Harry called, "Mom! Dad! I'm going out, I won't be back till late!" There was no answer, he hadn't expected one, but this way he could tell them that he had told them and they hadn't stopped him and not be lying. He slipped out the door and stuck his wand hand out, a purple bus halted in front of him and he got on. Stan said nothing and stared in awe at him, until he noticed the lightning scar instead of the V. Stan closed his mouth and ignored him. Harry sighed. He paid the fare and sat down, clutching a pole until they arived in front of Gringotts. Harry left the bus looking a bit green but quickly regained his composure. He stepped into the building and glanced at the warning plaque, he now knew why everyone always read it, it had a version of the notice-me-not charm on it, but it made you notice it. And it was saturated in intimidation charms, so were the guards. Harry entered and walked up to the first goblin there.

"May your riches spread like fire and your life be ever prosperous." Harry said, in slightly accented Gobbledygook(sp?) to the stunned goblin quickly recovered and answered, "May your riches exceed all others and your gold flow like water." Harry gave a goblin bow and continued in the goblin language, "I would like to access the Potter account and transfer the maximum amount possible into a new account." The goblin answered, "It shall be done, young Lord Potter" Harry smiled and said, "Make it so Thistleclaw." The goblin looked even more stunned. No wizard ever called a goblin by their name. With new respect the goblin completed Harry's request and more. He even added more interest and made the subtraction from the Potter vaults under the name, Ryan Potter. This way his parents wouldn't care, they wouldn't even ask Ryan what he did with the money. Harry decided he liked goblins. Goblins liked Harry. And when goblins liked someone..... well lets just say that Harry was a very rich wizard.


Harry strode down Diagon Alley, pockets stuffed with money, he had some shopping to do. He ducked into a dark alley and walked on. When he reached the end of the alley he placed his hand on a darkish brick and let a pulse of magic resound through the wall, saturated with his intentions. The wall considered him for a moment, then a brick hand reached out and yanked him though the wall.

Harry stumbled but then regain his balance. He was on alert, Knockturn Alley was risky at best during the day, at night it could be deadly. But, as he hadn't a choice to go during the day he had to make do. It was a good thing that he was good at wandless spells. He cast a wandless spell on his eyes making them turn an icy blue. He conjured up a dark cloak and pulled the hood over his face, using a darkening charm to hide his face. He placed an intimidation charm on himself, but mostly his eyes. He made himself seem taller and placed a version of the notice-me-not charm on himself, it made people want to stay away from him but it made him fit in, and he would fade from memory.

First things first, he walked down the Alley with a confident, intimidating, stride and reached his first shop. The House Elf Shelf. It was a quaint name for a shop like this. He strode inside and his icy eyes swept over the place. There were house elves lined up like merchandise, all standing strait in a row on slowly revolving platforms. In front of each there were signs that read off their best and worst qualities. Despite this the house elves looked well fed and comfortable. One of them sneezed and his platform immediately disappeared through the floor. A few seconds later it reappeared, looking less stuffy. Harry browsed the elves for a while then went up to the front desk.

"Have your eye on any of them?" The lady asked, looking up from fitting a house elf with a uniform. She didn't recognize him, his spells were holding up.

"No." Harry changed his voice to be deeper with a slight accent, silky smooth. "But, show me your best merchandise." The lady finished the fitting and sent the house elf away.

She got up and said, "I'm afraid my best are rather pricey, in fact, I doubt you have the money to buy a lesser one." She sneered. Harry reached into his pocket and drew out a whole purse filled with galleons and plopped it on the table.

"I take it this will be enough for a male and female house elf of your highest quality?" Harry asked, intimidation on full force. The lady immediately grabbed the purse and the sneer faded. She snapped her fingers. Two house elves appeared in front of Harry and bowed. They were more refined and less awkward looking than most house elves and had a more intelligent look in there eyes.

"It is up to you to name them." The lady said.

"Is it possible to get them a uniform of sorts?" Harry asked, gesturing in distaste at the state of their clean but well worn rag tunic.

"Yes, but you would have to purchase and place it on the house elf before you purchase them other wise it would be considered giving them clothes." The lady said. Harry nodded and transfigured the rags on the male into a sort of comfortable butler suit, and the female, a little maid's outfit. Before the house elves could stop it, both of their faces almost ripped in half from their smile as they admired their outfits.

"Sold." The lady said.

She took two rings from her pocket and handed them to Harry.

"Whisper their names to the rings while touching them and then place them on your middle finger." The lady instructed absently, mending a pillow case uniform. Harry thought, "Twisy" he said, as he touched the girl he then put the first ring on his finger.

"Twistle" he repeated the process with the boy. The rings melded and he felt a presence in the back of his mind. He connected to it and was met with, "Is there anything you is needing?" coming from the presence, it felt like Twistle. He thought back, "No, just testing this link.... is this normal?" Twistle thought momentarily.

"No Master Harry sir, only with powerful wizards. But you is a powerful wizard so it is normal for you Master Harr-" Harry interrupted with, "Just call me Harry."

"Yes Harry sir....." Twisy and Twistle sounded a bit put out but didn't complain.

"Come on, we have some shopping to do" Harry said aloud. The elves looked back at the lady, bowed of curtsied respectively and followed after Harry.

"Goodbye." The lady mumbled as she bent over her task.


Harry walked down the Alley, he had learned that transfiguring what was already on a house elf wasn't considered clothes so his house elves had little cloaks on similar to his. They already were very pleased with their new master. Harry stopped outside the wand shop, then moved on. He had different plans. He moved on until he came to a rather eerie shop at the back of the Alley in a secluded corner. He could feel the many wards and notice-me-not charms plastering them. They were designed to only be overcome by a strong wizard/witch, worthy of the shop's wares. Harry and his elves strode inside, easily over coming the wards. The shop's owner was a powerful, yet quiet looking woman. She had ageless features and timeless long silver hair. She was toned, but in an odd way. It wasn't the toned that you would get from exercising, it was another concept entirely. It seemed to come from within, if that made any sense.

"I would like to purchase a custom wand." Harry said bluntly. The woman considered him for a moment then said, "Follow me Mr. Potter." Harry internally cringed, but managed to keep his expression cool. She gestured to the many wand ingredients around her.

"Find a wood, a focus gem, a liquid core, a solid core, your runes, and a grip." Harry kept his expression emotionless but asked, "How do I choose?" The woman smiled.

"As the wand chooses the wizard..." She trailed off. Before Harry could contemplate this statement he suddenly felt a pull. A mental pull.

'So this is what she meant....' Harry thought as he followed the pull.