Pieces of my heart

This is set after the last episode of w.i.t.c.h. but is somewhere in the middle of the first year for the winx


Irma Lair walked through the gates of Alfea closely followed by her parents Tom and Anna Lair then her brat of a brother (Christopher Lair) shoved her out of the way and ran towards Professor Wizgiz screaming leprechaun and landing on top of him. Irma silently screamed and ran over to help the teacher and apologizing over and over.

Wizgiz smiled "Are you the transfer student?"

"Yes, Mr. … I'm sorry what is your name?" Irma said trying to remember his face from the list of teachers she got.

"I'm Professor Wizgiz"

"And I'm Irma Lair"

"Chris what the hell has gotten into you" Anna shouted and Chris dived behind Irma hoping from some protection of his mother's wrath "I'm sorry Professor, but his father has him hyper" Anna was now glaring at her husband who simply shrugged.

"He wanted a fizzy drink"

Irma and Anna sighed and rolled their eyes.

"Do you know where Mrs. Faragonda's office is?" Anna asked Prof' Wizgiz

"Yes I do and I would take you there if I wasn't supposed to be watching the girls. I'm sure Palladium can take you"

"Who?" Irma asked.

"Look out for an elf" Wizgiz replied as he walked off to split up a pair of girls who had started to argue.

"I hope there is only one elf" Irma sighed.

"Me too" Tom agreed

Luckily Professor Palladium walked out of the school building and went over to help Wizgiz out who was struggling to stop the girls attacking each others. Palladium walked over and heard Wizgiz trying to make sense over what had started the argument.

"You are arguing over who is thinner" Wizgiz said slowly and Palladium laughed.

"Now girls, stop your arguing" Palladium said as the bell rang "And go to your lessons"

The girls stomped off and kept on argued. Wizgiz and Palladium gave up.

"Palladium the transfer student is looking for you I told her you might take her up to see Ms. Faragonda" Wizgiz said and palladium raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't take her because?"

"Her brother is intent on flattening me" Wizgiz said with a smile and Palladium laughed.

"Where are they?"

Wizgiz looked around and pointed them out. Palladium nodded and walked over to them "I believe you are looking for Ms Faragonda"

Irma yelped in shock and turned around so fast Palladium was worried she would get whiplash.

"Sorry I didn't mean to give you a fright"

"It's alright" Anna replied "She's recently been in a war against a 12 foot snake"

Palladium frowned in confusion and saw Irma nod "Yup a twelve foot snake called Cedric he worked for a man with a dangerous thirst for power"

Palladium nodded and Chris looked up and screamed in fright and jumped into the shrubbery making everyone look at him.

"Ignore him he's hyper" Anna said again glaring at Tom.

"He wanted a fizzy drink"

"You've already said" Anna replied.

"I'm just telling the truth" Tom shrugged.

Irma sighed "So are you Professor Palladium?"

"Yes and I'm late for my class so would you mind if we started walking?"

"Not at all" Anna replied.

They all started walking into the main building while Tom tried to get Chris out of the bushes.

They quickly arrived outside Ms. Faragonda's office. Palladium knocked on the door and received a 'come in'. He stepped inside closely followed by the Lairs'.

"Ms Faragonda the transfer student has arrived"

"Thank you Professor, you may return to your class"

"Thank you" Palladium walked out of the office and shut the door.

"Please sit down" Ms Faragonda gestured towards the two seats and walked behind her desk. "Irma I believe you have came here to control the new powers you gained after your fight with Cedric." Irma nodded agreeing instantly.

"Yes I gained control over the elements my friend had before they were killed" Irma said while holding back tears.

"What can you do now with these new powers?"

"As well as Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Quintessence. I have complete control of the heart of Candracar which I only have in my hands as Will handed it over to me before the battle as she had a 'bad feeling'.

From my original form water I got power of:

- Creating water out of thin air
- Use water to grab hold of objects
- Creating water bubbles that can travel underwater
- Mind Control

From the power of quintessence I have gotten the power over:

-Projects a force-field of pink energy

-Create lightning bolts

-Bring electrical appliances to life through Quintessence

-Reveal the true form of another

From the power of fire I have gotten the power over:

-Create balls of fire

- Shoot pinpoint flames with her finger
- Sense sources of heat

- Telepathy

From the power of earth I have gotten the power over:

- Control plants, trees, grass and their growth and structure
- Throw bolts of green energy

- Create earthquakes

- Telekinesis

From the power of air I have gotten the power over:

- Super-Hearing abilities
- Recall other people's memories
- Become invisible

- Freeze people and objects

I have total control over those powers but I feel I can do better things with them and I would like to now if I can become more than a guardian."

"Well Irma it seems you have a lot of power and I would glad to help you become a faerie (is that spelt right?)"

"Thank you Ms Faragonda" Irma replied

"How come I never knew you had so much power?" Anna asked

"Because I never told you everything" Irma smiled "Just joking mum, I was planning on telling you but you were always busy


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