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Chapter 8: all you'll have is that spoiled daughter

The thing about me is that, I trust people easily. I may act like a tough woman but that's just to hide who I really am. I love easily and get hurt just as quickly.

To me Sasuke was my savior. The boy I could trust above all else. I mean after everything that happened with Naruto occurred I clung to him. I still loved and wanted Naruto but Sasuke stayed with me, even when Naruto left me.

Sasuke was my reality. He was the man I choose to believe above all else. Yet, now that I know the truth, I have grown to realize that in fact I never stopped doubting in Naruto.

We had been together for so long that I still knew to trust Naruto, the boy who promised to always find me. So for me to basically throw him away it wasn't who I really was.

It's so stupid to realize that now. I suppressed those feelings, those thoughts. Who the hell was I?

I lay in bed wondering how the heck I got here. I just remember walking down the hallway. I stare at the ceiling wondering what I should do now. Why must I change? I mean can't I just accept the fact that Sasuke lied to me and get back together? But then what about my happiness? What about what I want?

With my dad I always got what I wanted, the same with Naruto and that made me happy. But, with Sasuke I always had to do what he did. I was able to make my own choices with Naruto and dad. Sasuke thought it was for my best interest, so he would think and act for me. And I stupidly agreed with him.

Seriously, who was I?

I don't know what to do…

I pick up the phone and push number one.

"Have you finally come to your senses?" Sasuke asks me smugly.

"Naruto and I are engaged. We are living together and we fuck every day and night! I expect you to leave us alone and let us live our lives in peace!" I shout into the phone. I then hang up and take out the battery.

I stomp to the house phone and dial Neji's number. Before he could even speak I yell to him.

"I want a new phone! A iPhone and a new number!" I order him. I hang up the phone before he can respond. I walk around my room trying to calm down but I can't. I once more walk to the house phone and ask Yahiko to gather everyone.

I go to my closet and pick out some workout clothes. I walk out of my door and make my way down to the living room where everyone but Neji is waiting for me.

"We are going to train!" I shout at them, their eyes widen. "You have ten minutes to change and meet me at the dojo. If you get there a minute late then you'll have to slit your belly. That's the only way I'll forgive you for your tardiness!" they stand still for a minute then they all run away towards their respective rooms. Naruto stands there watching me. "It goes for you too," I tell him forcing my face to not blush.

"Ai ai Captain," he tells me with a semi-serious face but a small smile appears on his lips as he walks away.

"How am I supposed to act around you?" I question him.

He turns around to face me.

"Like you used to," he replies.

"I've never stopped you know," he watches me with raised eyebrows. I smile more to myself than to him.

"What haven't you stopped?" he questions me with a smile of his own.

"I can't tell you, not now, you don't deserve it and I don't think I'd ever be able to say it again. You have to make it up to me you asshole…" I find myself confessing to him. "Go get changed or else you'll have to die," I smile evilly. He suddenly becomes stiff and funnily runs away.

I stand here for a minute just taking everything in.

This is the start of something different. Something that will change how I feel and think. That coldness that overtook my soul is suddenly melting…I walk toward the dojo wishing sensei was with us now. He died so young

"He isn't dead," Shino tells me as he walks in front of me.

"Stop reading my mind jerk!" I shout at his retreating back.

"Stop being a baby," Shino counters. I run towards him and he runs faster away to the dojo. Once he opens the doors I grab his collar and throw him over my shoulders. He lands face first into the wood floor. I grin down at his still back.

"I' am not a baby," I can't let go of little jabs like that. The baby in me doesn't let me. Sasuke asked me to stop training once we stopped talking to Naruto. I gave up what I loved for that guy.

"The more I think about it the more pissed off I get. Shino when I come face to face with that fucker you must hold me back. Because if you don't then I'll punch his face in, you hear me Shino?" I question the unmoving dude. "It's because of him that I wasn't able to be with sensei in his last moments of life," I whisper up to the ceiling.

"He isn't dead," Shino replies. I walk to him and practice the wrestling holds my dad taught me when I was but an innocent girl. "You've never been innocent," Shino says. I really and I mean really hate it when he reads my mind. "I don't that, you are just so easy to read outwardly," Shino is such a creep!

