In the rift between dimensions, Kakashi had a book in hand, his exposed eye fixated on the lettering. Using the rift, the famous pirate red haired Shanks had come out to meet him.

"They seemed eager to kill" the pirate said.

"They're bloodthirsty like that" Kakashi replied "Mourning to them means to kill. But they seek to do the impossible... this rift is closing and there'll be no way back into the Bleach dimension".

"Luffy..." Shanks uttered, staring into the nothingness of emptiness between dimensions.

"I'm sorry for your loss" Kakashi bowed his head.

"No, it's ok" Shanks choked "I knew he was in danger from the moment he set out to sea... no, from the moment he set his heart on being a pirate".

"It's a tough job" Kakashi agreed.

"It's not like the path of the ninja though" Shanks replied "Where someone's got to do it, is it?".

"Not for the world" Kakashi agreed "But you've got to do what your heart yearns for, don't you?".

"If you have a free spirit, yes you do" Shanks replied "If you won't let yourself get shackled by law and duty".

There was silence between the two.

"I better head back before the rift closes and we're both stuck in this emptiness" Kakashi said at last.

"I hear you" Shanks nodded.

Both were back in their respective dimensions. The rift closed. Emptiness filled the hearts of those hurt by the day the dimensions crossed. It had all just been one, big bloodbath.

Who would have thought somebody was going to get hurt?