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If I could say what I want to say I'd say I wanna blow you... away, Be with you every night

Am I squeezing you too tight, If I could say what I want to see

I want to see you go down On one knee, Marry me today

Yes, I'm wishing my life away, With these things I'll never say

Chapter Eight--------Things I'll Never Say

Harrison curled up against his side, grinning at the smell of French toast. He was sore but it wasn't anything too unbearable. The things that Edward had made him feel…were like nothing he'd ever imagined before. It was perfect. He was perfect. He nuzzled the cool chest before kissing right where Edward's heart would be. The vampire chuckled above him.

"You better eat before your breakfast gets cold. Esme made it special for you after all. With blueberry syrup and everything."

Mmmmm. He sat up tentatively, wary of his aching muscles and curled up in his mate's lap. Edward handed him the tray of food and watched as he ate, occasionally licking a stray trail of syrup or merely kissing him. He could help the blissful feeling that was taking over him. In all his long decades of life, he had never cared for anyone this much, this tenderly. Not even Carlisle.

He wanted to hold Harrison in his arms and give him everything he could ever want. He wanted to scream it to the world that Harrison was his and he loved him. And for the first time, he knew that Harrison loved him too. It had always been assumed of course and Harrison had said it himself but he supposed that he had kept that hidden part of him from really believing it just in case it didn't work.

Now he was fully invested and it felt liberating. Free. It felt as if he were soaring. Harrison giggled and he supposed he must have been grinning like an idiot, so lost he was in his thoughts. He gave the teen a butterfly kiss and ran a hand through his dark hair. Beautiful…

~ o ~

Harrison was taking his nap on the couch and they had been chatting happily around the living room. Emmett had been sent to the kitchen as punishment for being too loud by Esme. She didn't want his laughter to wake Harrison. Severus was still being rather cold and untrusting with Edward but they were tolerating each other for Harrison's sake.

It had been going well until Alice had walked into the room with a frown just before his mate started to become restless in his sleep. Harrison was twisting and a whimper crawled out of his mouth. Edward pulled him into his arms and emerald eyes opened. His mate clung to him until he had calmed and Edward had reassured himself that he was well. The teen was frowning, touching his chest in confusion. Severus was at his side instantly, casting diagnostic scans.

"I feel funny…" Harrison said softly as if he didn't understand that foreign sensation. He looked at Edward, his eyes slightly fearful, "I dreamed of him."

A feeling of helplessness overcame the vampire. When Severus okayed Harrison's health the teen scurried off to help Esme in the kitchen happily, forgetting his previous discomfort. Edward was stuck in place though. He could only imagine what the dream had been about.

He wanted to help Harrison more than anything but there was no physical body to fight right now, nowhere to focus his anger and fear. There was nothing for him to do with all of that hate since Arturo seemed to bypass any wards they set up and passed beneath their senses and Alice's visions like a ghost. Severus said that it was because in life, Arturo had been a strong wizard. Edward felt…helpless.

~ o ~

Harrison watched his mate slip away from him while they walked through the mall. It wasn't the first time. Edward had been sneaking off more and more over the past couple of weeks. Alice didn't seem concerned but he hadn't been able to wring an answer from her. She just smiled and kissed his forehead.

They had taken a trip to the mall and were sitting in the food court with a box of Chinese food in front of him for dinner. As he watched Edward walk away his spirits fell. His favorite food was suddenly not as appetizing. Harrison pushed the box away and laid his head down on the table. Rosalie, he knew, was frowning by the way her voice sounded.

"What's wrong, Harrison?" She asked, stroking the top of his head.

"I have a headache." He lied.

He wasn't sure why he wanted to keep his anxiety to himself, but he did. He didn't want to cause trouble. Jasper was watching him like a hawk when he looked up but thankfully, he didn't mention Harrison's mood to anyone else. He even refused a milkshake when Emmett asked him if he wanted one. Rosalie was looking concerned now and Harrison was beginning to feel alittle cross.

His anxiety and upset emotions were translating into slight…irritation. So much that when someone bumped into him as he went to throw his drink away, his magic lashed out and the man's ice cream suddenly ended up all over him. Jasper grabbed him and rushed him back over to the group and away from the swearing and now paranoid soft serve covered stranger.

They quickly decided that it was time to leave. Edward joined them out by the car looking pleased with himself. Some of his anxiety melted away when he saw his mate but Harrison's bad mood continued until they got back to the house and he was out of the bath and in bed. Edward was playing a jaunty tune on his piano.

His magic had been knocking things over all night. He couldn't help it! He was just feeling alittle hurt and frustrated. Why was his mate sneaky off all the time and not telling anyone why? What was he keeping a secret from his own mate? Finally, sitting in the bed and glowering at the vampire's back for the past half hour, he snapped.

"Why do you keep sneaking off?" He said, his voice heated and revealing his irritation.

Edward's hands stopped on the keys and he turned around with a light smirk.

"Is that what's had you in such a foul mood all night?" Harrison didn't answer but instead just crossed his arms and pouted.

Edward laughed and was suddenly in bed with him, staring into his face. He could see the excitement in his mate's eyes and curiosity rose in him.

"You're being sneaky." The teen said with a frown.

His mate's grin widened and he pecked him on the lips lightly. Edward was being playful?

"I am being very sneaky, but your right. You want to know what I've been doing, love?" He received a pair of rolled eyes and a crisp nod, "Very well."

Edward disappeared from his side and was immediately digging through his closet. He came out with something tucked in his hand and returned to the bed quickly. It was a small folded up, ancient looking handkerchief.

He unfolded the frayed, delicate cloth and Harrison stilled. Inside it were two silver rings. One, a plain band and the other a small, delicate looking ring with a diamond on it. They had been polished recently. He looked up at his mate with a confused frown.

"These were my parents' wedding rings. They died the night that Carlisle made me a vampire. Spanish Influenza. He got them for me so I would never forget my family and my past." His amber eyes met emerald and his gaze was heavy, " I've been sneaking off because I was having them resized. You're hand isn't much bigger than hers was but I had to make sure and the band needed to be brought in a little." Harrison's heart was beating frantically. His hand…? Edward kissed his lightly on the lips and he touched his warm cheek softly, "Will you marry me, Harrison Potter?"

He was so stunned that speech seemed a distant memory. All he could do was taken in his mate's face, taken in the eyes that he loved and the face that he woke to see every day. Harrison nodded and his eyes filled with tears.

"Yes." He whispered and when Edward slipped the diamond ring on his finger, the ring that had belonged to the woman who brought his precious mate into the world, he began to cry. He didn't know what else to do.

He was so…so happy that it was all he could do. Edward was smiling so brightly that his tears turned to laughter and he was stuck between joyful sobs and laughing. He wanted to always be with Edward. He loved him more than anything. A brief moment of clarity hit him and he wondered where his photo album had gone before the thought was lost once more.



"What do you think of having…children?" His thoughts seemed so strange to him, they seemed to be running off on their own.

Edward was silent for a moment before he smiled once more and ran a hand through Harrison's hair.

"…I'd like to someday."


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