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Kakashi woke the next morning feeling warm and safe. For a second, he thought that he was four years old again and he had crawled into bed with his father because he hadn't felt that way since the White Fang's death. Then his brain kicked in, registering that the arms wrapped around him did not belong to his father and in fact the one snoring in his ear was actually—

"Obito! Get off me!" Kakashi yelped as he shoved his teammate away. The Uchiha slowly opened his eyes, rubbing at his head.

"You didn't have to hit so hard," he murmured sleepily, seemingly oblivious to the icy glare that Kakashi shot at him. "Did something happen? You're acting kinda strange." Then the black-haired teen seemed to remember something, his face turning bright red.

Kakashi eyed him suspiciously. "What?"

"N-Nothing." Obito stammered, avoiding Kakashi's gaze.

He's definitely hiding something. But what? All I remember from last night was figuring out how to use the Sharingan. I must have fallen asleep afterwards…but why was he sleeping with his arms around me? Kakashi pushed aside the thought of how nice that had felt. Strange…that was the best night's sleep I've had for a long time. I didn't have nightmares like I usually do.

"Good morning, Kakashi-kun, Obito-kun," Rin said as she walked over to them.

Obito yawned. "Hey, Rin. Are you ready to go?"

"I'm ready but before we leave, I need to check that neither of you are suffering any side-effects from last night." the medic nin said. She examined Obito while Kakashi cleaned up their camp, dousing the smoldering remains of their fire and erasing all other traces of their presence. Dew shimmered on every surface and the sun created an array of dazzling rainbows as it touched each dewdrop. Kakashi was amazed; he had never truly comprehended how beautiful the world was before losing his sight, but thanks to Obito he was able to fully appreciate it.

"Kakashi, it's your turn!" Rin called, breaking the white-haired teen from his reverie.

"There's no sign of infection from the transplant," the medic-nin proclaimed after scrutinizing his eye. "We're good to go."

"Well Kakashi, you're team leader, what do we do now?" asked Obito.

The sight of his two teammates standing before him made Kakashi remember that they were still on a mission. He tried to forget what had happened the last time he had been charged with leading them into the heart of Earth Country.

I'll make sure that this time will be different, the teen thought fiercely.

Kakashi turned his mind back to their current mission, remembering the briefing that had been given to them earlier by Minato.

"…The scroll that we are after is in the hands of an unknown number of Iwa nin, probably mostly chunin level, maybe a few jonin. They are heading back to Iwagakure..".

Team Minato's original plan had been a head-on attack, with the Yellow Flash using his Hiraishin jutsu while the three younger shinobi provided backup. But since Minato had returned to Konoha, Kakashi would have to change his team's strategy. "As we only number three, we cannot face the enemy head on," he told Obito and Rin, who both nodded in agreement. "Therefore, we must ambush them."

The only question is where…

The jonin closed his uncovered eye in concentration, visualizing a map of the Five Great Shinobi Nations.

We're here—he held his hand in the air, one finger marking their position on his imaginary map. The Iwa nins will be heading here, Iwagakure. We don't know their current position and there are numerous possible routes that they could be traveling. But…

As Kakashi's mind plotted various pathways on the map, he realized that the solution was right in front of him. No matter which path they take, they all pass through this point. It's the only way through the mountains, which makes it the perfect spot for an ambush.

Kakashi opened his eye, meeting the eager gazes of his teammates. "The best place for an ambush would be here…Haniyasu Pass." But as soon as Kakashi uttered the name, he froze.

Haniyasu Pass…


Obito watched in awe as Kakashi's fingers swiftly traced invisible lines in the air.

The way he can instantly see all of the possible routes that the enemy shniobi could be taking is incredible; he truly is a genius!

After a few moments, Kakashi's finger stabbed at one point in the air. Obito and Rin looked at their teammate expectantly as the jonin's eye flew open. "The best place for an ambush would be here…Haniyasu Pass." Suddenly, Kakashi began to violently shake, similarly to when they had been training with Minato.

