Chapter 1: Loss of Hope

It was nice day in Konoha as two boys could be seen coming down the road towards the gates of Konoha. Anyone could see both boys were injured to some degree. One had blond hair and deep blue eyes. Many people that didn't know what he held would wonder how he was still conscious, better yet, alive. Fourteen year old Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune, was on an A Class mission to retrieve a defected Konoha ninja. Uchiha Sasuke, to be specific, had left Konoha only days ago to join another village for power. He was twelve years old and last of his massacred clan. He had black hair and pitch black eyes. Currently he was being carried unconscious by, in his eyes, his former best friend, whom he tried to kill.

About 10 miles away from Konoha, Naruto could see two approaching figures. They were getting closer and closer, and Naruto could finally make out who it was. Hatake Kakashi, Naruto's sensei, and Umino Iruka. The formerly mentioned had gray gravity defying hair and all of his face covered except for an eye. Iruka had brown hair tied up in ponytail, and a scar across his nose. In an instant, both were standing in front of Naruto.

"Naruto, give me Sasuke and I'll take him to the hospital." he said snatching Sasuke before Naruto could even respond. "Make it back quickly. Some people are awaiting your return." Were the last words Kakashi said to Naruto before taking off at high speeds in the direction of Konoha with Sasuke.

"Get on, Naruto," Iruka said getting down on one knee to allow Naruto to climb onto his back.

Naruto sighed, "Yeah, okay."

I guess it's okay since Sasuke was unconscious and all." Was what Naruto thought to make himself believe this were true.

"Are all mortals as retarded as you? Even a mental person could see who was hurt worse." A monstrous voice roared inside Naruto's head.

"Shut up, fox, I just want to make it to the village." Naruto mumbled aloud as his vision started to blur. Iruka's pace gained a little speed as he felt Naruto's heart start to slow.

"Have you forgotten who is keeping you alive puny mortal! It is I, and without me you would be dead!" Shouted the fox, angered by Naruto's lack of fear and respect.

"No, but have you forgotten whose life you are tied to, because if I die you die, so shut up," was Naruto's tired reply. The beast growled and hollered, but Naruto didn't mind, because it kept him awake. He needed a distraction that would keep him from noticing the pain. The intensity of it was beginning to be unbearable, and all he wanted was to fall into a blissful sleep, so he could forget about it.

Upon approaching the gate Naruto saw no one there waiting for him, which made him wonder what Kakashi was talking about. Then it hit him, they weren't there for him, they were there for the return of Sasuke. It hurt Naruto that no one was there to greet him upon his arrival. No Sakura or Kakashi... The old hag wasn't even there for him. Being his naïve self, he didn't want to believe that, so he came up with an excuse for them. He figured it was probably just a busy day in the hospital or she was at a meeting or something. Iruka, feeling tired from the journey, slowly made his way to the hospital not even noticing the trails of blood Naruto was leaving.

"Iruka-sensei," said person looked over his shoulder to look at the blond boy talking, "I can walk in by myself. Thanks for taking me this far, though."

"Okay, Naruto, just be careful." Carefully, Iruka set Naruto down in front of the doors, then walked off.

He slowly entered the hospital and went to the receptionist's desk. He figured it should have been at least half an hour since Kakashi and Sasuke arrived in the village, so he asked for the room number and headed for that direction. In the hallway he was getting looks of hatred which he didn't mind anymore, but what really shocked him, was when a guy, a doctor, approached him.

"Young man I think you should have some medical attention," the guy said worriedly. He looked to be around his mid 20's and also wore a white doctor's coat.

"Huh?" Naruto asked wearily looking up at the young doctor.

"I said I think you should have some medical attention. Your getting blood all over the floor, and I still can't process how your even conscious. If you let me help you I ca-."

"No thanks. I'm Fine." Naruto interjected before he could even finish his sentence. Naruto never ever trusted doctors, as many times as they had poisoned him and tried to kill him when they thought he was sleep, he'd rather not take his chances again. He still has a hard time trusting Tsunade when she used her medical jutsu. He slid past the doctor and quickly made his way to Sasuke's room. Luckly for him there was an elevator, because the room he was heading to was on 4th floor. He made his way into the elevator and slowly walked to Sasuke's room. He was about to open the door when he heard people talking. He didn't like to be nosy but his curiosity ended up getting the best of him.

"...want Sasuke-kun to be executed." He heard the familiar voice of Sakura say as if frightened.

"So change the story to Sasuke's favor. Throw in some bad things about the demon, and if you do a well enough job, he'll live. You, Kakashi, we'll let you have vengeance for your sensei if you do the same. We will finally execute that demon once and for all, and you will be the hero." It was an old voice of a female Naruto couldn't quite recognize. He had heard it before, but couldn't remember when or where.

"I-I agree," Sakura said hesitantly

"Of course. What do say Kakashi about our"

"I too shall hel..." but Kakashi didn't finish as he heard a knock on the door as it opened. It was Naruto.

