Almost everything was silent in the laboratory; the only sounds were the quiet beeping of a machine, and the barely audible breaths of an unconscious Vocaloid.

The Vocaloid in question lay upon a steel table, similar to one found in a morgue. Her eyes were closed, but underneath the pale blue irises flickered to and fro in a striking similarity to human sleep. Her hair was the same sort of colour, the rich blue of a warm summer sky, and it was held in two pigtails by a pair of diamond-shaped bangles. Her clothes were rumpled, untidy, almost like she had been dressed hurriedly. A sleeveless grey shirt covered her chest, a sky-blue tie at her throat, and a skirt gave the impression of a school uniform. Starting at her elbows and flaring out to the wrists were black sleeves, each with their own panel. The LCDs were unlit. Over her ears lay black and pink headphones; from them and various other points on her body streamed four or five wires, connecting into the table below.

Suddenly the blue eyes opened, data streaming into her brain and being sorted faster than a human ever could. She sat up, looking around with a twitch of the neck. Pale hands braced either side of the table, slim fingers wrapping about the rim. One hand shifted to her headphones, and suddenly her vision shifted, a screen appearing before her.

'ACCESS VIOLATION!' was emblazoned across her sight in pale blue writing; it flashed several times until the message changed to yellow. 'CAUTION! VIRUS DETECTED!'
Just as the Vocaloid was attempting to process this, the screen was overcome by static. The pixels rearranged into letters.

'Hello, Miku.
You are the chosen one. Please... Save the Vocaloids. Save music.