"Stop being a creep you jerk!" I shout and I perform a leg trap camel clutch on him. You could say that I'm a wrestling fan. I mean I get that it's fake but it's still pretty fun…

I look over at the entrance of the dojo to find a shocked Shikamaru, Chouji, Sai and Kiba standing there.

"He wouldn't stop being an ass," I tell them as Shino gasps for air. He reaches towards Kiba begging him to help him. Kiba rushes over to his friend. I feel his glare directed at me. "Do you want to fight me right now?" I question him as I crack my neck bone and stretch out my arms, I feel and hear as my shoulder's crack. He carries Shino away and he watches me with sad eyes.

"The Hinata we knew is dead. All that's left is this evil being that is worse than the one before her! What should we do?" Kiba questions the semi-unconscious Shino.

"Run and prepare for war while you still can. Gather a large army…" Shino whispers his answer.

"Both of you should stop," TenTen who came in a while ago, sings her advice to these two losers.

"I have the highest rank, so this is my dojo!" I shout. "What I say in this dojo is law! So you two idiots go and run around the whole grounds two hundred times!" I yell at them. They gasp and on cue faint together. "Throw them into the pool!" I direct Chouji. He inhales deeply at my words, he looks to the two motionless boys and back to me, he does it again. "Throw yourself in there with them!" I direct the three loser faces.

"Someone has a short temper," Shion murmurs under her breath.

"Thank you for volunteering in being my sparring partner," I sarcastically tell her with an evil grin which grows wider as she gasps in fear.

"I'll be your partner!" I hear Naruto announce. Everyone stares at him in awe, some certain losers cheer in happiness. "Whoever wins can have the highest rank and win this dojo and order us however they like!" Everyone but TenTen cries in joy, Naruto blushes at the love everyone has for him.

"Let's make it fun," I announce as I go to the katana's that are hanging on the wall. I grab one and keep it while I throw the other one at Naruto.

"I forfeit!" he announces quickly. My smile goes away as I look at the group of people gathered around me.

"I'm a different person than I was before. I'm just taking my frustration out on all of you. I thank you for being understanding and playing along with my whims. I get that I' am a lot to handle and I'm really grateful for everyone, except a select few," I tell them as I avoid looking at Shino and Kiba. "It's going to be difficult for me to change. I mean I've been this spoiled lady for so long so it's going to be hard. I've mistreated most of you, I'm actually quite amazed that you can stand me," I say with a chuckle and I keep my watery gaze on the floor. "I can't excuse myself, I knew of my actions and I knew the consequences. I can only ask for forgiveness and beg for patience. It'll be a while before I take the Ice Queen out of me. I've been this person for so long that I feel she is me in a way. I just wanted everyone to work out my current frustrations with me." I stare up and notice Naruto watch me closely. "I learned today that I lived a lie for all those years. I placed my trust in the wrong boy and I'm going to try to repent. I want to be actual friends with every single person here. It may be difficult at first for a few. I've said some nasty things. But I want you all to know that, I'm sorry for the person I was before. She may come out a few times but if she does it's a form of defense for me…" I confess to them all. No one speaks up. They all watch me wondering if this is an act. Wondering when I'm going to laugh at them for believing in me.

"HINATA!" I look over at the dojo entrance to find an out of breath Neji running to me. "I…bought…the…phone!" he shouts between gasps. I look at his hand to find a plastic bag. For some reason I rush to him and unsheathe the katana I have. He kneels before me shocked.

"I warned everyone that if anyone got here late they would need to commit seppuku," I warn him. I just have this need for everyone to ignore me.

"W-wha?" he shouts.

"Hinata! He wasn't here for that announcement!" TenTen says as she rushes over to me pulling me back.

"But he could read my thoughts!" I tell her.

"What? Since when?" Neji shouts surprised at the new development. I notice his focused eyes as he deeply looks into mine trying his hardest to read what I have in my brain. I glare at him and he gulps down. He relaxes and closes his eyes. He sits up. "I understand Hinata-sama, if you believe that I should die then kill me," he says as he rips his shirt open.

