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Ziva David was frustrated. It had been raining so hard in DC for the last three days that she hadn't been able to go for a run, and she practically had to swim to her car in the mornings. She'd tried to get in some exercise in the Navy yard gym each day, but it wasn't enough and she was still brimming with excess energy. Today especially she was finding it hard to sit still and concentrate, and not just because it was Saturday.

"Got ants in your pants, Ziva?" Tony asked from behind his desk.

She looked over and, as expected, found him smirking. She frowned in response. What the hell kind of question was that? "Don't you think I would have noticed when I put them on?"

Tony leaned over his desk and Ziva recognised the look on his face. She was about to get an English lesson. "It's a saying, Ziva. I mean you seem jumpy. Nervy. Full of beans. Fit to be tied."

"You're just making things up now."

He smiled like she amused him to no end. "Are you okay?" he asked in plain English.

"Yes. Fine."

Tony shrugged and returned to his work. Ziva aimed a glare at the side of his face. Her frustration today was, in part, Tony's fault. Being a Saturday, he hadn't bothered with one of the fitted, retro suits he'd taken to wearing lately. Instead, he'd turned up at the office in Chucks, jeans, a fitted brown tee and two days' worth of facial hair. In her current state, all it had taken was eye contact—not even a smile—for her body to react. He was distracting her, and she doubted he was even trying. That irritated her to no end. As did the fact that she lost 20 minutes this morning to wondering what it would take to make him blush.

She only realised she was staring at him again when Gibbs blew through the bullpen, making her jump and wonder if she'd missed any information while busy thinking lusty thoughts about her partner.

"Going out," Gibbs called as he passed Ziva's desk, heading to the elevator.

"Need any help?" Tony called after him.

"Did I ask, DiNozzo?" came the reply.

Once Gibbs had stepped onto the elevator, Tony looked to Ziva. "Gibbs doesn't need any help," he clued her in.

"How long do you think he'll be gone?" she asked.

Tony glanced out the window. "Well, the boat's not finished yet and he'll definitely need that. So it could be weeks."

She stood up, unclipped her gun and stuck it in her drawer. "I'm going to the gym."

Tony made a face. "Again? Did they start serving mojitos down there or something?"

"Just trying to get the ants out of my pants, Tony," she replied, and headed for the stairs.

Tony looked around the empty bullpen. Gibbs was off on his secret squirrel mission, Ziva was heading back to the punching bag, McGee was loitering in Abby's lab, and no other teams were around on their floor.

"But I'm bored!" he yelled out.

A half hour later, Ziva stepped out of the cool shower and slid on her underwear. The boxing session had helped a little, she thought. She could have gone for another half hour, followed by some sprints, but who knew where Gibbs had gone or when he'd be back and yelling at her for not being at her desk. The quick session with the punching bag would have to do for the time being.

She clasped her bra and then let her hair out as she stepped out of the shower stall and crossed to her locker. She held her jeans and shirt in her hand when she heard Tony call out from the door to the locker room.

"Ziva? You in here?" His voice came closer and she looked up just as he rounded the bank of lockers to her left. He stopped dead when he saw her, and she watched his eyes fall quickly to take her all in. Right away, Ziva knew that the session with the punching bag hadn't been nearly long enough. Although she couldn't imagine how long she'd need for her body to be too tired to react to the look Tony was currently giving her.

"What, Tony?" she asked. She'd intended to sound pissed, but her voice box rebelled and delivered something much heavier. Huskier.

Tony took one more look at the dark green silk against her olive skin and then forced his eyes to hers. "Sorry. Uh, Gibbs called. He's on his way back. Thought I'd give you a heads up."

Ziva tossed her clothes on the bench and flicked her hair out of her face. "Did he find anything on Petty Officer Philips?"

"Hard to say."

"He didn't say?"

"He didn't say." One step towards her.

"What did he say?" One step towards him.

"That he was coming back." Another step closer.

Ziva fumed. Add that to the list of things frustrating her. Gibbs being so taciturn. Wet weather. Tony's blatant hotness.

They locked eyes. Again, Ziva knew the look that crossed his face. He aimed it at her a lot these days. Desire. She was surprised when she shivered in response. Tony took another half step towards her. His chest was only a few inches from hers, close enough for Ziva to feel the heat radiating off him. She stood her ground.

"You okay?" he asked again, dropping and smoothing out his voice. He did that a lot these days, too. The voice usually accompanied the look, and he threw them at her when he was trying to shake her up. If this were any other day, she'd respond in kind, they'd tease each other a bit while pretending it really was all a joke, and they'd go back to work. But this was not any other day, and teasing wasn't going to cut it.

Ziva made a choice. "Come here," she ordered, her voice almost breaking, as she grabbed his wrist and led him back to the shower stall.

Tony shut the door and locked it, then faced her with his chest brushing hers. Ziva's hand was still tight around his wrist as they looked at each other quietly, their breathing coming shallower now. Ziva felt her heart beating so hard it almost hurt, and it only got worse when he gave her half a smile. That damn smile killed her. But mostly, she blamed the half beard for what she was about to do.

"What can I do for you?" Tony finally asked. It would have sounded polite if he hadn't practically growled it. She could feel the tension in him, could hear how his voice got tighter, and felt him pressing her into the wall. It gave her courage, and she gripped his wrist even harder.

"Help me out," she told him. When he nodded, she felt compelled to add, "If you have a moment."

Tony wouldn't leave now if the building caught fire. "Of course."

