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"I believe that the White Fang was a true hero!"

Kakashi stared at his teammate as the Uchia continued. "In the ninja world, those who break the rules are called 'trash'…but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash! You can do what you want, but I'm going to rescue Rin!"

The white-haired teen watched the fan-shaped symbol on Obito's back disappear further and further away into the distance.

"I believe that the White Fang was a true hero!" Obito's words ran through Kakashi's head. "Those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash!"

Kakashi shook his head to clear it. Then, with a roll of his eyes, the masked teen leapt into the trees.

After all, the crybaby would mess it all up if he was on his own…


Obito gazed into the dark cave, gathering up his courage.

"Okay! Let's do this!" he whispered.

"Do what?" jeered the Iwa nin as he materialized out of the stone in front of Obito. The chuunin spun around, though even as he did so, he knew that he wouldn't be able to defend himself in time…

Suddenly, a silver streak passed across Obito's vision, and the Iwa nin fell, blood spilling out of him as he hit the ground.


"Well I couldn't leave it all to you, now could I?" smirked the jonin.

"Silver hair and that white chakra blade…impossible…you…Konoha's White Fang?" gasped the fallen ninja.

"This blade is a memento of my father." replied Kakashi, as he leveled it for another attack.

"I see…" The injured Iwa nin said, as he performed hand seals and vanished into the stone.

"Crap!" Obito hissed. "Where'd that bastard go?"

The two Konoha nin slowly spun in a circle, trying to pinpoint their enemy.

"His scent's been completely removed…"Kakashi said as he sniffed the air. Then his eyes widened. "Obito! Behind you!"

He pushed Obito away as the attack that should have gone into Obito's back hit Kakashi in the side. Obito gasped as the blade sunk deep into the white-haired boy's skin. The Iwa nin growled in exasperation before vanishing again.



Kakashi placed his hand over his wound, feeling the blood run through his fingers. It was deep but not life-threatening as long as he stop the bleeding. "The enemy is skilled…he's already gotten rid of the kunai with my blood on it."

Obito nodded, tears spilling from his eyes.

"Dirt in your eye again?" Kakashi scoffed. "Shinobi don't cry and I'm not dead yet. Control yourself and don't let your guard down." He hoped that Obito would stop crying and get a move on or he would get them both killed.

Obito nodded again, as he straightened up. His eyes were closed as he rubbed away the tears, and when he opened them, they shone with new resolve. And something else.

"Obito…you!" Kakashi whispered as he recognized the red and black markings that adorned his teammate's eyes. The Sharingan.

"That's right!" Obito said, thrusting his kunai forwards into the seemingly empty air. "I can see the movement of your chakra—you're mine!" The Iwa nin fell to the ground, dead.

Kakashi nodded as he wrapped the bandages from the medical kit that Rin gave him around his injured side. "Let's go."

The two headed towards the middle of the cave where Rin was being held.

"Kai!"Kakashi called as he broke the genjutsu that held her. Obito beamed at Rin as she opened her eyes. "Kakashi! Obito!"

"That's right! We came to rescue you!" Obito said happily.

"Quiet!" hissed Kakashi. "We only got one of the Iwa nin. There's still one more."

"Correct," came the voice of the last shinobi. "Just what I'd expect from the White Fang's son." Then, he placed his hand on the ground. "Doton! Iwa Yado Kuzushi!" The cave ceiling began to collapse.

"Crap!" cried Obito. As Rin was still disorientated from the genjutsu, he grabbed her hand and started running, Kakashi at his side. However, before they could reach the cave entrance, the Iwa nin appear before them.

"Not so fast," he smirked. "Though I did get some useful tidbits from that girl, I still need to take one of you others with me for a little more information."

"Obito, Rin," Kakashi whispered. "I'm going to distract him. When I give the signal, run as fast as you can!"

"What!" exclaimed Obito. "I'm not going to let you do that, you're injured!"

"I'm the jonin in charge of this mission," retorted Kakashi. "It's my responsibility to make sure that you get out alive. Now are you going to go or am I going to have to knock you out?"

Obito glared at him, but then nodded sullenly. "We'll see you outside, OK?"

Kakashi smirked. "Obviously. Now, go!"

Obito and Rin started running for the entrance. However, their way was blocked by the Iwa nin.

"I'm not going to let you escape!"

Before Obito could reply, Kakashi leapt in front of them. He held out his palm and glowing chakra began to gather in it. "Chidori!" The air was filled with the chirping of one thousand birds.

Kakashi glanced at his teammates, his dark eyes ordering them to go, before charging at the enemy shinobi, surrounded by his crackling chakra.


Obito dodged a falling rock before pushing Rin out of the cave. Standing in the entrance, he peered into the cave, but even with his Sharingan, all he could see was the electric glow of Kakashi's chakra as the teen fought with the Iwa nin. "Hurry up, Kakashi!" he called. "The entire cave's about to fall in!"

Kakashi didn't answer. With a curse, Obito dashed back inside. But before he could get too far, he was bombarded by more falling rocks. He tried to dodge them, but a large boulder hit his leg, pinning him to the ground. The black-haired teen's eyes went wide as he felt his bone break. More rocks pelted him, inflicting a great number of cuts and bruises onto the Uchiha's helpless body. He struggled weakly to escape, but he was unable to lift the boulder.

Then the boulder shattered into pieces and he felt a pair of strong hands lifting him.

"Kakashi…" Obito whispered.

"Who else would save your sorry ass?" Kakashi smirked. "Don't move, your leg is broken and I think you have a concussion." With that, he placed his teammate on the ground by the entrance and turned to go back in.

"Wait! You can't go back in!" Obito cried.

"That Iwa nin is a danger to Konhagakure," Kakashi said. "It's my duty to kill him before he can escape with whatever he learned from Rin." He took a step and then turned back. "Obito…you taught me how important one's comrades are. I'll be back, I promise." His eyes curved up in what Obito realized was the first time he had ever seen Kakashi smile. Then the white-haired teen was gone.

Obito lay there helplessly as more and more rocks began to fall, released by the enemy shinobi's jutsu. Then with a huge crash, the cave ceiling collapsed.

The Uchiha tried to stand up, but he could only raise his head before everything started spinning and darkness began creeping in at the edges of his vision.

"KAKASHI!!!" he cried out.

Then, everything went black.


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