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Chapter 1: Don't spoil your daughters

"Look daddy, I should be allowed to attend college with my friends! You knew get the whole experience! Let me live on campus, come on!" I plead with my father who is looking over some papers in his home office.

"No, I'll buy you a mansion outside of campus, Neji will live with you along with: Shino, Kiba, TenTen, Lee, Anko and Kurenai." He says not bothering to look up at me but keeps his eyes on the papers.

"Argh!! They aren't even my friends! They are so serious that I can't even talk to them! They make me look stupid!" I yell.

"They aren't meant to make you look good, they are there to protect you if anything happens," he says.

"Neji's fine, just him! He is enough to protect me! I mean the glares he throws at guys has kept my virginity intact!" I say taking a seat in front of his desk.

"I know, or else the guys would-no I don't even want to think about it," my father says with a shake of the head.

"Come on daddy, just Neji or else…I'll cry!" I say faking my tears.

"Cry all you want and not to worry honey I'll lend you my shoulder," he says.

"Argh! You don't get a college freshmen!" I yell giving him my back.

"No, what you don't understand is that if they go with you then I'll be paying for their education because it's part of the job. Now I'll let you break the news to them. Then again it wouldn't matter to you now would it? Where did that sweet-kind girl I raised go?" he asks finally looking up at me, the disappointment he feels shows in his eyes.

When I was a kid I had one friend but he…I rather not think about him but the years following I was a loner but they were always nice to me, they never asked me to buy anything for them. Even the one's I thought were my friends the first thing they would say is that I should buy them a present and I did. But those five never asked me for anything they would smile at me for free and were just there. I bow my head feeling disgusted with myself how did I forget these things?

"No, they should go with me, but they'll…will I get to be in charge?" I ask my dad he shakes his head.

"That duty goes to Kurenai and Anko, and Neji will be reporting to me on a weekly bias. I wanted daily reports but as it turns out Neji convinced me to do it weekly something about a schedule and what not." My dad tells me skimming through some reports that were prepared for him by his employees. If Anko is in charge, she'll always convince Kurenai to do what she wants, and what she wants is what I want! For a bit I forgot that I have Neji wrapped around my finger too! Plus TenTen can hold her own against Neji for me, she'll also be a powerful ally!

Yes! I shall start to think up some plans!

"Well daddy I think my allowance should have a raise and my black American Express credit card should be returned." I say in serious bargaining mode, my dad will come up with a counter about…

"Okay!" he says, I stare at him wondering what he's scheming. "By the way I'll be being you any five cars for your personal use," he says as he nods towards some car brochures.

"What's the matter? What is going on? Do you know something I don't? Like am I going to die soon or something? Tell me daddy! Why are you so nice?" I shout hearing like a drama queen as I stand up.

"No, nothing is wrong. It's just that I won't be with you during those years and I want you to live in peace and not to worry about me." He says setting down his papers to finally stare at me. "As the years pass by you look more and more like your mother. I want you to be happy and if buying you cars and material things does it then I won't stop!" he says, real tears form in my eyes.

"Oh, daddy! You are the greatest!" I say walking around his huge maple desk to hug him.

"As are you honey, now I need you to sign these papers for me," he says taking out a blue folder and hands me a pen. "Just your signature and initials on the first and last page."

"Eh? What is this for?" I ask looking over the pages.

"Nothing much, just know that as your father I know what's best," he says, I look down at the papers I notice my name but his words stop me from reading on. "You know I know this awesome mansion that is on sale with weeping sakura trees lining the driveway, it's really pretty." I stare over at him my eyes growing wide.

"Really, is it close to the university?" I ask as I start to sign the documents.

"Yeah, and guess what it was sold really quickly and guess who bought it?" he asks me with a grin.

I turn to the last page and I squeal as I sign.

"You!" I shout, ah, these papers are probably for the house!

"Yup!" my dad says, as soon as I'm done he pulls the document out of my hand and quickly opens his desk drawer and locks it. I stare at him and he smiles up at me. "Now, be a good girl and take those brochures up with you and look over what kind of cars you want." He says as he goes back to reading his reports, I stare at him for little bit more before doing what he just said.

Okay, what was that?

Neji opens my door and I get out of the limo, everyone surrounds me as we look at the outside of our new mansion, Kiba lets out a low whistle as he stares at it.

"When daddy buys something he goes all out doesn't he?" Kiba speaks as he looks at the gray castle like structure. This mansion looks like one of those old English castles that all the Duke's owned.

I look back at the middle of the driveway and there is a fountain of a mermaid in the middle sitting on a rock with four dolphins's surrounding her. Somehow that fountain doesn't fit with this house…

The grass is a bright green with the weeping sakura trees lining the entrance and the driveway just like daddy said.

I remove my sunglasses and walk up the small stairs that lead to the entrance of the mansion.

"Of course when daddy buys me something he only buys the best!" I snap at Kiba.

"That's why I tell you to keep your mouth shut," I hear TenTen mutter to Kiba.

I open the huge wooden doors and step onto the pure white marble floor, I look up between the two grand staircases to find someone sitting in a chair between the stairs.

Who the hell…I look into those cerulean eyes. What is he doing here? I give him my back and look at Neji, my eyes reflect the anger I feel at having to see him.

"There's trash inside my mansion, see to it that it's thrown out!" I order him.

"But Hinata he's your-" but the trash interrupts my cousin.