Naruto tried so hard not to just break down. It was very tempting. The fox within him was ramming against his cage to be let out. Neither one wanted to be executed, but Naruto refused to hurt them even if they did go against him. Whether they betrayed him or not they would be his friends. All friendships have their ups and downs... right? Well he didn't know if they did or didn't, but he knew for sure he wasn't going to let them go.

They were some of his first friends, they were more important than his own life. His pink haired teammate and his sensei may have turned on him and were now were agreeing to help have him executed, but... it was only to save Sasuke, his best friend, from punishment. They weren't really going to execute him. It was just apart of their big master plan to make the others think differently. He tried his hardest to look as if he hadn't heard anything so that this 'big master plan' would work.

"Hey guys, I finally made it back," Naruto said as happily as he could.

"N-Naruto how long have you been here." Kakashi said worriedly hoping Naruto hadn't heard the conversation.

"Huh? Oh I just got here." He said looking around the room and saw what he expected; an old lady. "So, How's Sasuke-teme?"

"Don't say that about Sasuke-kun... Naruto."

I wander what's wrong with Sakura, he thought. Never has she said my name so nicely after insulting her love.

"I guess you've forgotten she's your one way ticket to your – our – execution! Why care?" Naruto didn't even have the strength to protest to that statement as he finally let the darkness consume him.

Naruto awoke and found himself very dizzy. It was very bright wherever he was, and it was making it very difficult to see. There was also someone in front of him he couldn't make out.

"Answer the question." Someone with a mask on his face demanded. What were these people talking about? He just woke up.

"Wh-what question?" Naruto's voice was hoarse and his throat hurt bad. From what? He didn't know. Naruto felt a whip come roughly in contact with his body. He took a sharp intake of breath and his eyes widened slightly.

It hurt, "But not as much as having been betrayed by your whole team. Right?" The Fox whispered in his head.

"I wasn't betrayed." Naruto spoke so low, only he and the being inside of him could here it.

The fox continued on with his ranting, completely ignoring Naruto's soft spoken words. "The people you thought that cared about you most out of everyone else, betrayed you." Naruto kept trying to tell himself they all had there reasons, but the logical side of him knew no reason was, nor would ever be good enough.

"Admit it. I -no- We know they betrayed you. They are not your comrades, your friends... They are your enemy. Your nightmare."

"No," Naruto silently sobbed. "They are my friends." Even if there was an age difference, they were his friends. "They wouldn't do that. Friends don't do that to each other."

"Your right, but they aren't you friends."

"I don't believe you, so leave me alone."

"No matter how hard you try to convince yourself of everything you say, I know what your really thinking."

"No you don't. Your just contained within me. You are not apart of me."

"Oh on the contrary my soul holder. The seal that contains me was meant to merge us. And let me just inform you that it is doing its job just fine."

"You lie." Naruto growled out quietly.

"Let me tell you what you truly believe then, not what you want to believe: No pain you have been through in your entire life has ever felt like this, and it just won't stop."

"No." Naruto said weakly.

"You just want to find something more painful than this, correct? You are confused and don't know what is going on?"

"No!" He said louder getting the attention of the person who was whipping him.

"You do not care anymore. All you want to do is disappear and never come back."

"NO! IT'S NOT TRUE! WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE?" He screamed, startling his torturer.

"Why don't you just stop lying to yourself?" Kyuubi whispered while Naruto once again passed out.

Naruto felt a little bit better, but he didn't know why. He hadn't eaten or drank anything since the retrieval mission for Sasuke. He had passed out many times during his torture sessions with the masked people and arguments with Kyuubi.

Now he found himself sitting down on a chair, chained down, with chakra suppression seals placed on his body.

"Uzumaki Naruto, how do you plead?" Asked the the judge.

"Not guilty. I brought him back after he tried to go to that snake bastard. It was a mission." He said surprisingly calm.

"I object to that statement your honor." said a civilian council member with pink hair. "The condition Uchiha-san was brought back in did not look like a simple attempt to bring him back, but to kill him. A Konoha shinobi I might add."

"Uchiha tried to kill Naruto during the retrieval mission, anyone could clearly see he wasn't planning on coming back, so naturally he had to result to force. Besides the moment the
Uchiha decided to leave the village to join Orochimaru, was also the exact moment he stopped being a Konoha ninja." Jiraiya said.

"If Uchiha-san was trying to kill the Demon Brat it would have been best for the whole village." Said another council member.

"I have made a decision.I find Uzumaki Naruto guilty, for attempted murder on a fellow Konoha Shinobi. You shall have the decision on a public or private execution, which shall be held tomorrow at noon." The judge slammed her mallet onto the desk, "court is adjourned. She stood up rigidly and left the premises.

Why? Why have you betrayed me too Tsunade-baachan, huh? Why? Naruto thought to himself.

"Accept it now? Do you now realize that they are your enemies?"

