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Chapter 1: Unexpected discoveries

(Alvarna Academy, Holiday 1, Spring 1, Year 2)

"Yeah! The school is nearly complete with the new rooms now!" an excited Aria exclaimed as her twin brother Aaron jumped up and down endlessly.

The Alvarna Academy was not fully complete but there was a music room, a sick bay and a Cooking Lessons Room now. Aria and Aaron had consulted Bryon and Bryon stated that only with the permission of Kyle, their father, the school would be complete.

"So much for the workshop…" Aria said, teary along with Aaron.

They had bought the workshop complete with the worktable and kitchen from Yue's bargains. Yue wholeheartedly gave them a further discount since they were still kids but they could have gotten a lot of recovery potions from Natalie with all that money.

Soon, Mana, Aria and Aaron's mother and also one of the teachers at the academy, came and found the newly upgraded school and commended their hard work. Mana explained that the next day's lesson would be an exploring of the school's new facilities.

Roy, who happened to overhear the conversation, pumped his fist into the air and did a celebratory dance. The others, who were gaping at the school, had different reactions. Leonel was slightly unaffected as he was now smiling with excitement. Leann was being spun around and around by Cammy and Orland just sighed and took out a book to read.

(Alvarna Academy, Monday 2, Spring, 8.55 a.m.)

Aria upon reaching school decided to explore the new facilities first. She saw Leonel and his parents, Barrett and Dorothy standing at the entrance.

Barrett, one of the other teachers in the school, glanced quizzically at Dorothy as if to say 'Why are you so early?' And Dorothy piped up just in time to explain that she had to prepare her first aid kit at the sick bay first.

Barrett smiled embarrassed as he had completely forgotten about the sick bay that was newly set up. Dorothy entered the school along with Leonel and Aria greeted Barrett.

"Morning, Barrett!" Aria chirped.

"Aria, yes, good morning," Barrett replied as Aria was about to enter the school.

"Don't go into the dungeons. The monsters there are getting highly hostile towards people! Don't you dare sneak out of town!" he added.

Aria fell down and sweatdropped. She had been planning to explore the last dungeon Blessia Islands to get the last clue about her father.

"Hah! I knew that you would try and get out of town and into the dungeons again! All passages to the dungeons have been blocked so don't try anything sneaky! Tell Aaron that too!" Barrett said, snickering at the sight of spoiling Aria's plans.

"Muahahaha!" He laughed mockingly.

Aria decided to tell Aaron after school so she headed into Mana's class, put her bag down and started to explore the new facilities.

The sick bay was already occupied by Dorothy Leonel and Orland so Aria decided not to enter. The Cooking Lessons room was already jam-packed with the other students so Aria thought that it was not a good idea to enter either. So she went ahead to the Music Room.

As she pushed the door open, Aria noticed nobody had come to look at it. The floor was of wood tiles and there was a grand slightly antique piano in the middle of the room. When Aria touched the piano, she remembered that Mana had given her a brief but informative lesson on the piano notes.

"Try playing that music score sheet in your bag. You know, the one with the lullaby in it," a voice said in the mirrors.

Aria spun around to find her other self smiling in the mirror and pointing at her bag. Aria's other self appeared after she found the first piece of the tablet containing Dragon Break. She was like a best friend to her and Aria could always talk to her when she was alone at home. Aria named her Arie, thinking it was a good idea.

(Author's note: Aria's other self is an OC. She looks a whole lot like Aria actually only that her left eye is crystal blue.)

"You mean the one Dad taught Aaron and me, Arie?" Aria asked and when Arie nodded Aria took the score sheet and put it on the piano.

After memorizing the lyrics of the lullaby, Aria decided to learn the piano notes so she could play it. Now, Aria was opening the piano lid and rested her fingers on the keys along with Arie.

"Here goes. Let's do it as we practised," Aria said as Arie smiled and nodded.

What's Aria going to play? Stay tuned to find out! Oh by the way, I think I figured something out for my other fanfics so stay tuned for updates!

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