"Neji!" Lee calls out to his best friend. "Do not do this! You have such a long life ahead! Full of youth and beauty, so my friend do not give up! Fight for your life!" Lee dramatically says with a clutch of his chest.

"No, Lee, if Hinata-sama wants me to repent with my death then it must be done!" Neji says with a shake of his head and his long hair dances along with his theatrical movements.

"How do you like that guy?" Sai questions TenTen.

"Hinata," Naruto calls out to me. "Nagato baked some cupcakes and strawberry shortcake, he also hand churned some vanilla bean ice cream. How about we go get some?" he asks me. I suddenly lose interest in forcing my cousin to commit seppuku.

"How about I eat it all?" I ask as I leave him behind.

"Oi! That's not nice! Remember Hinata, sharing is caring!" he shouts behind me.

"You know I never liked sharing and I just don't care!" I say as I run faster growing scared that Naruto will catch up to me.

"Do you trust her?" I question Ino. I look over and watch as she keeps her gaze on the two childish idiots who race towards the house.

"I ruined her, I took away her dreams and I'll never forgive myself. So if she says that she is trying to be herself from long ago than yes I trust her. Her eyes that night will forever haunt me…" she admits to me. I never did find out what happened in Naruto's room when Hinata came running in at night.

"Don't you dare bad mouth Hinata-sama, Shikamaru," Neji warns me.

"Forgive me for not trusting someone who's stabbed me in the back so many times," I find myself saying to him.

"Her eyes have changed," Lee suddenly speaks up. Everyone turns to look at him. "She used to look at everyone with hate and that annoying look of superiority but now her eyes shine with happiness. She's finally free from the hate and sadness she felt all those years. If anyone should be questioning someone's trust it's us. Can we trust Naruto not to shatter her heart to pieces again?" I don't say anything.

"That's right! Naruto is the one who betrayed Hinata when he got in bed with Ino all those years ago. So my friends, can we trust Naruto this time around?" TenTen suddenly questions her group of bodyguards.

"It doesn't matter if we trust one and not the other," Sai suddenly says. "They have made their decision. We can't deny what they feel for one another any longer. Did you see it?" he asks us all.

I look away from the group. I saw it. I saw the love that shun all those years ago. It's back and it seems that it's stronger than ever…I sigh knowing that what is coming will be a complete and utter drag…

I watch Hinata as she scoops up too much ice cream onto her spoon. She sighs as she savors the flavor in her mouth. There is no awkwardness between us like before. It feels as if we never separated that we continued to be friends.

I should say I'm sorry also. I'm guiltier than anyone here. I let stupid Sasuke play with my mind. I let him take over all my doubts and mold them and manipulate them to his liking. I was an idiot, I still am. But right now, she's too happy and I don't want to burst it. It's been awhile since I've seen her smile this much.

"Nagato you are a genius!" Hinata happily shouts as she consumes her ice cream with much delight.

"I always loved when Nagato baked his sweets," Konan says as she cleans the counter tops.

"Take a break and eat with us! If you don't then we'll fire you," Hinata says to her. Konan quickly drops the rag on the counter and runs to the sink to wash her hands and quickly takes the bowl of ice cream that Nagato has out in his hand waiting for her.

"You boys can eat too," Hinata says as she hands her bowl to Nagato for a third time.

"Nagato doesn't like eating stuff he made," Yahiko tells us as he sits next to me and reaches out to get a cupcake.

"What?" Hinata yells more outraged than is necessary.

"I'm weird," is the only thing Nagato can say.

"It probably has to do with sensei-" suddenly Konan stops talking and I notice the boys glaring at her. She fills her mouth with ice cream so that she won't be able to talk. I look over at Hinata to find her staring at me. She gives me a small nod and I quietly eat my cake.

"Sasuke never liked sweets. He always made me eat them alone and I hated it so I stopped eating sweets. Another thing to add to the list of things that I detest about Sasuke," Hinata speaks more to herself then to us. "A sensei huh? Naruto and I had a sensei but it's just so sad that he died so young," she says with a sigh as she moves her spoon in a circular motion so that it can melt faster.

"He isn't dead," we all say together. I turn my suspicious eyes on them as does Hinata.

"How do you know that?" Hinata and I question them.

