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The Saviors Wish

Chapter One

It was finally over. The Final Battle had taken place not moments ago around the Great Castle that was Hogwarts. The old school had taken some damage, but it was repairable. It was only the second day of February and things had gone quick for the three teens that had taken on the task of finding and destroying the Horcruxes that Voldemort had made. Harry had stood in front of Voldemort and died, but he had been able to come back. The willing sacrifice of his life protected those fighting for him, though it came to late for some of them.

Harry walked slowly into the Great Hall, he looked up to the ceiling, some of it was missing and he could see the actual sky, since the enchantment was now broken. He looked to one side of the hall and he could see the Weasley family. They were crying, though he could see that George was devastated, his cries harsh to his own ear. He could see that Fred was the one that was lying motionless on the stone floor of the Great Hall. Harry wanted to go over and comfort the family, bit he still had people he wanted to find. He walked around the outside of the hall, seeing the fallen lined up side by side, some were being grieved over and other were alone.

He soon came to two people lying side by side, recognizing them instantly. Remus lay still, his scarred face looked peaceful in death, though Harry could see that his death hadn't been swift and painless. There was some blood on the tattered robes he was wearing. His wife of less than six months was lying next to him. Tonks looked different, her body no longer shaped differently thanks to her metamorphosis talent, but plain. Harry thought that it suited her, her deep brown, almost black hair was long and surrounded her, creating a halo. Harry could tell that her death had been instant, the killing curse, he could feel the remnants of it surrounding her.

Inside Harry wanted to scream as he slowly realized that another baby had been orphaned before he got the chance to know his parents. Little Teddy Lupin was only three weeks old, left an orphan as Harry himself had been. Harry had told Remus and Tonks to stay away from the fighting, that he didn't want the chance that the two of them would die as his own parents had. He walked between the two of them and knelt down. He took one of Remus' hands and one of Tonks, he put the two together and then stood up.

"Why didn't you listen to me?" he asked, knowing he would never get an answer.

The doors to the Great Hall burst open and Harry looked towards them. He watched as Hagrid walked into the room. Harry had sent the friendly half giant out to find the body of Severus Snape in the Shrieking Shack. He was there walking in, carrying the bloody body of the late Headmaster. Shouts went up around the room from those that were gathered to mourn for their dead. Harry went over to Hagrid and stood in front of him, he turned and faced the crowd. He could see the revulsion on people's faces at Snape being brought in.

"This man died a Hero's Death and he will be honored for it. Without him Voldemort would have killed every child, every teacher within this castle. Without him, I myself would have died. Without him I would not have been able to finish the tasks that was need. Without him many would be dead. You see, without him I dad no hope of defeating Voldemort." Harry told them all, his voice cold and hard, daring any to speak out against him

"He killed Dumbledore!" someone shouted.

"Only on Dumbledore's order. I know that for a fact since I was there. I watched as Dumbledore begged Headmaster Snape to kill him, to save another from staining their soul. And he did." Harry responded sending an icy look to the one who had shouted.

"He abandoned the School." One of the teachers called out.

"He didn't have a choice but to. If he hadn't of left the school Voldemort would have just walked right in and killed everyone inside. Voldemort wanted death and destruction as well as dominance over the Wizarding World. He would have used the children within this school to make sure each and every one of you do- what he wanted you to do. He wanted you to give up and give in. Severus Snape knew that, so he left the school, setting the wards he had installed up high, making sure those children would be safe." He reasoned. He knew some of it was the truth from the memories that Snape had sent to him in his last moments of life.

After a small stand off as people stared at the young Savior, they went back to what they were doing. The bloodied body of Headmaster Severus Snape was laid with the others that had died fighting for the light. He walked around once again, giving comfort to a few. He spent a few moments with Neville, telling his friend that he had done wonderfully in leading the students that had gone to battle. Harry had seen a few students that Neville had led laying among the dead. He could see the guilt that raced through the warm brown eyes of his friend and Harry did his best to ease it. But he knew that it would be with the young man for the rest of his life, he only hoped that Neville would be able to rise above it and not let it consume him.

He saw Luna staring up at the middle stained glass window depicting the four founders. It was the only one, which had no damage. He started towards her when he looked over to where Snape had been laid. He could see Professor McGonagall with him. He could hear whispered words and see a few stray tears that were making their way down her cheeks. He headed over to her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Oh, Mr Potter," she said as she turned to face him.

"Professor," he greeted her with a soft smile.

"You know, I've known Severus since he was a child and I always thought he was a kind if not stubborn man, who always hid who he truly was. But this time I thought the worse of him, what with the Carrow twins here. No child was safe anymore. I have now realized that he did keep them safe, he made sure that they were protected in the Room of Requirement. If Umbridge could get in there, they would have been able to. But no one could get in there, no one. There were some very strong wards around the place and I had thought that one of the students had done them. But I should have realized that they were too well put together for a student to have done. Warding was a hobby of Severus', so it must have been him." She said softly as she gently cleaned the dead man's face of the dried blood.

"I hold the highest respect for him Professor. He did everything he could to keep me safe, during my school career and while I was on the hunt. That is something that I will never be able to replay him." Harry spoke softly as he looked down to the man that had been a friend to him mother since they were children. He couldn't help but wonder if they ever had the chance to make peace with what happened during their fifth year. Or if now that they were both together in death would they be able to get the deep and meaningful friendship they once shared back.

He walked away and left the Professor with her thoughts and musings as she took care of the body of her college, and maybe her friend. He could tell that McGonagall would have some guilt for not believing in him, but so would a lot of people. He walked over to Luna and smiled at the unusual girl. She turned from the stained-glass window and looked to him and smiled. He walked to her and hugged her tightly.

"I'm glad you're all right," he said to her as he pulled back.

"Thank you Harry, and I'm glad that you came back." She said softly as she went and looked around the room a melancholy smile on her face, "there are so many that will see the Thestrals."

"I know, let's just hope that the younger children will never have to see them and that many more will never have to." He told her sadly as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

"The Nargles are surrounding you again, but not the ones from before," she said as she looked just above Harry head.

"What do you mean Luna?" he asked, even thought he knew she wouldn't give a straight answer.

"The Nargles from before are gone, they went to someone else. The new ones are from far away," she smiled at him as she turned and went towards Neville

Harry shook his head with a smile as he watched her go. He turned and looked over the Great Hall and saw Malfoy standing over in one corner. His mother was with him, crying softly into his hair. All traces of the one haughty look that they both sported, was now gone. Malfoy was looking a little shocked over what had happened over the last few hours, though Harry wouldn't be surprised at Malfoy being shocked over what has happened since that night in the Astronomy tower. He could understand that, he felt a little shocked and dazed over what had happened, his death, his life, everything. Malfoy suddenly looked up and their eyes met, instead of hated he saw something else. The blond nodded to him and Harry did so back, knowing that now was the time for old rivalries to stay in the past and for new friendships to take over.

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