Taking the direct approach, Ziva held his darkening gaze as she led his hand up her bare thigh and between her legs to press over her. Her own fingers weren't even touching her, but she knew she was hot and wet. Four years was a long time to wait.

She waited a suspended moment, half expecting him to pull away and politely decline this enormous leap in their friendship/partnership/relationship—whatever 'ship' it was these days. But then he took a shuddering breath, sighed her name, and his fingers began to move over the silk. A strong, thrilled stab ran through her, and she sighed in pleasure as her head dropped back against the wall.

As his mouth came down on her neck to kiss, suck and nibble on her skin, Ziva pushed her hips into his hand and forcibly held his head to her—right where Gibbs usually smacked him. With her other hand, she grabbed a fist full of his t-shirt at his waist. The man was not going anywhere until she said so.

Quickly tiring of touching her without touching her, Tony slid his hand under the waistband of her pants and dragged his fingers between her soaking folds, over and over until finally he slid them inside her. Her eyes shut as she concentrated on the ridiculously perfect feeling, and she took a deep breath, drawing in the fresh yet musky smell of him that never failed to make her stomach flip.

His fingers hit a spot inside her just as his thumb pressed against the bundle of nerves she was dying for him to touch. She barely held herself back from screaming, instead letting out a whimper that sounded foreign to her ears.

"Yes! Tony, right there. Like that," she cried.

More than happy to take direction, Tony contorted his wrist to stroke her like that over and over. Her fists got tighter around his clothes and her nails pressed into his skin as she half panted, half cried against his ear. Without question, he would do this every day for the rest of his life if she asked.

"Tony," she breathed into his ear. He nipped her neck harder in response, then followed the line of her collarbone with his mouth.

Right now Ziva couldn't remember why she'd invested so much energy over the years into stopping herself from touching him. She adored him, they were mad for each other, and they had a pretty good emotional relationship going on. What they were doing now was completely natural. And really fucking good. It seemed insane that they'd denied themselves for so long.

Tony kept working her until she was moaning and sighing with every breath. He rubbed her instinctively, finding the spots and angles that made her shake the most and committing it to memory. The smell of her want was thick in the air, and he thought of dropping to his knees to taste it. But then she started begging.

"Please," Ziva whimpered against his cheek. "Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease."

He thought about teasing her, drawing it out for as long as possible until she was screaming for it, but he couldn't wait to watch her come. With any luck, he'd get the chance to tease her another time. For now, he increased the pressure between her legs, sliding his fingers through her soaking folds to her clit and began rubbing it harder and faster.

Ziva gasped like she'd been shocked, and her hands grabbed wildly at him as she pushed her hips into his hand as hard as she could. She felt his other hand on her chin, forcibly turning her head, and she opened her eyes for just a second to see his face right in front of hers, his eyes watching her intently. His forehead came down to rest against hers, and her eyes slid shut again as an excited ripple ran through her. She had no problem with him watching her so closely.

"Come on," he encouraged her.

"Tony," she moaned again, drawing his name out like he sometimes did to hers. "Harder. Please!"

He pressed against her even harder, ignoring his concern that surely he had to be hurting her now. But it seemed to be just what she needed. It took just a second or two for Ziva's entire body to tense, and he instinctively put his hand over her mouth. A moment later, he heard the muffled scream of his name as the beautiful creature in his hands jolted violently. He kept rubbing her, more gently now, wanting to draw every bit of tension, every cry, every shudder out of her.

Finally her body relaxed, and he moved his hand from her mouth. Ziva sucked in the breaths she'd foregone in the last minute, and smiled at the warm, gooey feeling that started slowly spreading through her limbs. That was the feeling she'd been looking for when she'd hit the gym this week. Sated and pleasantly numbing.

Somehow, Tony managed to make himself remove his hand from her pants—even when he knocked her still sensitive skin and drew another jolt and a breathy "Oh!" out of her. He closed his hands around her hips, pulled his head back slightly, and waited.

Once she'd calmed down enough, Ziva opened her eyes as far as they'd go, met his gaze, and then split into a huge smile. Tony let out the breath he'd been holding and gave her his biggest one in response.

"Thanks," she said casually, as if he'd just bought her a coffee, then laughed at how ridiculous it sounded.

Tony chuckled, relaxed now that he had the feeling that things would continue to be just fine between them. "No problem, Zi. Feel better?"

"Much." She smiled at him affectionately, and then leaned forward to press her lips to his. The kiss was simple, lasting only a second or two, but it served its purpose as the conclusion to the tale. They would be fine together.

"I'm free anytime," he told her, gently teasing. "Just let me know when I can help out."

She smiled and gave him another kiss, much quicker this time, and uncurled her fists from around his t-shirt. "Thank you."

Tony reached for the door and opened it just a crack so he could check to make sure they didn't have company. When he found the coast clear, he turned to look back at her. She was leaning against the wall, breathing hard, face flushed, her eyes dark, hair tussled, and her body looking like it would drop to the floor at any moment.

He shook his head in awe. "You look so beautiful right now," he told her.

Ziva smirked. "Believe me, Tony. You look better." It was his smile, his beard, his ass that that'd gotten them in this situation in the first place.

The compliment lit up his face, and Ziva realized that may have been the first honest compliment she'd paid him without meaning to make fun of him. "See you up there."

"I won't be long."

He shut the door behind him, and Ziva slid the lock into place before leaning back against the wall again. Well, she thought, that went better than expected.

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