Disclaimer: I don't own them, unfortunately. set during shifting equilibrium. Ray's pov.

He had never really thought about this moment, not as something real, at least. The hope had always been there, of course, but it was buried deep in a part of his heart he tried his best to keep at distance, because, in the end, it was just that, a mere hope, one of those dreams doomed to not come true, forever and ever. The thought of her being with him here and now had been so far from him, that he even had to double-check her to make sure she wasn't a ghost, a fantasy, a fragment of his imagination. Even then, he had to come closer, to skim over her hand with his fingers to make sure – 100% sure – and smiled at her, open hearth, like a million of suns exploding of brilliant light at the same instant, the same smile she gave him, just before to embrace her, take her in his arms, firmly.

"You are here"

"Yes…finally" she answered not only to his affirmation/question with her voice, but also deepening the embrace, holding him even tighter.

"Finally" and, as he signed his last word with a kiss on Neela's lips, Ray couldn't help but think that, sometimes, dreams come true.

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