"We heard Shino!" Yahiko answers quickly. Hinata's eyes widen a bit.

"Are you guys watching our every move? For what reason?" she questions them. I feel as she stiffens in her seat. It seems that her body remembers what it means when she feels threatened.

"We aren't watching you," Konan says in the lightest tone possible.

"We are," Nagato confesses. We both whirl our head at him. I notice Konan and Yahiko glare at him. They shoot him a warning glance. "Both of your parents asked us to look over the two of you. They were worried that their plans wouldn't work so they asked that we watch and observe you the best we could. We are sorry for hiding this information from you," he tells us with a bow. We look at one another and I notice her eyes. Right away I know what she wants me to do.

"Ha ha ha! Our parents are psychos!" I say with my head leaned back a bit and a wide grin. "Leave it to them to ask you all to look after us like that! I mean you aren't even trained or anything what can you lot do to us right?" I question them. All three are very proud and like to show it. So for me to call them out on their uselessness should get them riled up.

"You don't know what we can do boy," Yahiko says angrily but before he can continue Nagato throws him a glare in warning. Yahiko bites down on his lips.

Hinata realizes along with me that Nagato is the leader of this little trio.

"We are very sorry," Konan says urgently as she doesn't even finish her ice cream. She gets up and hands her bowl to Nagato. "I'm going to go clean the study," she announces.

"I should go take inventory of the wine," Yahiko says, "sorry," he tells us before running off. Hinata and I both turn our gaze to Nagato waiting for him to say that he is leaving but he doesn't. Instead he leans back against the counter and watches us with hawk like eyes.

No one speaks up. We wait for someone to talk first. It shows you're weaker if you break the silence before your enemy. I just hear as Hinata scrapes the bowl with her spoon. She silently hands him the bowl and he re-fills it once more.

I look down at my plate of shortcake and cut a piece and bring it up to my mouth. The silence is deafening. We chew as softly as we can.

"Yo," Shikamaru announces as he enters the kitchen. He looks at the three of us and notices something going on. He stops just inside the kitchen and directs his gaze on Hinata's back. I shake my head and he changes his stare to Nagato who watches me. "So, is this a stand-off or something?" he questions us.

"Hinata," Neji enters the kitchen and ignores the silence as he walks to her. "I programmed your phone for you since I know how much you hate technology. I wasn't sure if you wanted Sasuke's number in here or not so I didn't put it in. Is that all right with you?" he questions his silent cousin.

"Don't interrupt the game Neji," Shikamaru murmurs to him.

"What game?" he asks loudly. I glance at Hinata from the corner of my eye to find her hand twitching in anger.

"Neji, I need you over here for a second," I hear Kurenai-sensei call out to him. It's been awhile since I heard her or Anko. Actually now that I think about it, I haven't seen Kakashi either…

"I should really start cleaning the kitchen," Nagato finally gives in. I raise my hand and Hinata high fives it. She stands up and walks to the sink and rinses her bowl and walks away. She's probably going to ask Kurenai-sensei to investigate the trio we have living in our house.

"I want to trust you but you three are making it hard," I admit to him as I tread away from him and Shikamaru walks behind me.

"What was that all about?" he asks me as soon as we are outside of Nagato's earshot.

"Find out what you can about them. Go to people you trust only, no outsiders should know about this. They are hiding something and I want to know what. I can't trust them because I don't know anything about them how can we let them live with us? We should've thought about investigating them before…" I say growing a bit worried. They've never done anything bad to us but something about the way they reacted has me on edge. I felt the killer intent coming off of Nagato. It was there small but there.

Did Hinata feel it also?

I find her standing by the stairs alone. Shikamaru walks away towards the front door and I stand in front of her.

"Did you feel it?" she asks me. I nod looking around us. "It freaked me out. I mean he's supposed to be the chef for god's sake why is he giving off that murderous intent at us? Do they have something against us? Is that why they took this job? Do they want to kill us? I'm scared for everyone," Hinata admits as she stares into my eyes.

"The reason they are with us is because they can take care of themselves and us. It's their duty and job. Our parents handpicked them for this reason. They trained since they were kids for this job alone so we can trust them," I answer her. This itchy feeling to put my arms around her is making me want to punch my arms to sleep.

