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My Love


Ed closed his eyes as waited for sleep to come.

It had been over a week since he and Al had left the Rockbell's, and they were spending the night at a small hotel.

Ed had recently gotten off the phone with her and they had discussed many things. The conversation of 'what are we supposed to talk about on the phone?' even came up. But Winry had been thrilled nonetheless, which was good enough for him.

He willed sleep to come, and when it did, he found himself standing in front of the Rockbell's house and he grinned as he looked up to the doorway.

Winry retired for bed almost as soon as she had put down the phone.

She crawled under the sheets and curled up into a ball. She was out almost instantly.

She found herself standing in the doorway of her own house, looking down the little dirt path, smiling.

Then, she glided across the stretch of grass that separated them as though her feet had wings.

She nearly collided with him as he caught her.

The two of them hugged one another.

Little did they know that, as they slept, they wore the smiles of those who had waited and those who had been waited for, and of those who loved and were loved.

Say a little prayer

My sweet dreams will take me there

Where the skies are blue

To see you once again…

Over seas from coast to coast

To find the place I love the most

Where the fields a green

To see you once again

My Love.

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