Author's Note : This randomness popped into my mind when I was out having dinner last night and I hurriedly dashed home to perform a quick search to see if anyone had already done it before. Well, turns out that a similar idea had already been done, although an IchiRuki fic it is. Anyhow, I decided to keep the concept of love upon a movie set (terribly cliché methinks) and use it for the pairing I love best. This story is my sorry excuse for the fluffiness I had originally wanted in my other U/I fic. Please enjoy (this one's for all of us UlquiIchi fans out there!!!) and of course, review! ;)

Chapter 1 – Autumn Chrysalis

"YOU WHATTTT?" An orange-haired young man shouted in surprise at his friend, who had just made a stunning revelation.

"Chill, dude! I merely submitted your name in for consideration." His friend lounged back in the armchair lazily, his hand running through his long red hair in all due nonchalance.

"AND YOU DIDN'T ASK ME? The hell, you stupid baboon!" The impetuous one continued his never ending rant fueled by a burst of fury that was directed at his friend's inconsiderate act.

"Hey, it has a good plot! Definitely can smoothen your transition from teen idol to serious thespian," the redhead chuckled at the sight of his riled up companion.

"Like hell it is. What was that again? Autumn Chrysalis? HA! Frickin insects is what your definition of a 'good plot' is," the orange-haired man scowled in frustration.

Meet Kurosaki Ichigo, owner of a proud crown of rebellious orange hair that stuck up in all possible angles a mathematician could calculate, and also, the latest teen sensation in Japan. The one who could easily send truckloads of teenage girls, and even boys into a heightened state of frenzy just by a mere wink in their direction. Not to mention the crazy screams that pierced through the air whenever they come near him. It was utter madness and beyond sensibly sound mortal comprehension that a human being could bring about such chaos and pandemonium amidst a well organised society, but then, Japan is also known as the Land of the Crazy at times. The aforementioned example is perhaps, what we term as 'charismatic power', or simply put, 'power of the celebrity'. A rare gift that only the most fortunate amongst us would be blessed with; a resource of such scarcity that the one who wields it has all of the world's tangible wants strewn plentifully at their feet.

"Ugh bloody Ichigo! It ain't about insects! The casting team for the movie just emailed me a snippet of the script, and there's your parts in it. Go have a glance at it, okay? The audition's three days later for chrissake," the redhead, who is his friend as well as do-it-all agent, remarked. He had tried so hard, bugging the movie's production team day and night, in order to get Ichigo's name into the casting list for the role of Murakami Yoshihito, a character based on the bestselling historical romance novel set in the Meiji Restoration era. It was a critically acclaimed work of literature, one that had recently won the top prize at the Grand Prix and has been sought to be converted into a movie by the equally renowned director – Shinji Hirako.

"DIDN'T YOU SAY IT WAS FOR CONSIDERATION ONLY? WHY HAS IT TURNED INTO AN AUDITION NOW?" Ichigo yelled in irritation after his friend, who had gotten up to switch on his laptop.

"That's because they think you are slightly worthy of the part," the redhead, also known as Abarai Renji smirked knowingly at Ichigo, whose face had now turned red from excessive shouting. "And by the way, the character I signed you up for is one of the two leads in the movie."

Ichigo's face paled considerably at his response. "L..l..ead?" It wasn't any good at all. The only lead roles he had were the common role of the angsty, devastatingly handsome and horny vampire in the movie trilogy simply titled 'The Vampire'. It was even easy to act; he basically had to be himself and that was it. Unpredictably, the first movie alone had garnered him a mountain of die-hard fans, the deranged amongst them even had his face tattooed on their chests and even implored him to autograph on it. That thought alone had sent shudders all over Ichigo's spine and he didn't oblige, but chose to take a chaste little photograph with the rabid fangirl in case of incurring fan backlash. Fangirls aren't to be trifled with, as Renji had often reminded him. His excellent public relation skills, together with his adolescent rebel appearance, had cemented his status as one of Japan's youngest and most influential teenage figureheads. However successful he is now, it is not possible for him to continue doing teenagers' roles forever; he has to move on eventually, to more serious fanfare. Even someone as invincible as Kimura Takuya had taken on much more mature roles in contrast to the dreamy characters he often played on the silver screen.