Obito's eye widened in horror. Oh shit.

"Kakashi!" Rin exclaimed, dashing to his side. But despite her best efforts to wake him from his trance, Kakashi remained unresponsive, flinching away from his female teammate's touch.

It made Obito's heart clench to see Kakashi, his Kakashi, acting like this. He felt himself flush at the realization that he had just referred to Kakashi, albeit mentally, as his.

"Obito, don't just stand there, help me!" the medic-nin snapped.

Remembering his actions from the last time, Obito threw both of his arms around Kakashi and started talking to his stricken teammate.

"Come on Kakashi, wake up," he whispered. "We need you."

I need you.

He wasn't sure whether it was his physical or mental actions, but whichever it was it worked.

Obito felt the white-haired teen tense minutely at the contact but then relax bit by bit until finally he stopped trembling. His eye, which had been dull and lifeless, was once again lit with awareness.

Slowly Kakashi looked up and met his teammates' worried gazes. "Thank you," the jonin said quietly.

Obito smiled in relief that Kakashi was back to normal, or at least as normal as he ever was.

"Um, Obito? You can get off me now."

Obito realized with a start that he still had his arms wrapped around Kakashi. The black-haired teen leapt back as if burned, his cheeks pink.

"Um…so where is this Haniyasu Pass?" Obito finally asked, praying that saying the name wouldn't cause Kakashi to have another panic attack. "Do we known the terrain?"

"Yeah, we know it…or at least I do." Kakashi's voice was emotionless. "It's the site of the stronghold where I was held after being taken captive."

Obito groaned mentally. Of all the places it could have possibly been…we have to go back there? Kakashi's already unstable, the last thing we need is for him to have another panic attack!

"Are you sure that it's the best place for an ambush?" Rin asked hesitantly.

Kakashi nodded curtly. "We've wasted too much time here—let's go." He vanished into the forest. After exchanging concerned glances, Obito and Rin followed Kakashi into the woods.

They ran through the trees in silence, for which Obito was grateful as he had to pay more attention to where he was going than he ever had before. The black-haired teen was surprised with how much harder it was to run with only one eye, the loss of his depth perception caused several occasions where he narrowly avoided smashing into a branch. Thankfully, being last in line meant that the other two didn't see his near mishaps.

As they headed up into the mountains Obito noticed a barren patch of land that was dotted by scorched stones. The Uchiha remembered the two jonin who had rescued Kakashi mention how they had destroyed the stronghold in which he had been held and realized where they must be. He watched Kakashi's back carefully for any sign of a panic attack induced by the area. But apart from a slight tensing of the jonin's shoulders, the trio passed the spot without incident, and soon reached the middle of the pass where Kakashi held up his hand to signal a halt. Obito skidded to a stop behind Rin as Kakashi sniffed the air.

"There's no sign that anybody has been through this area recently," the white-haired teen said with satisfaction. "But that means we probably don't have much time before they arrive, so get ready."

They didn't have too long to wait. Soon, a group of shinobi wearing Iwagakure hitai-ates appeared, running swiftly in formation.

Eight of them…no, nine. They're surrounding that one in the middle. He's probably the one who's carrying the scroll. From his hidden vantage point Obito looked up at Kakashi who was stationed a few feet away. The teenage jonin was withdrawing a handful of shuriken from his weapons pouch with one hand, while keeping his eye trained on the advancing enemy shinobi.

Then the first of the Iwa nins came into range, triggering the elaborate trap of metal wire and explosive notes that the Konoha nin had set up. Kakashi dropped his hand in the signal to attack, launching his shuriken at the same time. Obito leapt forward with a kunai in each hand, accompanied by several whooshes as Rin released a flurry of senbon. Using the detonating explosive notes as a diversion, the black-haired chunin charged into the midst of the enemy with his Sharingan blazing, Kakashi at his side, while Rin stayed a little behind to cover their backs and finish off the few unlucky nins who had been ensnared in the metal wire.

