draco smiled smugly and leaned across giving him a big hug. "Me too."