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Tino opened his eyes slowly it looked like he fainted for a while. He didn't know for how long but he noticed that heavy snowfall begun to cover him. He slowly sat down and heard loud noises from the room above. There was a fight in there. A flash of memories hit Tino as he finally realized what happened.

He jumped on his feet and tried to reach other window but couldn't.
From loud wind howling he heard sounds of breaking furniture and glasses.

"Su-san-" he tried to scream but his voice broke from the cold as he begun to freeze. He began to cough and looked up the window. He understood that if Denmark will find him Su-san might be angry with him. He began stepping backwards, trying to see whats inside.

"Hurry up Su-San" Tinos pleaded and felt tears begun to stroll down his cheeks.

He suddenly heard a shot. Then another. And another.
He shuddered, fear taking over him.

The nation stood on tiptoes to look inside. He could barely see whats happening, but what he saw made him hold his breath.

The room looked like a complete mess. Chairs and tables turned around. Sweden was with his back towards the window, in front of him stood Denmark. He was holding a gun in front of him and aiming at Sweden.

Tino let out a cry as he saw Sweden fall on his knees and hold his right side.
Sweden tried to hold him self from falling by placing his right hand on the floor, panting heavily.

"Su-san! Su-saann!" Tino yelled, tears flew down his cheeks.

Denmark looked up at the window pretty sure he heard something from the outside, and grinned. Obviously how he couldn't realize, this b*tch can never be too far.

"Denmark!" Sweden growled, as the man slowly went towards the window.
He tried to grab him by the leg, but strength was leaving him.

Denmark opened the window and saw Tino stretching himself toward the window, his face wet from tears and trembling. When he saw Denmark his face changed its expression:
"You, you, f*cking bastard! Who do you think you are? Just getting in our house like that-" he was cut of as Denmark grabbed the smaller man by the cloak and lifter him up as if he was nothing. He then placed him on his feet inside the room; in fast movement moving his hand from cloak to Tino's neck and pushing him towards the wall.

'I doubt you are in position to talk with me like that Finland" Denmark's brows narrowed his voice cold. As Finlands expression didn't change, he grinned and added 'you are still the same.. how could you fall for a weakling like Sweden?'
He laughed nodding at Sweden "Look at him. He cant do anything at all."

Sweden panted heavily his blood dripping on the floor. He was lucky enough to get only one bullet and on his far right. He was sure the bullet didn't get any vital parts touched, but he was losing a lot of blood. His eyes began seeing a little blurry through his cracked glasses. The Viking narrowed his brows as he bore with his eyes into Denmark.

To be continued