Their teamwork was flawless; Obito and Kakashi weaved in and out through the smoke like wraiths, the fallen Iwa nins in their wake were the only sign of their presence. The Iwa nins had no time to launch a counter-attack. With lightning speed, eight of the nine enemy shinobi had been dispatched, leaving only the middle one standing.

"Doton—" The last Iwa nin began, but he never got the chance to unleash his jutsu. His shout turned into a gurgle as two kunai lodged in his throat. Obito landed by the dead shinobi's side at the same time as Kakashi. The Uchiha was splattered in blood, though very little of it was actually his and his quick glance at his teammate revealed that Kakashi was also largely unhurt.

The black-haired teen dug through the dead shinobi's hip pouch. "Got it!" he exclaimed, holding up an ornate scroll which he assumed was the one they were looking for. The sound of metal on metal caused the chunin to spin around. Kakashi had locked blades with a new shinobi wearing a Iwagakure hitai-ate with a scratch through the center. Rin was lying on the ground, evidently stunned, with a second shinobi bending over her poised to slit her throat.

"Rin!" Obito called as he charged the enemy shinobi. "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!" The huge fireball caused the new shinobi to leap aside from his intended victim with a curse. Obito landed by Rin's side, his Sharingan showing him that Rin's chakra was disturbed, revealing that the kunoichi was under a genjutsu.

"Kai!" the Uchiha whispered as he forced some of his chakra into his teammate's prone body. Rin began to stir as Kakashi and the shinobi that the white-haired teen had been fighting broke apart, the unknown nin leaping over to his partner while Kakashi appeared next to Obito and Rin.

"We didn't even notice them approaching!" Obito whispered. "And look at their hitai-ates—they must be missing-nin!"

Kakashi nodded. "They are definitely in a whole other class from those Iwa nin. They must have been following the others, probably for the scroll."

"What do we do?" Obito said, trying to match the calm, in-control tone that Kakashi had used.

"Stay focused. We have to complete the mission and get the scroll back to Konoha. And no matter how strong these guys are, I'm not going to let you or Rin get hurt—" Kakashi's eye curved up in a smile, the first that Obito had seen since his teammate's return to Konoha. "I promise."

Obito was stunned at those words which he knew the Kakashi of a month ago would never have uttered.

You've changed, Kakashi. Then the black-haired teen grinned. "As if I'd let you hog all the fun!"

The two sides faced off. "Give us the scroll!" the larger of the nin growled.

Obito's answer was to draw more kunai. "Come and get it!"


Kakashi was more on edge than he would have liked, despite his self-assured manner.

I'm still jittery from that panic attack earlier. Though he didn't show it, the thought disturbed him. How can I be a capable shinobi if I start to shake at the mere mention of a name? Who knows how far it might have gotten if it hadn't been for Obito…He studied his friend from the corner of his eye. His touch is the only thing that can bring me back from whatever hellish recess of my mind that I go into.

Kakashi dragged his mind back to the task at hand, adrenaline flooding through his veins and sharpening his senses. His eye flickered from side to side as he appraised the enemy pair. The one who Kakashi had been fighting was a bull-like man, solidly built with cropped black hair and small dark eyes. His partner was the opposite: small and slim with light brown hair and hazel eyes, clothes slightly singed from Obito's jutsu. Despite his scrawny appearance, the white-haired teen had a niggling feeling that this one was the more dangerous of the two.

"This must be my lucky day," the brown-haired missing nin said. His voice was melodious, yet it sent a shiver up Kakashi's spine. "I've heard a great deal about the legendary Sharingan eye of Konohagakure but I have never gotten the opportunity to see it in action before. And I see that both of you possess it. Hopefully, you'll provide more of a challenge then your little girlfriend did." He grinned as both Kakashi and Obito glared at him, meeting the two angry red eyes with calm indifference. "How very scary. Don't let your guard down even for a second, Nakamura-san," he added, glancing at his companion. "Or else you just might end up regretting it."

