Hidan was hugging his pillow while asleep dreaming of Jashin and being praised when an alarm went off waking him up. Hidan growled and threw his pillow at the clock smashing it into a wall and effectively shutting it up. "Jashin dam clock, Jashin dam Kakuzu for buying the fucking thing."

Speaking of the devil, Kakuzu walked in and glared at Hidan. " co'mon Hidan get up your wasting money lying there!" Hidan grumbled as he got up about his lie in being ruined.

Eventually Hidan dragged himself into the kitchen of the hotel room they were staying at and plopped onto a stool watching Kakuzu cook something fast and easy. That was just like the miser, always going for cheap stuff. it annoyed Hidan but he loved his miser anyways. although he would never admit it to Kakuzu in person, but he could still fantasizes.

Hidan was so into his thoughts that he didn't hear that Kakuzu had called his name. Hidan snapped from his thoughts and looked at Kakuzu,"yes?"
"i asked if you could pass the sauce..." "oh!" Hidan got the sauce and gave it to Kakuzu before looking at his breakfast and ate.

how was he going tell Kakuzu? what if he didn't feel the same about him? the Jashinist was worried to no end. He felt like hitting his head right there and then but managed to refrain him self from doing so.


That night, Hidan's mind was filled with the face of his partner, he shook his head irritably and got up and walked to the shared bathroom. Hopefully a shower will ease his mind a bit. He sighed contently as the water washed over him. after that he went back into the room with only a towel on around his waist and found the miser sat on his bed counting money. nothing unusual there then, but with a second glance he could see that the miser was distracted from his money and seemed to be thinking on something.

Hidan tilted his head and prodded the miser on the shoulder, "Kuzu?" Kakuzu snapped out of this thoughts and looked at Hidan alarmed before realizing that he was in a towel and slightly blushed and tried to hide it but it was to late, the Jashinist gave him a freaked out look and pointed.

"Your blushing!!! oh my Jashin!!" Hidan shouted then suddenly burst out laughing. Kakuzu blush deepened then turned away mumbling to himself about how Hidan was going to pick on him and take the piss about him liking him when the Jashinist spun him around to face him.

" Oi dipshit! if i had known that you liked me then i would of invited you to the shower with me!" Kakuzu smirked, " we can have another one?" Hidan quirked an eyebrow " what about your money?" Kakuzu shrugged and kissed Hidan.

" i love you more than money to care..." Hidan smirked and pulled his miser back to the shower, yes HIS miser....