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He had met her before, long before he had ever thought of conquering Britannia. And her being C.C and C.C being C.C, she made it one of the memorable ones during the period he lived with the royal Imperial Family.


Silence stretched between the child and the woman, both sipped their tea, not daring to make a move. They sat across the lavishly decorated tea table inside the balcony that overlooked the garden with its lush green grass and flowers that bursted with its cheerfulness at the summer weather.

Summer, England particularly, was like a utopia for its residents. They could go out and enjoy it without worrying that frost might bite their fingers.

And here he was, Lelouch vi Britannia the Eleventh Prince of the Holy Britannia Empire, son of Charles zi Britannia and Imperial Consort Marianne, forced to drink tea with a green haired woman who just sat there. Sat and did nothing but drink tea.

He sighed, thinking of the games he might've already played with Nunnally and Euphemia, if he had not been sweetly requested by his mother to meet with her best friend. It was infuriating, Schneizel probably stole his precious sister, Nunnally, again to force her to play with him. Mentally, he began to devise a plot of his revenge on him. Oh, he'll make him pay...

She sat there across the raven haired boy, still quite unsure why Marianne left her with her son. In the corner of her eye, she watched the boy's face turn gloomy then menacing and then to blissful deviousness.

'Cute,' she thought to herself wryly, 'I wonder if he can make a Elvis Presley impersonation?' C.C almost grinned at the thought, the boy was far too cute to impersonate such a man.

Quietly, she sipped her tea, watching him again in the corner of her eye as he stared longingly at the garden below them.

The boy turned to his mother's best friend and examined her. She was pale, contrasted by the black simple clothes that she wore that he had seen many of the manservant stare at her strangely. His violet eyes trailed to her face as she sipped her tea and was struck by how her eyes looked like the gold that his mother wore and how the outlandishly green hair seem to heighten her mysterious persona.

She caught his stares and wondered why a boy his age would look at her with intensity, "Is something wrong, little boy?"

Immediately, his regal violet eyes snapped up to hers and narrowed it slightly, "It's Lelouch, my lady." He said it like his father did, especially to the female duchess and nobles that melted in his words.

She almost quirked an eyebrow and smirked at his tone. 'Really, how can this boy sound like a young charming aristocrat?' She settled her tea cup to its saucer and tried to keep her voice even, "Lelouch, you say? Thats a rather strange name." C.C almost laughed as she detected a small glare at her direction. 'How cute!' She thought delightedly as he watched him regain his composure.

"With all due respect, my lady, your name isnt that normal too, Lady C.C," He paused and leaned back to his chair which was ridiculously too tall for him, "in fact, may I ask why you bear only initials in your name?" He smiled his innocent smile, the one that got all the adults be at his beck and call and gush about hoe cute and adorable he was.

The lady in question could only marvel at the strange boy before her, "Why do you speak so formally, dear prince?" Unconsciously, she smiled playfully, "Are you, perhaps, intimidated by me? If so, please do not fret, I wish you no harm." This time, she showed him her smirk as he struggled to not pout at her.

"My lady," the young prince almost drawled, "one would be turned to puddle of water under your quite intimidating glaze. But please, don't be so uncomfortable!" Inwardly, he pulled his tongue out to her, watching her smile falter at the use of the complicated words he had heard from his father.

Regaining her composure, she smiled graciously at the boy as she freely used sarcasm in her tone, "If you say so prince, after all, I would not like to displease one with incredible wit such as you."

Being 7 years old, he didnt notice it and smiled smugly at her, "Thank you, Lady C.C." Seconds of silence passed, then for some reason, he got the feeling that he had lost their match, even though he was so sure that she was sincere .

Silence again reigned the two strangers, both falling back to their fancies and dreams. She watched him again with curiosity for his intelligence for a boy in his age. And wondered at the possibilities of his future. 'A good one,' she mused, 'I hope.'

The green haired beauty noticed his eyes, the violet orbs that enraptured those who see it, seem to be too calculating, distant and focused. Her eyes trailed to his line of vision and saw a couple of children frolic along, their infectious laughter rang to their ears like a melody. She smiled as he scowled as a small young brunette girl hugged a blonde boy as she handed him a crown of flowers and both of them scampered off from their line of vision.

Smoothly, she cut in his thoughts, "Would you like to go downstairs to the garden?"

Slowly, he turned his head to look at the woman, "Mother would be awfully mad if we do... she did say to wait for her."

