The End and What It's Worth

".......oneshot on the season finale of CM, in spencey's POV (am i capable of doing it in anyones?) please r&r!"

The team had been told by Strauss to go home, and no one argued. Their latest case had been horrible, and did not end happily. The images of the pigs eating human remains still haunted Specer Reid's mind, and he wanted nothing more than to be in his apartment, where he could block out all of reality, and lose himself to the drugs he swore to himself he would never use. He had been clean for a while, but he just couldn't take the reality of things right now; he needed to run away. He sighed, and let his eye lids droop shut.

"Reid? Are you alright?" Morgan asked. Reid's entire body had started trembling, and Morgan was worried. Despite his words, Reid didn't answer. "Reid? Reid!" Morgan exclaimed. Still no answer. Morgan walked away from his desk, and next to Reid's chair. He shook Reid gently, and Reid finally moaned.

"Reid? Are you okay?" Morgan asked again. Reid's eyes were unfocused, and he looked confused.

"I...I thought I was...never mind." Reid stuttered.

"What? You thought you were what?" Morgan asked.

", it's......" Reid's voice faded, and his eyes closed.

"Reid? Why are you so tired?" Morgan found it odd that Reid was suddenly exhausted, and had a feeling it had to do with their latest case. Morgan realized it was no use trying to talk to Reid, and set out to find Rossi or Hotch. He looked in Rossi's office,and found him just as he was about to leave.

"Rossi? Can I talk to you for a second?" he asked. Rossi looked up, and nodded.

"Um......It's about Reid. He keeps on falling asleep, and I don't think he's been sleeping well- or even at all. Do you think it would be alright if I drove him home? He's in no condition to drive right now." he questioned, with a tone of concern.

Rossi sighed, and looked back at Morgan. "Yeah, I've been worried about him lately. Go on, I think he would appreciate it." he agreed.

Morgan headed back to the pen room, and shook Reid again. "Reid? I' gonna take you home now. Is that alright?'''

Reid shook his head, and Morgan helped him walk, practically the only thing keeping him upward as they did so.

The drive to Reid's apartment was short,and very quiet- with the exception of Reid's quiet groans and murmurs. Reid had fallen asleep again, and from the tortured sounds that escaped his soft lips, Morgan figured a nightmare. He knew that Reid was still having nightmares- everyone on the team was now. After all the evil and gloom that escaped from their jobs into their dreams, the only thing keeping them from breaking them was each other. The BAU was its own broken family- each member having their own issues and problems.

Morgan sighed as he pulled into Reid's apartment building parking lot, and stopped the car. Once more, he shook Reid gently, and opened the car door.

Although Morgan thought that it was a bad idea to leave Reid alone, Reid had insisted he would be fine. Morgan let him go, but made sure his cell was on, and that he would call if he needed anything. Reid thanked Morgan, and was then left alone.

Reid stumbled into his bathroom, and fell on the tiled floor, causing his leg to bleed as it hit the counter of his sink. He swore to himself, and then reached for the cabinet. He threw the glass objects full of various liquids onto the floor and out of his way, along with the tylenol he was terrified to take, with the fear he might get addicted again. But now, he didn't care. He needed the dilaudid. Tears of frustration and sadness filled his eyes, as he haphazardly searched for the vials. He finally found them, and brought the syringe out of its packet. His trembling hand eagerly stuck the needle in the vial, and filled it with two doses. Although he knew how dangerous it was, he didn't care. If it killed him, he wouldn't care.

He brought the tourniquet from his cabinet, and attached it to his arm. After he found a vein, he took the needle, and let it poke his ghost-like skin. His other hand let the liquid into his skin,and he felt disoriented immediately. His eyes drooped, and his legs collapsed. His body trembled, but he didn't know this. All he could feel right now was the cool dug travel though his blood, poisoning his body.

There were no flashbacks this time. In fact, thee was nothing. Only after a few minutes of the the first reaction to the drug, everything changed. Reid felt ounces of pain cease through his body, like a traveling stab. Every time it moved, somewhere else felt relief. He screamed out, and let whatever would happen, happen. He no longer felt the need to stop it. Suddenly, a darkness overtook Reid's vision, and his mind was blank. He couldn't feel anything again, and his breathing wavered.

"Reid!" he heard a distant voice cry, but he couldn't concentrate on anything.

Morgan kicked the door down, and ran through the apartment. "Reid!'' he shouted.

Reid realized that Morgan must have waited outside his door, and heard his scream. A few seconds later, Morgan was by his side. "Reid? Reid? I'm calling an ambulance. Okay?" But Reid couldn't answer.

Morgan grabbed Reid's hand, and squeezed it hard. "Come on, Reid. Just.....just hold on a little longer. Come on!" he pleaded.

Reid couldn't promise anything, though, because the darkness had already taken him. He let his eyes close, and his mind blanken. For some reason, he knew that it would all be okay.

"........tah-da! lol i know i should update my stories,b ut i write what comes 2 me....and this came! thinking this could be more than a oneshot now, im not sure,though. i have an idea 4 this story now, but im not sure i should run w/ it.......please r&r!"