~The Sweenett Diaries~

A/N: Today I was wondering, as you do, what if Mr T and Mrs Lovett had kept separate journals? Apologies if this idea's been tried before, but I thought it would be something fun. Events take place Before the Judge is killed. Which means mostly everyone is still alive. Yay! Or not, depending on if you like Lucy…Grrrr.

Here we go!

Sunday, 24 May, 1846.

Mrs Lovett's Diary

Today wos a stinkin' riot, it wos. The best trade in ages. Rip-roarin' sale of pies! Toby's stayed sober all day. Not a drop of Gin! I rewarded the lad with a big, juicy pie.

He doesn't 'ave ta know wot's in it.

As I wos sayin', if everythin's so good, why do I feel like someone's stolen me underwear and hung it up for all o' London Square ta see?

There you go again Nellie, lyin' to ya self. 'Course ya know. It's always the same flamin' reason. Mr T.

But today's happenin' really takes the cake, wot I did. An' he 'ates me coz of it.

Mr T 'ates me.

Well, he 'ates everyone, but more than usual 'ate, if you get me drift. I'm so desperate, I dunno know what to do! I'm thinkin' o' closin' up shop on Monday. Go out tomorrow, get me 'ead cleared. Give 'im some space ta think.

Today's disasta went a little somethin' like this:

It wos late, I'm thinkin' a little after ten in the evenin'. We'd 'ad smashin' sales today, as I said, an' Mr T 'ad worked bloody 'ard in the parlor cuttin' them men.

I'd jus' finished up with the oven downstairs, an' 'ad Toby on cleanin' duty in the outdoor dinin' section. He's quick as a whistle, that boy, an' in no time 'e was done an' gone to bed.

Which left me alone downstairs. An' Mr T upstairs sittin' an' broodin' away in 'is Tonsorial Parlor. Usually 'e waited until all was silent with me downstairs, an' then 'e'd come down from the Palor, through my shop front, and up the back stairs to 'is upstairs room.

I dunno wot possessed me ta do it. It was downright stupid o' me. But I did it.

I'd finished cleanin' up, an' as I wos comin' up them oven stairs, I caught sight o' them upstairs steps. I dumped the bucket on the floor, not mindin' if a few soap suds slushed on the floor.

I wondered.

I never went up there much, only ta give 'im 'is breakfast, change 'is clothes an' sheets. An' never when 'e wasn't there. Mr Todd guarded 'is privacy like a bull dog. I knew 'e'd wanna kill me if 'e found me snoopin' up there through 'is things.

But like I said, I couldn't 'elp me self. I listened for footsteps from the parlor. Maybe he's asleep up there, I thought. 'e did that sometimes. Against my better judgement, I left the bucket and tip-toed up them stairs, as if I were expectin' Mr T to materialize on the top o' the stairs.

Only darkness was there.

I 'ad a lamp in me other hand, and opened 'is door to 'is room. O' course, I'd been there many times. But never alone. Nor in the dark. I swallowed, an' moved into the middle of the room, unsure of wot I was doin' there.

I cast me eye over the corner o' 'is crumpled bed, wonderin' 'ow he slept, for a man like tha' could never sleep easy.

I wos about to retreat, me the coward tha' I wos – when somethin' caught my eye.

* * *

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