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I saw her in my dream. She was like me, in the Mask World with no mask, a moving face. She and Valentine were walking to the hat shop together, laughing and having a good time. I felt like that should be me with Valentine, not that pretty girl.

I didn't want her to be there with him. Most of all, I wanted a passage to get to the world that I had saved a few months ago to my trailer.

I wanted to see Valentine again.

I woke up with a start. I wondered if that dream was real, or I just wanted an excuse to go back to that world. I missed Valentine's way of saying 'I'm a very important man, with a tower.' It made me laugh out loud to think of how silly and proud he looked when he said it.

"Helena, where are you? The audience is already here, and you are our opening act!" I heard my dad yell to me. I unlocked my trailer and ran outside. I was already dressed in my juggling outfit, a purple leotard with green and blue polka-dot tights.

I suppose that's what you get when you are in a family circus.

I saw Ed, the new juggler who reminded me vaguely of Valentine, warming up. I was doing the opening act with him.

"Ready?" he asked me, with a huge smile on his face. Even though Valentine wore a mask, every time that Ed smiled it reminded me of him.

"Of course I'm ready. I've been doing this for years," I snapped. Even though Ed and I were very close friends, I didn't want him to separate me from Valentine.

Even if we lived in separate universes.

"Well, then, I guess we should get going, eh?" Ed said a little anxiously.

"Yeah, but…" I was interrupted by a mime motioning me to go into the tent.

I walked in and saw everyone doing last minute juggling, or practicing leaps. I could hear a lot of people through the thin fabric door that separated the ring from the dressing rooms.

I grabbed my 5 rubber juggling clubs. I found Ed with his, and our ringmaster (my father) introduced the circus. Ed and I went out into the ring to begin our juggling act.

Our juggling was good, and we didn't drop 1 club. We had never done this well in practice, so we bought ourselves a bag of pretzels from the circus stand to celebrate.

We're really not supposed to buy things from the circus stand, because those are for the audience, but the food we get is atrocious.

The audience was all gone, and my father was congratulating the whole circus team. I told everyone good night and ran to my trailer and locked the door.

I kept thinking about Valentine and my adventure when we saved the queen. I couldn't get the whole town off my mind. At the time, the town seemed dark and empty, but now I longed to be there.

And about Valentine? I'm not sure exacly how I felt about him. I never truly knew his age or what he really looks like, but I do know his spirited personality which I love.

What am I saying? I am Helena-- I do not do this. I am independant, and I just want to visit an old friend. That's all.

Who am I kidding? I have to go back there.

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