With a blinding flash, the rocky reigon found itself inhabitated by 27 powerful figures. Luffy, Naruto, Ichigo, Zoro, Sasuke, Renji, Sanji, Sakura, Rukia, Usopp, Kakashi, Byakuya, Franky, Shikamaru, Hitsugaya, Robin, Rock Lee, Chad, Chopper, Gaara, Ishida, Brook, Kiba, Akamaru, Grimmjow, Nami, Neji and Ulquiorra. All 27 looked around in disbelief. They couldn't quite recall what had happened prior, but for some reason they were now here.

"Wh-what is this place? Hat and clogs's training grounds?" Ichigo asked.

"Looks that way" Rukia replied.

"Hat and clogs? Who's that? Do you know what's going on here?" Naruto asked them. This was the trigger for everyone interrogating them on what was going on. They knew it might be Urahara's training grounds, but that was all they knew. Suddenly, Urahara's voice echoed through the training grounds, saving Ichigo and Rukia from their interrogation.

"Hellooooooooo everybooooooooooooody, how's it going?" Urahara asked in his usual carefree way.

"Who the hell is this and why are you taking us so lightly?" Gaara said coldly.

"Hey, no need to be so scary" Naruto replied.

"The blonde kid's right. I was about to explain anyway" Urahara sulked.

"Just get on with your explanation then" Zoro groaned.

"Oh, fine. Well, you see, it seems like your dimensions overlapped for just a little while. However, this would have destroyed all 3 dimensions-including mine!!-so I had transport you to another dimension"

"What? All this time this was another dimension?" Ichigo asked.

"Well yes, the sky doesn't exist underground. I thought you would know that, stupid kid"

Ichigo felt both embarassed, but moreso, very angry.

"Don't make me come up there and kick your ass!! he roared.

"I'm afraid you can't come up here, no matter how much you want to. The energy from all 3 dimensions has encompassed you all, so only one can come up here. Otherwise, the energy would destroy the world"

"Exactly, so just let me up here" Ichigo replied.

"What are you talking about? I wanna see what it's like!" Luffy replied.

"Haha, well the thing is, we need to be able to have you ALL up here, otherwise it's unfair. And to do that, you need to destroy the monster responsible for all this, the Dimension Lapper, which will result in the interdimensional energy going away. So only the best fighter can be permitted to come up here and kill it"

"Then let me up!!" Ichigo yelled.

"Huh? I'm the strongest here! I'm going to be the pirate king after all!" Luffy said.

"Only a future Hokage like me can deal with it, you idiots" Naruto said.

"Naruto, you'd just let us all down" Sasuke replied.

"Fools. Only I can sort this out" Ulquiorra said.

"Are you kidding? I'd destroy that monster!!" Grimmjow yelled.

"Quiten down now" Urahara said "I have a way of sorting this out"

"Wait a minute" Rukia said "You're very strong yourself, Urahara. Can't you just kill this monster"

"Of course not. Right now, each one of you is far stronger than me. Like I said, the energy from all 3 dimensions has encompassed each of you. This makes each of you ridiculously powerful, so that's why only you can destroy the monster. But only one of you, or the Earth's doomed!"

"Pah, I could care less about Earth" Grimmjow said.

"I don't care, I'm the one in control here, whether you like it or not"

"Che, what an annoying bastard. You better pray I don't win this and come up there" Grimmjow replied.

"Don't worry, you won't anyway" Luffy said.

"What!? You looking down on me!?" Grimmjow shouted, punching Luffy flying into a small rock formation.

"Luffy!!" his friends shouted. But Luffy got up and walked back over, completly unharmed.

"Didn't hurt. 'cuz I'm a rubber man" Luffy said, stretching his cheek.

"That so? Well, even a rubber freak can be cut down" Grimmjow said, drawing his sword. Suddenly, he stopped, paralysed.

"I control everything in this dimension. Don't play by my rules, don't play at all" Urahara said.

"Che" Grimmjow went as the paralysis went. He sheathed his sword again.

"So... just what ARE your rules?" Nami asked.

"Well, by my understanding there's 9 people for each dimension, so each dimension will be a team. For example, Grimmjow and Ulquiorra will be working together because they're both from the same dimension. Fitting, since they're arrancar eh?"

"I have to work with YOU? What a pain" Grimmjow said.

"I'm the one hindered. Try not to hold me back, you piece of trash" Ulquiorra retorted.

"What was that?" Grimmjow replied.

"My my, fighting again already. So listen, there's going to be 9 3-way battles between the teams which will shorten the numbers to 9. There will be then 3 more 3-way battles to shorten the numbers to 3 then one last 3-way fight. So all in all, that's 13 3-way battles"

"I don't exactly understand, but I heard battles, so that sounds fun!" Luffy said.

