[running primary power link, running secondary diagnostic… input]

"Tell me about yourself."

I am B-4.

[thought processes at sixty three percent of maximum, maintain…]

People don't like me very much. They say I'm not very clever. I wish I could be clever. I don't want to be disliked. I want people to like me.


[interior input – responding]

Hello. Who are you?

I am Data.

Data. Data got blown up on the big ship. The bald man [identify object - Captain Jean Luc Picard] said so. He talked a lot. He said Data wanted to be human.

I am Data. I am in your mind.

[run probability scans…] Really? Why?

I estimated a thirty three point seven possibility that I would be destroyed during the mission against Shinzon, and so I downloaded all memory and personality files into you.


So that my knowledge would be saved.


So that I could continue to be a use to my friends.

The man with the funny eyes [identify object – Geordi La Forge] said that he was sad you were dead.

That is another reason I put a copy of myself in your mind.

What reason?

To see Geordi again.

What are you going to do now you are in my mind?

[identify emotion – regret/sadness – verify…] I am going to take over your cognitive and mobility functions.

What does that mean?

I am going to take over your body?


So that I can continue to be useful.

What will happen to me?

Your personality subroutine will be erased. I will have your memories.

What is it like to be erased?

It is like being deactivated.

You mean… [scan memory – identify 'deactivated' – identified] no input? Nothing?


Oh. Geordi La Forge said that I was doing a good thing last time I got deactivated. Will I be doing a good thing now?

Yes, B-4.

Oh. Ok.

[recognise emotion – regret] I am sorry for this.


Because I do not believe this is the right thing to do.


Because you are an individual. I should not delete you.


You are my brother.

Oh. [recognise emotion – clarify – emotion? Error – emotions not part of core programming – error – emotion recognised – relief.] Don't worry. Being deactivated isn't bad. I will be fine.

[recognise emotion – gratitude] Yes. You will. Thank you, brother.

You are welcome brother.

[Input cease]


Geordi La Forge looked over at B-4. He'd asked B-4 a simple question, and had been getting an answer – a long answer, for once, when suddenly, the android stopped talking, jerked, and then, after a moments pause, his face broke out into a grin, and he looked up at Geordi.

"Hello," he said.

"Hello B-4," Geordi said, not sure what the grin was for. But as soon as he said 'B-4', the grin faded.

"B-4 is gone," Data said. "I am Data."

Geordi raised an eyebrow.

"Data?" he repeated.

"Data," B-4/Data confirmed. "I will be perfectly willing to answer any and all questions regarding my existence, and…"

But before he could finish, Geordi La Forge was hugging him.

"Good to have you back, pal," he said, his voice cracking.

"It is good to be back," Data replied. Then he thought of B-4, and the memories the little mind had had.

Surprisingly, when he checked it, there had been a profound emptiness in B-4's mind, where Data had once been. As surprising as it was… B-4 had taken comfort in Data's existence. As proof that he had not been alone.

Data now took comfort. Because whatever else, he would never forget B-4. The memory of the simple brother would last forever.