A/N: The story is actually based on a movie that was shown here in the Philippines. Although I changed some parts of the plot to make it more Troypay, I do not own all of it - well, just some parts of it :)

They have been together for 2 years

He was her everything

She was his life

Flashes to Troy and Sharpay by his locker

"Happy 2nd anniversary, babe" Troy said, wrapping his arms around Sharpay's waist as she wraps her arms around his neck. Their foreheads resting on each others, "Happy anniversary" she answered

He made a mistake

She was left standing alone

Flashes to Troy giving Gabriella a necklace

Flashes to Sharpay watching them by her locker, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Time passed…

She moved on

He wanted her back

"What do you want Troy?"

"I want you back, Sharpay. I need you back in my life."

"It's not that easy. You chose to break my heart the first time and I can't risk it again"

He can't live without her

She doesn't want to hurt anymore

"I love you Sharpay. " Troy whispered and then everything went black

Flashes to Sharpay running down a hospital hallway

Flashes to Troy in a coma

Flashes to Sharpay sitting by his side, her hands in his, crying.

"I swear Troy if you ever wake up again, I'm going to kill you for trying to leave me like that"

Flashes to Troy's eyes struggling to open, adjusting to the light

He needed one more chance

She gave him one more chance

Flashes to Sharpay and Troy at the altar

"I do" Troy said, putting a ring on her finger and mouths "I love you"

Sharpay smiles and mouths "I love you" back, "I do" she said

This is the story about how true love ...

Needs One More Chance…

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