Married Life

Of Baby Talk and Future Expectations

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"Isn't she a cutie-pie?" The tall man leaned down. "Such a cute, little thing! The cutest girl ever!"

It was all Kyoko could do not to burst into hysterics. She chanced a glance sideways, and bit hard on her lips to keep herself from laughing. The dark-haired man beside her had his hand to his forehead, his eyes shut. He let out a soft, exasperated sigh.

The blond man ignored him and looked down. "Seriously! She totally has the Hizuri nose!" He beamed, looking around the room with pride written all over his face.

A giggle escaped from her lips. The older man looked up, a petulant look on his face.

"What? I am admiring my cute little grand-daughter here!" He gestured. "Look here, she has your eyebrows!"

That was it. Kyoko doubled up laughing, clutching her stomach, as she wiped tears of mirth from her eyes. Even Ren's lips twitched, though he had better control over his emotions. He looked at the blond man sitting across him, who had a hurt expression on his face.


Hizuri Kuu looked up, a pout on his lips. Ren sighed. "How can you even tell all that from that grainy photo?" He reached over and took the small photo from the older man's hand. Ren squinted at the ultrasound photo. "The baby's practically the size of a bean. How can you even tell that she's a girl with whose nose and eyebrows!"

Kyoko hiccupped, her laughter petering off. Wiping her eyes, she looked down at the grainy photo and nodded her agreement.

The blond man sniffed. "You two have no imagination at all! To think you call yourselves an artiste!" He shook a reprimanding finger. "When your mother was pregnant with you," Ren sighed, knowing where this would lead. Kuu ignored him yet again and continued. "I could tell my future child was going to be the most beautiful, athletic, intelligent, talented boy ever! He was going to be a successful man once he grows up and his children, my grandchildren, would be just as beautiful, talented and intelligent!"

Kyoko looked down at the grainy black and white photo again, her forehead creasing.

"You could tell all that from this?"

"Don't listen to him."

Kuu 'hmph-ed' and crossed his arms. "Of course!"

A platter of fruits was placed in front of the three, and Kuu immediately reached for it.

"Did he also tell you about how he fainted when he was with me in the delivery suite?" Juliena gave a beatific smile as she sat beside her husband. All turned to Kuu, who had just placed a slice of apple in his mouth. He made some incoherent sputtering sounds, an indignant look on his face.

"Don't talk with your mouth full, dear."

The blond man swallowed, and spoke again, a frown on his face. "I did not faint!" He turned to his wife. "Juli! I didn't! Really!" He insisted, though no one in the room particularly believed him.

"There, there." Juliena smiled, and patted her husband's knee reassuringly. "Have some more fruits."

The tall blond man sulked and reached for a slice of guava, muttering under his breath. Kuu took a sizeable bite of the fruit and spoke again.

"By the way, have you decided on the baby's name? Considered my suggestions?"

Kyoko gagged on her drink, while Ren shot his father an exasperated look. "No, Dad. It's still early. We have plenty of time before deciding on a name."

The older man let out a long-suffering sigh, giving a slight shake of his head as he did so. But before he could speak, another gentle voice chimed in.

"Names? What names?" Juliena clapped her hands in delight. "What suggestions have been made?" She cocked her head, looking around expectantly.

"'Daikon'. Dad wanted the name 'Daikon'." Ren interjected quickly before the other man could say anything.

Pause. Time seemed to stop for a moment.

"Honey? Darling?"

Kuu turned to a smiling Juliena. "What have I said about edible names?" The ex-model's smile widened before she continued. "No cute grandchild of mine is going to have a name like 'Daikon'. Is that clear?"

Kyoko gulped, feeling a little bit of herself shrivelling from the absolute brilliance of the older lady's smile. Now she knew whom Ren got that from. She felt almost sorry for the older man. Almost. She sipped her tea, watching the older man protesting valiantly and sulking when he was clearly out-voted, a small smile playing on her lips. Maybe having a child wouldn't be as bad as she thought after all.

"Taro? How 'bout that? 'Taro's a unique name. Or 'Nori'? C'mon! They're not that bad!"

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