The woman crossed her thin arms to her chest and snorted unladylike, "Indeed she did, but really, I think its in order for making us wait." The boy stared at her curiously and stayed seated, a sigh escaped her lips, "Fine. Don't go, waste your summer time in this balcony." Then she stood up and began walking towards the door that lead to the hallway.

It wasnt but a couple of seconds that she heard the boy's feet running up to catch up to her.

As soon as they arrived in the garden, he headed up straight to a clearing with her following closely behind. During the time they traveled to the clearing, they had still not yet talked.

Carefully, he ducked a branch of a tree as he walked through the forest and delved deeper into it, consumed at the task, he soon forgot the woman who trailed after him. Finally, they reached the heart of the forest, a place where the greenest grass seemed to sweet for the rest of their royal garden and was it was entirely covered with all different colors of wild flowers. In the middle of it, a fallen log lay there as if waiting for their presence.

She was almost shocked to the pure innocent beauty in front of her. She had forgot how forests can be so... exquisitely beautiful. Her voice was nothing but an awed gasp as she muttered, "It's really-"

"Beautiful? Ethereal? I know... even Aphrodite would be jealous at his magnificent scene." The young boy breathed deeply and smiled as he walked towards the log, "C.C, may I call you that? Please don't tell mother nor anyone, in particular, about this place. It's my haven."

She followed him again and sat on the fallen log and forced her head to clear, "For a kid, you sure do speak a lot of complicated stuff."

"And for an adult, C.C, you sure are immature for arguing with someone younger than you."

"Immature? Well, I never. Amusing you more like it."

Instead of replying, he simply turned his back to her and began delicately pluck the wild flowers out of its green carpet and started to make a crown out of it.

Propping her elbows to her thighs, she watched the boy intertwine the flowers together, making a chain out of it. Slowly, she began making hers too, occasionally making remarks on him that would begin a heated discussion.

Time passed, and suddenly it was regretful that the sky began to twinge with an orange creamy color. With one last look up ahead the clouds, he turned to the woman beside him, "We should get back, C.C. Mother might be calling the guards to search for me." The moment the words left his mouth, he wanted to take it back. Lelouch enjoyed the company of herself, he didn't want it to end so soon.

Her golden sharp eyes watched him again, "Your right. We should head back, I would not like to miss dinner for the world." She stood up and dusted her black dress and he watched her again, mesmerized by the long cascades of green hair that seemed to glow perfectly in the orange hue of the afternoon.

CC smiled up as she caught his stare, "Shall we, little prince?"

At this he frowned, "I wont be so little in 8 years time, C.C."

"I know. What's your point?" She began walking towards the exit of the magical clearing until his little hands grabbed hold of hers, making her stop and look at him.

"I'm saying that in 8 years time, are you going to see me to prove that I am not little?" His face, so young and innocent, glowed with determination unlike the fools that she had contracted before.

Something inside of her fluttered excitedly, hope gnawed in her heart, tugging it softly. Slowly, she bent down to his level and ignored his surprised look as she caressed his cheek, "That depends, little prince."

"'Depends'?" He cooed back at her, entranced by her gentle touch.

"Yes, it depends. You have to make a promise first, its very important to me." She wondered if he could understand, my goodness, how she wished it so!

He peeked up to her eyes and calmly asked, "And whats that CC?" If she named it, he would give whatever to see her in the future.

She smiled again at his determined gaze, "When we meet again, you have to promise to grant my wish." And with that, she stood up and began walking towards the palace, with Lelouch trailing beside her, contemplating on her words.


Soon, they reached the palace and soon, her mother rushed up to him and scooped him up to a bone crushing hug as the royal family gathered around them, cooing at the sight of the prince.

Finally, the hugs and kisses subsided and all attention swapped to the green haired woman who silently watch the reunion. They demanded questions at her, throwing threats and insults before the Marianne calmly asked her what she was doing with her son.

With a twinkle in her eye and a secretive smile she said, "Lelouch and I was out in a date. Such wonderful time, that. He's quite a charmer, Marianne."

At this Lelouch blushed as the woman and others, servants and the royal family, stared at him in disbelief and wonder. During dinner, he casted her lots of glares from across the table for that as the mysterious woman bit back a laugh.

An event such as that, Lelouch vi Britannia or Lelouch Lamperouge, 99th Emperor of Britannia, Zero the Protector of the Weak, beloved brother of Nunnally, and the future 'Demon Emperor' that terrorized the world and finally, husband of the beautiful and elusive Empress C.C vi Britannia (for she had refused to give up the initials), would leave him utterly confused on why the elegant lady turned out to be the one who in daily basis harass him to do her bidding. It was unfanthomable.