Spike made an excuse to refrain from disembarking until nightfall, at which time he made his way down to the cargo bay to say goodbye. There wasn't much to be said; he'd pretty much ignored everybody after the total reformation of his universe (reformations had a way of making you a social outcast, he'd noticed when he'd fallen in love with Buffy in the first place). His boots rang out loudly on the metal deck plating, reverberating off the walls and bouncing across again. Kaylee smiled at him as he paused beside her, offering his hand in farewell.

"What you said when you came on board… that you could use some serenity…" She hesitated, looking up as if seeking permission to continue. "Did you find it?"

Spike turned, gaze flicking up to the gantry, where River stood smiling at him.

"Yeah," he said. "I think I did."