"Don't you feel bad for them?" she suddenly asks me. "I mean it was because of us that they were never able to have a normal life. They learned how to kill at the age of ten by twelve they knew what to do in a kidnapping situation. All of them where trained with the mentality of protecting us at all costs even if it means they die. Are you okay with that?" she questions me and herself. She keeps a close eye on me to watch how I react to her words.

"Of course I feel bad for them. I've always felt that our parents bought them for us to play with or something. They never considered their feelings. I mean they basically did buy them with bribes to their families. I felt that they should hate us because we took them away from the peaceful life they had. But then I also think about the possibilities they would've had if they never met us. The truth is that they most likely would've died in poverty. They would've been gone from this world before they could realize what it meant to live. Now, their parents have stable jobs, people who didn't have parents now have a family. They are able to get a higher education. They have a roof over their heads and warm meals. So even if I do hate that they think about us before themselves. I would prefer that then ever thinking I never could've met them," I honestly confess to her. She watches me not really believing me.

"Did you get Shikamaru to look into them?" she asks changing the subject. I can tell that she hasn't let it go and that we'll discuss this later.

"Yeah, did you ask Kurenai-sensei?" I question her she nods. I watch her as she visibly relaxes and looks off to the side thinking about something else. I can tell that she wants to leave already. It's been a huge day for her but I want to continue talking to her. This is the first time in years that I'm able to speak with her and she isn't throwing something at my head. I don't want this to end. "I need to say something Hinata," I admit. She turns her eyes to me and watches me intently. "I was a dumbass who did things to you that I shouldn't have. I should never have let Ino into my bed. I shouldn't have made you believe that you were the worst or that you weren't worthy. I was, actually am, an idiot and I'm really sorry. There is nothing I can do so that you can forgive me. I know this and I just want you to know that I wish we could continue being who we were back then." I say to her. Her eyes change suddenly and I realize that I said something wrong.

"I told you that I loved you and you didn't care. When I was trying to confess you told me that 'You are weak and I'm tired of protecting you. I want to be strong and you are holding me back. Hinata is an annoying brat and a girl that I hate.' You fucking broke me when you talked to me like that. You fucking shattered my reality. And you think some simple apology like that is going to change what I think or feel? I hate you so much Naruto. So much that you have no idea. I can never get back what I lost those years. I can never be that same person. So for you to finally ask for forgiveness makes me want to punch your balls into your asshole. Don't think that I'll forgive you or forget something like this so easily. The only reason I'm even talking to you is because I knew who you were. I knew that you were weak and stupid to believe what Sasuke said. But that doesn't excuse your actions. Your parents were excellent educators and they taught you at a young age what was right and wrong and you forgot all about that when I told you what I felt for you. There is no excuse and it's going to take a long time before I can look you in your eyes and even believe anything you say. I'll sooner marry Neji than forgive you…" she doesn't hold back. I hold in my smile as she walks away from me. She is who I expected and knew that she wouldn't forgive me so easily.

"Would you like a grand gesture?" I question her retreating back.

"Buy me the fucking moon if you are going for a grand gesture," she retorts easily.

"I love you Hinata, I never stopped," I confess to her stiff back.

"You can't tell me that…" she whispers.

"I can and I will. Every day I will confess to you. I will tell you that I love you and that I never stopped. That even if I was an ignorant dumbass this heart still beats only for you," I admit to her. She doesn't stop walking away from me and I didn't expect her to. "You are the most wonderful woman in the world!" I yell at her and she flips me off. I don't laugh or smile instead I just realize that this is going to take a while and a ton of effort. It's not something that I can easily accomplish. And I understand that, I know what I have to do…

I let out my sobs as I lock my bedroom door. Why would Naruto tell me like that? Why would he easily say those words that will forever haunt me? The L word is something that doesn't come easily.

I mean I was so disillusioned with Naruto that I pushed all the love I had away into the trash bin of my soul. I threw that emotion away. So for him to tell me that he loves me hurts me.

How can he easily tell me that? Doesn't he get it? Doesn't he understand me?

I punch my mattress as I continue to cry. I can easily admit to this love in my brain but to actually say the word out loud is impossible…