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Irma landed outside of Alfea cold, wet and hungry. De-transforming Irma sighed "This job is getting harder. Maybe it's because I'm alone" Plodding over to the heavy front doors of Alfea's main entrance. Irma looked at the sky it was dark and the stars were easily seen. She quickly changed her gaze towards were her room was and watched her new-found-friends silhouettes jump and dance around. Irma slowly tore her gaze away and pushed open the insanely heavy doors.

Once inside she heard her stomach growl.

"You really should go get something to eat" a rough female voice sounded from behind her.

Irma jumped and whirled around to come face to face with the head of discipline.

"P-p-professor G-g-griselda" Irma stammered 'I've faced a 20ft snake, 2 evil tyrants with an unquenched thirst for power and my death and not once was I afraid. Yet one look from Griselda and I'm running scared'

"Yes" Griselda drawled out.

"Umm…. Are you sure the chef won't mind?"

"We can't have you die of starvation. Now can we?" Griselda said while scowling.

'Does she ever smile?' Irma thought "Thank you Professor"

Once she arrived at the kitchen. Irma decided she was going to raid one of Alfea's dozens of fridges then vaporize all the Brussels sprouts in the kitchen.

*****time**passes***** *

Irma fell into the room she shared with Stella causing a loud. Cursing slightly Irma looked up praying she hadn't woken her. Unfortunately Stella had sat up and was glaring at her.

"Who Are You?" Stella demanded

"It's only me Stella" Irma replied "Just got back from Zamballa"

Irma's air supply was suddenly cut off as Stella had run over and was hugging her tightly.

"I'm so glad you're okay. You know we spent ages trying to convince Palladium to create a portal so we could come and help you and he said no so we…" Stella ranted ""But Professor ---" Bloom started

"Bloom no" Palladium replied "Do think if I say no the first time ill say yes the second?"

"No but you might the 99th time" Stella laughed "Please Professor"


"Please" Stella said


"Please, please, please, please" Musa joined in

"No" Palladium groaned he could feel a headache coming on

"Please, please" Bloom also joined


"Please" Techna laughed

Flora walked over and saw Professor Palladium on the verge of a nervous breakdown. "Professor, please can you open a portal for us" Flora said in her sweetest voice that she used whenever she got into trouble.

"Please, please, please" They all chorused."

"I get the idea" Irma cut her off.

"So tell me what happened on Zamballa"

Irma yawned loudly behind her hand "In the morning"


Irma woke up earlier than she expected. Looking over at Stella she laughed. Un-surprisingly she was still asleep. Irma tip-toed out of the room and made herself a cup of hot chocolate (well it is winter in my version) from the small 'kitchen' in the hidden corner of the hallway. Flora quietly came out of her and Blooms room. "Morning" Flora greeted with a yawn.

"Morning Flo"

"How was your 'trip' to Zamballa? Have fun?"

"Hmmm… let see" Irma mused tapping her chin in fake thought "I defeated an entire army of lurdens, made Phobos run away and befriended the guardian of Zamballa who is also the ex-guardian of earth/nature, Kadma"

"Wow, I don't know how you do it"

"Come to think of it. Neither do I" Irma replied

Flora laughed lightly "we better wake the rest or they'll miss breakfast"

"How does a gallon of ice-cold water each sound?"

"Irma don't be mean" Flora giggled

"Fine. I'll wake Musa and Techna up" Irma said walking over to their room.

"Hey! Thanks of leaving the ones for me that might vaporize me!" Flora fake snapped


Sorry it's short but it's a nightmare typing with the on-screen keyboard