Nakamura chuckled. "Stay back, Hayashi, I'll handle this. These little pipsqueaks don't stand a chance against me!" He advanced, his powerful legs rapidly shortening the distance between the two groups.

Kakashi weighed their chances. The two missing nin were obviously much stronger than the Iwa nins had been. Retreating was out because while Rin had gotten to her feet, she still looked shaky. He and Obito were relatively uninjured, but still more tired than their opponents.

We must complete the mission and I refuse to let my comrades die. He glanced at Obito. That idiot probably isn't going to let me hold them off alone, but at least Rin can escape.

"Rin," Kakashi hissed, snatching the scroll from Obito and pressing it into the kunoichi's hand. "Take the scroll and get back to Konoha!"

Obito had evidently been following the same thought process as Kakashi because he nodded. "Get out of here! Kakashi and I can take care of these guys!"

"But—" Rin started to protest.

"You're in no condition to fight, so go!"

With a last glance at them, Rin ran. With a growl, Nakamura charged. "Get back here!" He skidded to a halt as Kakashi and Obito blocked his way.

"You're not going anywhere!" Obito yelled.

"Cocky brats! Take this!" Nakamura slammed his hands on the ground. "Doton: Ganban Kyu! (Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin)" The earth beneath their feet started shifting, pieces of rock rising from the ground and surrounding the Konoha nin.

Kakashi dodged the flying rocks easily with the help of his Sharingan-enhanced vision, but the white-haired teen knew that he couldn't keep it up for long.

Even with Obito's chakra, the continued use of the Sharingan is wearing me down. I only just received it and my body doesn't have the stamina of an Uchiha—I'm surprised that I've had the strength to maintain it as for long as I have already…. I'm going to have to release it soon or else I'll die from chakra exhaustion.

As if responding to his thoughts, the red tint situated at the edges of his awareness flickered and vanished. Kakashi's vision swam and he shook his head as a wave of dizziness washed over him.

"Kakashi! To the left!" Obito's cry cleared the white-haired teen's mind and he turned his head to the left to see a large chunk of rock heading straight towards him.

Right from my blind side. Shit! The jonin tried to move, but his body was unused to the sudden change in vision and he stumbled.

Then, something hit Kakashi, pushing him to the ground and knocking the air from his lungs. From his vantage point on the ground the winded jonin saw the boulder crash down, not upon him but on the one who had pushed him out of the way. Kakashi felt his heart skip a beat when he saw the black-haired figure that was pinned beneath the rock.



Obito heard the unmistakable sound of ribs cracking and knew they were his own. The rock had landed on his upper body, crushing the right side of his chest in the process, but he didn't regret it. Kakashi was safe.

"Obito!" Kakashi was screaming. To Obito's surprise, the normally composed jonin seemed on the edge of breaking into tears. But after the instant of shock wore off, Kakashi collected himself and sprang into action. The teen placed his hands on the rock and with a heave, managed to shift it off of Obito's chest. Obito slowly got to his feet, clutching his chest.

Kakashi gave him a quick once-over. "I'm no medic-nin, but it looks like you have a number of cuts on your upper body, and definitely some broken ribs. These rocks are blocking that guy Nakamura's view of us so hopefully I can bind them for you before he gets here." Kakashi quickly shrugged off his pack, taking out a roll of bandage. Efficient as always, the jonin began to wrap the bandage around Obito's chest.

"You idiot," Kakashi said quietly as Obito winced in pain. "I just promised that I wouldn't let you get hurt, so why did you feel the need to do that?"

Obito coughed up blood but still managed to grin. "It's my job to watch your blind spot, remember?"

"That doesn't mean getting crushed by a rock! You could have died!"

