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Chapter 5

A mission, a goal, a desire. Yes, he was to deliver the note, but that was not all. There was something else. Something that would help his goal. His goal to help his friends...

As Crow drove down the streets he pondered as to what it is that he was doing. He could die if he did this, or he could even put his friends in more danger. But he knew that this was his only hope. This was the only hope for his friends and the future of the city. Either way, he himself was running out of time. He was infected and he knew it. He didn't know, however, why it was taking so long for him to turn. In fact, he didn't even feel the effects kicking in until the moment he left the others. That was going to have to be dealt with later though. Right now, there was his task at hand. As he drove further and further, he became more worried. This almost seemed to be a stupid idea, but it soon became irrelevant. He arrived and saw the camp... As he approached, there were glaring eyes to greet him. He parked near the sidewalk and approached the main gate.

"State your business," the guard stated without emotion or even glancing at Crow.

"I'm here to see your boss."

The guard looked over at him, as if suddenly interested. He opened the gate and let Crow through. As he walked through the camp, he could see people staring at him menacingly. They looked like the mutants, except that only certain parts of their body were mutated. He just hoped that their minds were still intact, at least enough to recognize him as harmless. He ventured further and found the large tent. It was likely twice as large as the others and had some decorations on them. Kind of humorous, considering the landscape. Two guards were at the front, and they had a much meaner look than the one at the gate. Their arms were mutated and Crow noticed that he see their veins bulging out from them. Those arms seemed as though they could crush a car, so for now he would try to play it safe. The guards gave him a quick glance, and seeing that he was no threat, they let him through. As soon he entered, he was subjected to a security check. That didn't matter to him. He had too much on his mind. All these thoughts were rushing through his head, and he almost didn't hear the guard telling him to move along. As he entered the main room, he was astonished. It was decorated with gold, silver, and many bright colors. It had furniture, and even some home appliances. But, he had to snap out of it and focus on his goal. He moved further in and soon found himself beneath a grand throne.

"So, what brings you here on this fine day, Crow?"

"You know exactly why I'm here... Kiryu."