"Look here Ice Princess why the fuck did you agree to this shit?" his yell echoes into the empty foyer. I whirl around to glare at the boy.

"What?" I question him angrily. He gets up off his chair and brings up a blue folder. He gets close enough and throws the folder in my face. I close my eyes, did he just…

"Do this look familiar?" his anger is heard in his tone. I glare up at him I don't bother to look down at the paper or even think of picking them up.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" I question my once childhood friend.

"The boy who has seeing you naked many times!" he shouts, my face turns red.

"Naruto-sama, please calm down!" I hear Lee shout.

"Please! Naruto-sama has every right to be upset!" I hear one of Naruto's security team members speak. I turn to stare at the blonde girl, she grins. "Hinata-sama it's been too long," Ino the witch says. I see Shikamaru, Chouji, Kakashi, Sai, Shion, and Haku follow after her.

"Did I miss anything?" I hear Kurenai shout as she runs into the mansion.

"Explain this to me!" I shout at Naruto.

"What you didn't read it when you signed them?" Shion asks. I don't bother to look over at her.

"I thought daddy taught you to read any documents that require your signature?" Sai asks in a sarcastic tone. I can't believe I once thought these people were my friends…

Naruto bends down to pick up the documents; I take that opportunity to kick him in his face. His team rushes forward as he falls to the ground. I smile down and start to walk away. It's his fault for leaving himself open! Our sensei: Jiraiya did always warn us, he never learned. I look back to see TenTen behind me. I look at her hand which is up in the air. There's a needle in between her fingers. I look over at Ino.

"Hinata-sama are you okay?" TenTen asks me as she glares at Ino.

"Yes," I respond as I go up one stair. My heels make the clinking sound as I go up. "I want the Uzumaki trash out when I come back down, I expect them all gone!" I order my people.

"They won't because this mansion is as much mine as it is yours!" Naruto shouts, I ignore him as I keep walking. "When you signed those papers you agreed to be my fiancé! Thus the agreement states that we must live in this mansion for four years together! If either of us moves out we forfeit our inheritance to the other! So Ice Queen we're stuck!" Naruto yells at me. I stop, I feel my face become cold as do my finger tips.

"What?" I whisper it echoes down to them.

"Exactly what you heard!" he says, I whirl around to look down at them.

"You are lying! You are just saying that because you love me! My daddy would never do that to me! He knows I'm going to marry Sasuke! Daddy knows and approves!" I shout down at them.

"Hinata…"I hear Neji and Kurenai whisper.

"Sadly I'm not. I never loved you idiot and you and stupid Sasuke deserve one another! Your dad didn't force you to sign, he would never do that. If anything it was your own stupid fault!" he shouts at me.

"Well then Naruto-dono why did you sign?" Shino asks.

"I promised my dad I would if she signed before me. So I couldn't back down when my dad showed me the documents signed. I always keep my promises." He proclaims in typical Naruto fashion. He's a liar, he always breaks his promises! He always did with me…

"Well we seem to be in quite a jam," I hear Anko say. "We should talk this over; Hinata-sama, Kurenai and Neji will meet with Naruto-sama, Kakashi and whichever two you choose. There's a meeting room down this hall, Hyuga-dono probably arranged for a table and chairs to be there." I run down the stairs and hug Anko. She has been here for me for the longest time. She used to care for me along with Kurenai both women are like mothers to me. Anko was actually working at the Conglomerate and left me to Kurenai so to see her again is the greatest.

She hugged me and let me cry to my hearts content after Naruto and I stopped being friends…

"Are you sure you should be running away like this?" I ask my best friend Hiashi the current Hyuga head.

"Don't uncle!" Hanabi shouts at me. "Let daddy and me explore the world! He'll change his mind if you continue! Hanabi wants to go on a journey!!!" his youngest daughter Hanabi shouts clutching onto her dad. I look over at Kushina as she stares at the adorable little girl.

"I'm not running away!" Hiashi says. "I just plan to spend some quality time with my youngest daughter. Away from home…" he says not looking over at me a sure sign that I'm right.

"If what you said is true then you tricked poor Hinata. You shouldn't force her into this," Kushina says.

"I didn't trick her! It's that child's fault for not reading the papers like I always tell her to. Time and time again I've told her that she should read anything that is put in front of her. But like always she never listens to me. Plus I know my daughter well enough! To know she still loves Naruto, she always has. I'm just giving her a little push." Hiashi says as he walks towards his one of many private jets.

"It's more like you kicked her out of a flying plan with no parachute," I mutter, he glares over at me. "What makes you so sure? Isn't she dating Sasuke?" I ask knowing how much he hates the kid.

"Sasuke, I can't trust him or any Uchiha! I know she loves Naruto ever since they first met as kids they have loved each other. I just do! Don't ask me how." He says to me in a confident tone which makes me believe in him.

"You can leave with no worries, we'll look after her for you," Kushina tells him with a smile. He comes over to us and hugs her then me. Hanabi hugs and kisses the two of us.

"Have fun!" I shout at them.

I walk away with my wife and watch from the hanger as the jet flies off.

"We should've stopped him! He's crazy for doing this to Hinata!" Kushina says to me as we walk to our car.

"I don't know, I think he may be onto something," I admit to my wife. "I think this is the push they need for them to be together like we always wanted."

"Hinata's changed, she isn't the same girl we once knew," Kushina tells me as she slides into the car.

"No, I think she is," I tell her confident that the sweet girl I once knew is still in there…