"How is that any different from what you did for me a month ago?" Obito retorted.

Kakashi didn't answer. "Done," he said instead as he tied off the bandage.

"For a genius, you're really stupid sometimes!" Obito exclaimed. "You're my friend! And I'll do anything for my friends."

And especially for you, Kakashi.

He hadn't realized that he'd spoken the last part aloud until Kakashi's eye widened in shock. "Obito…you—"

Oops. That wasn't exactly how I planned for him to find out.

Thankfully, Obito was saved from saying further by Nakamura.

"So you brats are still alive…" the hulking missing nin said. "Well this will finish you off! Doton: Ganchuso! (Earth Release: Rock Pillars Rising)"

The earth shuddered as columns of rock rose from it in an attempt to skewer the pair. Knowing that his broken ribs would make evading difficult, Obito tried to take a breath to create a fireball but ended up coughing blood instead. Suddenly, Kakashi's hand closed around his wrist. "We can talk later," the jonin said, towing Obito with him as he dodged each pillar that erupted from the ground. "Right now, defeating this guy is more important!"

I can't let Kakashi do all the work—I've got to think of something! He's a shinobi formerly from Iwagakure. Doton jutsus are their specialty. What beats earth?


"Kakashi, I have a plan!" Obito whispered excitedly. "Remember the technique you created a month ago? The one that Sensei told you never to use again?"

"Chidori? The tunnel vision effect would leave me wide open for an opponent's counter-attack—" Kakashi's eye lit up as he realized where Obito was leading. "But with the Sharingan…"

Kakashi took a deep breath, his eye swirling red as his hands quickly formed seals. Obito watched in awe as lighting gathered in Kakashi's right hand, though the white-haired teen was already panting from the effort he was using to maintain the Sharingan. Obito moved closer to Kakashi's side to steady him, but his teammate waved him off. "Obito…you do it too."

"Do what?"

Kakashi motioned to the writhing mass of lightning in his hand. "The Chidori, idiot."

"You want me to use your technique?"

Kakashi's eye curved in another smile. "I couldn't have completed it without you. And besides, two are stronger than one. You taught me that."

Obito smiled. "Yeah. Okay, let's do this!" The black-haired teen concentrated, holding out his left hand and letting the Sharingan guide him as he replicated the seals that he had just seen moments before.

Ox. Rabbit. Monkey


The ball of lightning that grew in his hand wasn't as large as Kakashi's but it was just as bright. Obito stared at it, mesmerized by the incessant motion of the jutsu. As he held it up, it strained to the side as if it was trying to escape from his grasp. Kakashi's did the same, the lightning forking into smaller strands that stretched out towards Obito. The two Konoha nin stood there, identical looks of shock upon their faces as their Chidori leapt towards each other, their chirping intensifying. When the two Chidori reached each other they merged into one huge mass, stray sparks encircling Obito and Kakashi.

"Wow." was the only thing that Obito could think of to say though it was drowned out by the screeching of thousands of birds. The hands that he and Kakashi had used to form their original Chidori in were now in the midst of a new one. The new Chidori was massive, its glow so intense that Obito had to turn away.

"Kakashi!" Obito yelled over the deafening noise. "Any idea what just happened?"

Kakashi shrugged. "Maybe it's because of that chakra you gave me…it might have somehow caused our jutsu to become attracted to each other and combine…"

"Well whatever the reason, it's freaking awesome! Let's kick that Nakamura's butt!"

The remnants of Nakamura's rock pillars were instantly destroyed as Obito and Kakashi charged forwards, lightning flickering across their palms.

Nakamura had his back to them as he called out something to Hayashi. As the sound of the double Chidori reached his ears, the giant missing-nin turned, his eyes widening as he saw the two Konoha nin charging towards him.

"What the—"

He never got to finish. As one, Obito and Kakashi drew their lightning-coated hands back before plunging them through Nakamura's chest.


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