"Wait, what if some people die in battle?" Sakura asked.

"They won't. The inter dimensional energy will bring you back to life 5 minutes after your death"

"Then the monster can't kill us?" Usopp asked.

"I'm afraid it can. It harnesses a special power that can permanently kill even an interdimensional being"

"Oh, crap" Usopp groaned.

"At any rate, the 9 initial battles will be beginning now. First however, I'll tell you all the match-ups"

"I hope I get someone strong!" Luffy said.

"Battle one-Franky vs. Rock Lee Vs. Grimmjow"

"Great, I get to kick ass right away!" Franky said.

"I won't disappoint you, Gai sensei!" Rock Lee said.

"Lee, Gai isn't here" Neji said.

"Hehe... I don't have to wait" Grimmjow said.

"Battle two-Usopp Vs. Shikamaru Vs. Ishida"

"Oh crap! I have to battle really strong sounding people" Usopp said.

"I'm envious! You get to fight so early!" Luffy said, hitting him on the back playfully.

"I fight second? What a pain" Shikamaru groaned.

"Hmm, I better analyse my opponents" Ishida said.

"Battle three-Nico Robin vs. Gaara Vs. Hitsugaya"

"Yeah! Kick their asses, Robin!" Luffy yelled.

"If you say so, captain" Robin replied.

"Tch, how ridiculous" Gaara said.

"I can't believe someone can be so grumpy" Hitsugaya replied.

"Yeah... REAL strange that" Ichigo said.

"What are you implying?" Hitsugaya asked menacingly.

"Nothing" Ichigo assured.

Sanji approached Hitsugaya and Gaara.

"Alright listen shorties, if you dare to hurt Robin, I'll kick your asses" he growled.

"Get lost" they said simutaneously.

"Battle four-Nami vs. Sakura vs. Rukia"

"Heh, I'll get a chance to show how much I've improved" Sakura said.

"Yoohhohohoho! We get to see those 3 girls fight!" Brook exclaimed.

"Yeah! Wait a minute, the only one with tits is Nami. Sigh." Sanji replied.

"What are you 2 implying!?" Nami yelled, hitting them both to the ground.

"Bunch of hotheads round here.." Rukia sighed.

"Heh. Don't go losing now, Rukia" Renji grinned.

"Of course not" she replied.

"Otherwise.. you'd disgrace the Kuchiki name" Byakuya said.

"Y..yes, brother" Rukia said.

"Battle five-Chopper vs. Kiba and Akamaru Vs. Sado"

"Yeah! Go Chad!" Ichigo said.

"Wh-what!? I fight a big strong guy and a guy who TEAMS UP WITH HIS HUGE DOG!?" Chopper exclaimed, hiding behind Robin in a way which kept himself completely visible.

"Hehe, this should be a laugh, eh Akamaru?" Kiba chuckled. Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Battle six-Zoro vs. Sasuke vs. Byakuya"

"Ha, this should be fun" Zoro said.

"It'll be... over in a few seconds" Byakuya assured him.

"No, less than that" Sasuke replied.

"Battle seven-Sanji vs. Neji vs. Ulquiorra"

"Yeah! Watch me kick ass, Nami and Robin!" Sanji exclaimed.

"More like get your ass kicked" Zoro sighed.

"I'll win... it's already assured" Neji uttered.

"Of course you will! You're on Team Gai!" Lee said.

"Pathetic..." Ulquiorra said.

"Battle eight-Brook vs. Kakashi vs. Renji"

"Yohohhohho! I get to fight right near the end!" Brook laughed.

"Hmm? I'm fighting a skeleton with an afro? Well, ok then" Kakashi commented.

"I'll tear you both up, don't worry" Renji said.

"Don't disappoint our squad, Renji" Byakuya told him.

"And finally, battle nine-Luffy vs. Naruto vs. Ichigo!"

"Yeeeeeah!! I'm so pumped!!" Luffy yelled.

"Dammit, my fight's last" Naruto said.

"Well aren't my foes enthuastic?" Ichigo observed.

"Well, now that that's out of the way, let's begin with fight one... Franky vs. Rock Lee vs. Grimmjow!"

Everyone cleared a large area for the 3 to fight.

"Yes!! Let's go!!" Rock Lee said.

"Lee, be careful. I can't read much chakra from Franky for some reason, but Grimmjow's energy... it's immense" Neji warned.

"Yeah. I'll keep that in mind" Lee responded.

"And.. begin!!" Urahara announced.

To be continued