I am sorry if this ends up being a bad story... It's supposed to be in play format, but I can't do that...

Kymm is playing on her computer and watching The Outsiders. She leaves the computer to go down to the kitchen. She comes back to find the entire gang in her bedroom.

"Who are you?" Kymm asks.

"I am Don Quixote!" Two-Bit announces proudly. "And this," he adds, pointing to Johnny, "Is my noble sidekick, Sancho Pancho, and this," he points to Ponyboy, "Is my noble donkey."

Ponyboy clears his throat loudly.

"Fine," Two-Bit says, "Pony's my sidekick and Johnny's my donkey."

Kymm walks out of the room, and comes back in with her head soaking wet.

"What did you do?" Ponboy asks.

"I dunked my head in water," Kymm replies.

"Why?" Darry inquires.

Oh God, Kymm thinks, they're multiplying!"This isn't a dream," she replies dazedly.

"Hold on," Ponboy orders as he walks out of the room. He comes back as Kymm did. "She's right, this isn't a dream."

"You're Ponyboy," Kymm states.

"Yes," Ponyboy confirms.

Kymm addresses and points to the corresponding greasers, "Then that is Darry...and Soda?"

"Yes, and yes."

Kymm picks up a ruler and lightly taps each of the Greasers with it. Dally grabs the ruler out of her hands when it gets to him.

"You're not touching me with that."

"Okay," Kymm says, backing away from him.

They stare at each other. After a few minutes, Kymm blinks.

"Yes!" Two-Bit exclaims, "I won!" Everyone in the room stares at him. "I thought this was a staring contest."

"Would you like some-- and item to eat?" she asks them.

"Sure," Soda says, then he glances over to steve. "Okay," Steve agrees, shrugging."

"Okay," Kymm replies, and she leads them downstairs. Now, what do I feed male children?... To Wikipedia! She logs onto the computer downstairs and researches foods that were made in the 60's. Okay, there's Pop-Tarts.... And staples.... And soda... She begins arranging the food on a plate as the doorbell rings.

"I'll get it," Soda calls.

Oh God, he's actually nice, she thinks worriedly.

Soda answers the door, and Mathew is standing there. He looks as if he's about to wet himself, and, after taking one look at Soda, runs for his life. Soda shrugs it off and closes the door. He comes back to the living room and begins eating Pop-Tarts with them.

"Do you know a boy with green hair?" Soda asks.

"Yes," Kymm replies.

"He was here."

"Oh." Kymm continues staring at them.

"Why are you looking at me?" Dally asks her?

"I'm not," Johnny replies.

"Not you, the broad behind you."

Johnny turns around and Kymm ducks behind the couch. "There's no girl," Johnny observes.

"What do you mean there's no--" Dally cuts himself off and looks behind the couch. Kymm crawls in front of Johnny and Ponyboy. "This-- where'd she go?"

The door slams open and Carrisa walks in with a home made gun. Mathew points at Dally and scream, "There he is!" Carrisa shoots him with a wooden skewer. As he collapse, she proceeds in shooting Johnny as well.

"Johnny!" Ponyboy cries. The rest of the gang cries, "Johnny! Dally!" Simultaneously. "You shot Johnny!" Ponyboy screeches.

"May I freak out?" Kymm asks.

"Sure," Mathew replies anxiously.


"It's not like anyone will miss them," Carrisa retorts.

"Except their friends."

All the greasers pull out their switchblades.

"Oh, crap," Carrisa says. She races outside and comes back with a wand in hand. She shoves it towards Mathew.

"What?" he asks in a panicked voice.

"You're a guy, you save them!" she yells.

"Swish and flick," Kymm reminds him.

"Accio Fire Flower!" Mathew says, brandishing the wand. A vial of Fire Flower juice whizzes into his hand.

"Pour it! Pour it!" Carrisa demands.

"Agh!" Mathew says, struggling with the bottle, "The skewers!"

Kymm hold up the bloodied skewers. "Done and done."

Mathew begins pouring the red liquid all over their bodies.

"What are you doing?" Darry demands. Dally and Johnny sit up and look at them.

"What was that for?" Dally asks.

A whizzing sound is heard. "What's that sound?" Mathew asks. Suddenly, a bushel of flowers and a small campfire whizz through the door and hit his chest. The flowers burst into flames and he begins rolling around on the floor.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" he hollers.

"Smart," Carrisa comments, looking at him.

"Are you okay, Johnny?" Dally asks him.

"Y-yeah," he replies.

"Why'd you shoot them?" Ponboy asks.

"Apparently," Carrisa begins, some idiot--" She coughs and says 'Mathew' "--told me there was some intruder in Kymm's house."

"That was me," Soda chuckles.

"Oh, well, you're too hot to kill."

"And I'm not?" Dally asks enviously, and bitterly.

"Uh, no."

"Where'd you get the wand anyway?" Darry asks.

"I just jumped some black haired kid."

They stare at her, and Johnny, and Mathew, who finally put out the flames.

"Not Mathew, and not this kid." She points to Johnny.

"That's Johhny," Kymm calls from the kitchen.

"So, who'd ya jump?" Steve asks.

Harry Potter barges in through the front door. "WHO TOOK MY WAND?"