Epilogue: Ending Credits

Things slowed down considerably as school came closer to reality. Thanks to the insanity of what happened over the week, there was only two days left until the year for the grade 3,4 and university level students continued now. Loose ends were tied up... Ziva and Tony were officially listed as 'dead', while they continued looking into the Black Organization from, ironically enough, Kuroi Shiro's home. It seemed that 'ottsels' in a Jak fan's house wasn't as unbelievable even with the 'amazingly life like' effects. On the bright side, seeing how Tokyo appeared to be the 'main base' of operation for the Org, gathering intel was easy. Even if they had to work with the FBI, to Tony's disappointment.

Issun, in the meantime, barely escaped the hospital and fingerprinting and DNA checking, by asking to go to the washroom and shrinking himself back down. A beetle would later hitch a ride back to the safety of Karin's sweater pocket, Karin herself in the hospital for minor burns on her arms. When questioned, she stated that they were caused by the fire... But in reality, she simply found out that using explosives near electronics was a bad idea.

Returning to his home after a short trip to Kyoto, Shindou found that not only was the meat he had saved for Kiyoiri's return to school dinner gone, but the lock on his store needed to be replaced. His daughter assured him that nothing was wrong however, and, to his confusion, instead chose to ask if he had fixed the VR system yet; she wanted to try out a few games that a friend recommended.

Ran returned to University in the very same city that Shindou returned from shortly after the man came back. But not before telling him of what his daughter had done over the week, which resulted in the answer to Kiyoiri's question being 'yes, but you're grounded for the next month'. Kiyoiri would later be allowed to play in the VR system a mere week later.

Kira, upon her return, resumed her 'regular activities' no questions asked, and continued to scare the bejeezus out of everyone around her. Ahhh, she told herself, it was good to be back, such a peaceful atmosphere... Meanwhile, everyone else was about as stiff as a piece of hardwood floor was. And as wet as one left outside would be thanks to the nervous sweat they broke out into.

Things had certainly settled down, Koji thought to himself as he walked back to the Kudou house that he had been living in for the past few months. It was weird, being a 'kid' again and living alone. Almost haunting in fact. But really, it was probably for the best. Conan was busy dealing with 'surviving' Kogoro's attempts to be a good guardian and cook food ('Oji-san!! Stick to instant ramen for a while, please!?!'), while checking in with the ottsels and some other person... While Kiyoiri had her friends to talk to again.

And besides, he thought, opening the door to the house and turning to close it behind him. It wasn't as though having no one to watch him play video games inside was-

"...." A footstep and a foreign scent from behind got him to turn around immediately, his eyes widening with shock as the 'new house mate' Conan had mentioned would arrive soon stood before him.

"N-No way...." What day was it today? The 4th of September now? Yea, that was it. Even if the house mate was a week early however... that wasn't what caught him off guard.

The toque.

The burns.

More importantly his eyes which seemed to glare daggers at him without actually narrowing. At all.

If he could remember his name, he would feel a lot better. But for now, all he could say was, "So... That's what he meant...

"When he said that the CIA was on it as well..."

The school days were suddenly looking more pleasant. However, Koji wasn't completely sure he would live that long, particularly when the man's eyes were naturally drawn towards the scar on his left cheek.

Maybe... If he was lucky... Just maybe...

The ending credits of this scene of his life would cover up the shame of this particular mission failure as well... Or at least, they would last long enough for him to reach the glasses wearing baka to pull up some dirt on him as well.

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