What else could speak volumes about an actor honing his craft than a period tragedy?

"Eh, Renji. Can you at least give me a gist of what the plot is? The novel is effin thick! How do you expect me to finish in three days?" Ichigo finally spoke up, after spending two hours poring over the book in a semi-conscious state.

"Have you ever been this stupid since high school? I thought people grow cleverer as they age, but the reverse happens for you!" Renji smacked his forehead in annoyance. To the ignorant rest of the world, Ichigo is practically a God, but to him, he still is the amazingly ridiculous guy who wears a perpetual frown. And he would probably need a shot of Botox by the time he turns thirty.

"Well, you signed me up for this. Now get me out of this fix, or I'm gonna withdraw your fees. Bwa ha ha," Ichigo narrowed his dark eyes at his friend conspiratorially.

"Ooookay, you shit head. Here I go," Renji took a deep breath to prepare Ichigo for what was to come; something he would never have expected. 'Heh, stupid orange punk. Can't wait to see your reaction!'

"It's essentially a Romeo and Juliet tale of two men who stood at opposing ends during the Meiji Restoration, and what they do every time they see each other is to have wild monkey sex and finally, they die on each other. Romantic, isn't it?" Renji tried not to let peals of laughter escape his throat.

"Two men...wild...monkey...SEX?! SEX????????!!!!!!!!!!" Ichigo was literally choking himself to his premature death. " could you?! I don't wanna be in an adult porno flick, and a gay one at that!!!" He stuttered and proceeded to sob hysterically into the comfortable leather sofa he was sitting on.

"Hey, I was kidding about the sex thing. I mean there's one or two sex scenes in the book, but it's not always. And do you think a dirty book would win the Grand Prix?" Renji patted his friend on the back in consolation.

Ichigo removed his vice-like grip on the sofa and wiped away the tears that never were, before blinking owlishly at that redhead friend of his. "But I'd have to kiss the other guy, right? Do I have to get naked or something? UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

"You're getting ahead of yourself! Chill~the script has yet to be finalised but I think they are aiming for a NC-16 rating, so...ay, anyway, even if you have to do it, it would be with a desirable guy! All you actors definitely have to have some looks and body, right? And besides, I already know who that guy is. He was the first member to be casted, and for the lead role too." Renji flipped through a magazine haphazardly and then tossed it onto Ichigo's lap.

"HIM? Oh god oh god oh god," Ichigo started to shiver all over despite himself. He had heard of this man, and the many rumours about how difficult he could be on set, and how demanding he was of his co-stars despite him being only 24. The most talented ones have always seemed to be divas on and off the set, but this one is just plain weird - refusing to turn up at celebration parties, keeping to himself on the set, giving reporters the silent treatment whenever he deemed it fit to do so. Sure, he had won accolades for his ingenious acting skills since starting out barely three years ago, but he is often reported to display a severe lack of emotional intelligence, with the most callous of them even claiming his Emotional Quotient to be negative. Not to mention his bizarre habit of drawing a symmetrical pair of teal green lines that runs from his bottom eyelids to his jawline whenever he isn't acting.

"Yeah, him," Renji sighed dreamily. "If only he was under me, I would be monstrously rich by now! Have you heard how high his price is currently? It rocketed through the roof after he won the Best Actor award last year for his magnificent turn as a psychopathic, schizophrenic detective in 'Another Paradise'! Have you seen it yet? It was mindblowingly, stupendously, cr-"

"You make me want to fire you sometimes," Ichigo stated blankly, his tedious grasp almost tearing the magazine into two.