Naruto didn't care if everyone saw him die or not, so the council decided to make it public. Naruto now knew that all the friends he thought he had were all just a dream. He had finally woken up to reality. He realized that everything he thought was true was just a dream he created for himself. Everything he once believed in was only a mere figment of his imagination... In other words a dream. With all his heart he wished he never would have woken up to the cruel truth of life. His life.

Naruto eyes scanned the audience awaiting for his head to be cut off by his own sensei. He could here the crowd's screams of joy.

"Any last words Naruto." Kakashi asked holding a sword directly above Naruto's neck.

"Yes. Don't ever call me Naruto." He said coldly. Kakashi nodded and brought his sword down chopping Naruto's head off and ending his life.

I have brought vengeance for you Sensei. Kakashi thought as he walked away from Naruto's now limp body.

Naruto looked around the vacant area that surrounding him. He felt light headed and his vision still had not come into focus. He could make out a bright light shining in his eyes that reminded him of the sun. Of his knowledge, neither Heaven nor Hell were supposed to have a sun. Just light that either came from... purity? Naruto guessed, or the flames in Hell. Sunshine was not apart of his assumptions. He briefly wondered which afterlife he was in. Hell, because of the demon within him, or Heaven, because... well he didn't have a good reason for being in Heaven. He assumed since he wasn't... evil, he would at least be given a chance. He would admit to being a little rough around the edges with the pranks he pulled, because not all of them were as innocent as they seemed.

"What happened?" He mumbled aloud to himself as his sight was beginning to focus. He brought a hand to his forehead and began to massage his temples. He knew he was dead, but for some reason he didn't know why. Maybe I'm not supposed remember.

"Maybe you choose not to remember." A deep rough voice said.

"What?" Who was this? He may not have known Kyuubi long, but his monstrous voice was something that could not be forgotten.

"You are choosing not to remember what happened. Think hard. Do remember now? You were executed." He suddenly remember everything. His execution. His death. And most of all his naiveness -NO- stupidity. His eyes turned cold as his memories came pouring back to him.

His life.

His beatings.

His pain.

His demeanor became cold and his mood darkened. His sky blue eyes darkened and his face remained indifferent. These memories; Things that would forever remain with him. Haunting his night, yet haunting his day. Memories never to be forgotten. Memories-

"To learn from." Naruto blinked and looked up at the man. Was this guy-

"Reading your thoughts," Spoke the soft, angelic voice of a woman. "I suppose he was."

"What do mean he was reading my thoughts." Naruto asked suspiciously as he narrowed his eyes at them.

"We are you guardian angels sent from Heaven and from Hell."

"What? Guardian angels?"

"Yes moron, Guardian angels. We were sent from the Gods to guide you."

"Guide me through what?" He asked skeptically.

"Through your journey." The woman replied. "You are the savior to this world."

Naruto eyed them disbelievingly. "...Right so where am I...uh, what are your names?"

"We do not have names." The man spoke.

"...Okay." He said thinking they were a little crazy. "So if you two are my 'Guardian Angels,' as you put it, Can you tell me where I am?" He said a bit coldly. He needed to keep his distance from people. He would not be betrayed, by someone he might later call his friend and the only way to guarantee that was to have no friends at all. Live a life in solitude.

"Are you not going to give us our names." The woman asked slightly offended.

"I wasn't planning on it." He spoke truthfully. If they didn't have a name it had to be for some important reason. "Did you want one?"

"If it would not inconvenience you then that would be nice." Naruto stood up slowly from his position on the ground. That is when he realize something. He had a body. His head was connected to a body. He felt the area where his head and body had been separated and notice no scar. He looked down at his body, and there it was scars and all. Weird, he thought. To have a body full of scars from his childhood and yet not have the scar that ended his his life was weird.

"We do not have all day for this naming session going on. We have work to do and not a lot of time to do it." Grumbled the man. Naruto being brought out of his thoughts looked at the two of them only to see nothing, but light... and dark. They were orbs of light and dark. One being white and the other black. One to his left and one to his right. "If you are going to name us, do it now. We have a task to complete and people to save."

"Do not mind him Naruto. I have known him for over 3 Million years and he has always been short tempered and impatient." The harmonious feminine voice came from the white orb.

"Satoru," He said pointing to the black orb. "And Chie." He turned his eyes towards the white one.

"Wisdom, eh?"

"Yes." He simply replied knowing she already knew why if what they said was true about the mind reading.

"My Name is Chie, sent from the God above, Kami, as your protector."

"My Name is Satoru sent from the God below, Enma, as your protector."

They both said simultaneously. The blobs of light and dark swirled around each other, before entering Naruto's body through his heart. Naruto didn't even realize what was going on. There was no pain and as such was no reason for him to sort his thoughts at the time. His body glowed a bright gray showing the mixtures between the black and white energy.

"What have you done?" He asked as the power decreased. He felt a strange substance growing upon his face and energy being gathered at his side, forming around him.

"Just think of us as your new conscience-"

"We give you the better judgment." Interrupted Satoru.

"I represent the protector of mankind. The light in their eyes."

"While I am the darkness, the evil, the representation of mankind's enemy."