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Chapter One------ Ordinary Miracle

'It's not that unusual, When everything is beautiful. It's just another Ordinary Miracle today…Isn't it remarkable, when things just work out after all? It's just another Ordinary Miracle today.'

Harrison Potter was truly a remarkable child. His recovery was progressing very well now that he had his mate's constant love and attention. Severus Snape could not have asked for more. He was starting to slowly but surely gain parts of himself back. They were just leaving the graduation of Rosalie and Emmett Cullen. Throughout the ceremony, Harrison had been fidgety and nervous but every time he seemed to start to get too anxious, Edward would smile over at him and lace their hands together or distract him in some way.

Much to Severus's relief this worked and the teen was now sipping on a pink lemonade happily, his hand still in Edward's own. The Cullen siblings had taken it as their personal mission in life(sorta) to make sure Harrison became acclimated to public life once more. Alice and Jasper were constantly taking him to the library, a place that his ward enjoyed immensely. It turns out that, once given the materials, Harrison was quite the studious little thing and he constantly had his face in a book.

Severus had brought him some books from the Hogwarts library and then a few from Grimmauld Place, not that he knew that. Harrison had devoured the material and jumped into the practical with a vengeance. It seemed having a training wizard around the house was something that most enjoyed, although Esme's vases suffered the consequences. Carlisle and Esme would take him for walks or picnics during the day while the others were in classes and of course the two girls would always drag him shopping to one place or another.

That was, if Emmett didn't commandeer him to play video games in the afternoons. They kept Harrison busy and it seemed to be doing wonders for his progress. He hadn't had an episode in over two months. Severus had finally given him a new wand, a splurge on his part since Dumbledore had the boy's original wand. They had taken a trip to Germany, with the boy's mate in tow of course and gone to a wand maker there. The man had been perfectly ecstatic and Harrison had received a wand with a drop of Edward's willingly given blood and a basilisk scale for the core in the end. The potion's master wondered what sort of effect the two wand would have together if Harrison was ever returned to his original wand. Two opposites. A Phoenix and a Basilisk.

He and Edward had been documenting his ward's progress since Christmas and comparing it to his documentation that he kept before they had come to the Cullen home. The outcome was very optimistic. He looked over at the pair that were walking at Rosalie's side. Harrison had taken her hand and was beaming up at the lovely blonde vampire.

Everything was looking up so far, but he couldn't bring himself to stop worrying about that damned vampire that had practically molested Harrison a few months ago. Arturo making his appearance could never be good. For any of them. Now that he had his sadistic eye on Harrison, they would have to be extra careful. No doubt the vampire would probably alert Dumbledore to Harrison state of mind at present.

~ o ~

Harrison was sitting at the table, eating a bowl of frozen fruit after dinner. He had the jar of fudge open in his lap and was dipping the fruit into the chocolate, occasionally releasing a moan of pleasure at the delicious taste. Edward was watching him intently, unable to tear his eyes away from the delicious sight. Especially when Harrison licked his lips or sucked the chocolate off of his fingers. Carlisle was chuckling at his predicament in the corner of the room.

"Harrison," The doctor began, sitting next to the boy with his clipboard, as he so often did these days, " Severus and I have been talking and we would like to know if you would like to go to school starting this fall?"

Edward's head jerked up and his dark eyes showed clear surprised. Harrison's eyes were just as surprised but thoughtful. He looked up at Edward for a moment.

"Would you be with me?" He asked softly, sliding into Edward's lap as if to reassure himself of his continuing presence.

His mate smiled down at him and gave him a quick kiss of endearment.

"Of course."

The teen turned back to Carlisle with a soft smile.

"I think I would like to try then. As long as I don't have to be alone." He said softly, seeming slightly nervous but excited about the whole prospect.

He so often got bored in the house all day. Carlisle beamed.

"Wonderful! Everyone can help you catch up to the curriculum this summer and Severus and I will speak to the school to hammer out the details." The vampire sire said jovially, stroking Harrison's head as he walked by.

They had all become very fond of the boy that they now saw as one of their own. Harrison toyed with the locket bearing the Cullen crest and opened it up. To Edward's surprise and pleasure, there was a picture of he and Harrison inside the trinket. Carlisle returned two hours later from the school looking very pleased with himself.

Harrison would start with the others on August twentieth as a senior. He would spend his math classes in an inclusion class with four other students with learning disabilities and the like. Otherwise, he would be in classes all with Edward and the other siblings. Harrison smiled brightly. He liked that schedule. He liked it a lot.

So it would be mathematics for his first class of the day, English Lit second block, Biology, lunch and then Gym class. They had broken it down. Jasper would teach him math, Rosalie would teach him English, Edward would teach him Biology and Emmett would work with him to build up strength for Gym class. Alice was acting as supreme overseer.

"Why do you get to be overseer, oh short one?" Emmett teased, crossing his large arms over his chest.

Alice smirked.

"Because I'm the one who can see when he's going to have trouble or when your about to crush him with your massive body. Besides, I'm going to be teaching him cosmetology after your done, you brute."

Rosalie huffed in jealousy.

"Well, I'm helping. I'm better with hair than you are." She said, flipping through a magazine with Harrison on her lap.

He was pointing out different dresses and accessories and she was teaching him about the latest fashion.

"That one would be pretty on you, Rosie." He said softly, smiling and giving her cheek a soft kiss.

Her smile was like a light bulb. Edward was watching the exchange with tender eyes. His mate was recovering so well. He had never been prouder in his whole life. He knew that Severus's thoughts were similar.