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Summary: AU. Since the beginning of time the vampires and the wolves have hated each other for reasons they couldn't explain. A mass extermination of her race leaves Bella orphaned and alone. She meets Edward and is happy for the first time since her parent's death. After his death she tries to kill herself only to be saved and told the importance of her existence. Fate brings them together again. She can stay with him and be vulnerable to the Volturi, or she can run and spend the rest of her life in pain.

Chapter 1,

Ireland 1910

On the nights of the full moon her parents would run under the milky moonlight. For the first half of the night she would run with them. Running was always harder for her back then because she was a cub. Her little legs would get caught up in low vines when she tried to jump them or tripped by hidden roots. They would always have to stop for her. When she was too frustrated to continue sh would plop down on the ground and howl. Or at least she meant to howl, it sounded more like a whine.

Her mom would come back and nuzzle her gently before picking her up by the scruff of her neck. Bella looked at her father and licked his nose. The bigger wolf nuzzled his cub and she was set on the ground. After a few more hours she was exhausted. They would leave her on a moss bed deep in the forest before going off again. With the moon came their animal instincts. The beautiful black wolf would nuzzle his pale mate as they ran. If he was feeling playful he would pounce on her and they would pretend to fight. On some nights the scent of her heat would overcome him and he would take her in the woods. It had been a night like that when Bella had been conceived.

An hour before the dawn the two wolves returned to their cub and carried her back to their village on the back of one of her parents. Other wolves would be returning as well. A steel grey wolf would come up and nuzzle the cub and lick her head in an affectionate way. Other cubs were asleep on their parent's backs, tired from running. Some had been left behind in the village or had wandered back on their own.

At the break of dawn every village member would stand in the center of town and greet the sunlight as they changed back. The Alpha stood in the center and after his change he looked at his fellow wolves.

"My children, it is time to rest."

Sleepy, the adults carried their children back. The chief walked up to his wife and kissed her forehead and took Bella into his arms. She yawned and fell back asleep on his shoulder.

"She's getting stronger," he said as they walked back to their home.

"And prettier. I've noticed she's been getting attention from some of the boys."

Her father growled. "She's eight."

"Charlie you know as well as I do that it doesn't matter. Wouldn't it be delightful if she found her mate early?"

"I would like to keep her my little cub if you please."

Renee giggled and looked up at the sky. "It was a beautiful moon."

"Yes. It really was."

They walked into their daughter's bedroom and dressed her in her soft pajamas.

"Daddy?" Bella mumbled as he laid her down. "My tummy hurts."

"Why does it hurt?" Charlie asked, rubbing her belly a bit.

"I ate some moss 'cause I was in a dream," Bella admitted.

"I'll get you some water," Charlie chuckled. Renee took his place and kissed her forehead.

"What did you dream about love?"

Bella smiled. "I was running with you and daddy all night long and we drank from the spring."

"We'll do that next cycle love, I promise."

"Here you go dear," Charlie said giving her the glass. She drank her water and gave the glass back. They tucked her in and kissed her. "Goodnight my cub."

"Night daddy," she mumbled.

The two parents walked out and into their own room. They dressed for bed, a new habit formed after their daughter would come running into their bed at night, and crawled under the covers.


They came at dawn in a swarm. Charlie awoke first and let out a quick howl before their roof caved in. Charlie phased and attacked the pale skinned vampire. Renee burst into her daughter's room and grabbed the child. Bella stayed silent out of sheer terror. Her mother ran into the woods. She skidded and changed direction when a vampire headed her off.

"Run, run little wolf, try to save your baby!"

Renee phased and Bella scrambled away. She turned and attacked the vampire, ripping one arm off. While Renee fought Bella ran. She tried to phase like the adults but she was too young and too weak. She crawled under a house and closed her eyes. Her mom would find her based on her scent.

She opened her eyes again when a fire started. Bodies were thrown onto the fire and on a massive wooden cross her father was hung. His paws were bloody with massive nails through them. His body was covered in dark fur but in a human shape.

"LYCANS!" a vampire roared. "I GIVE YOU YOUR DEATH!"

The dark haired vampire held up Renee. "Here is your mate, Alpha, you failed to protect her like you failed to protect your people."

Renee was thrown into the fire and Charlie howled in agony. Bella ran from her hiding place and phased. Her small mouth clamped down on the ankle of the vampire that was seeming to lead the attack.

"Aw look," the vampire cooed, picking up the little wolf, "a little puppy."

Bella bit his neck and took a good chunk of flesh with her when she was detached. She was thrown into the fire. She yelped and squealed. Something hit her stomach and pushed her out of the flames. She saw briefly her mother's charred face and her soft eyes. She knew that she had to run. The vampires were distracted. She ran from the village as her father was killed with a silver sword.


Chicago 1918

"You look like a bad day."

If anyone but Edward Masen dared to greet her that way...well that was something Bella didn't like to go into.

"Aren't you supposed to be a gentleman?" she asked, walking out of the building.

"Only to a lady," he replied.

Bella pushed him playfully and they turned onto the sidewalk. She wasn't anyone's definition of a lady. It was no secret that she was disliked by many of the neighbors. She didn't dress appropriately in their opinions. She wore men's clothing and shirts. She kept her long brown hair loose and occasionally in a ponytail but never a bun.

"I don't know what to make of you," Edward sighed when they walked across the street, and heard a tisk from the two women they passed. "You stand out like a colored person."

"I don't like dresses," she said. "I hate skirts and I hate putting my hair up in a bun."

"I like that about you," Edward told her with a smile. They lived on the edge of the city. Edward lived in a beautiful town home with his mother and Bella in a small apartment. Mr. and Mrs. Masen didn't like the idea of their son spending so much time with the strange girl but they couldn't stop him.

They did a lap around the block and realized that there was nothing to do.

"There is a community social this weekend, do you want to go?" Edward asked.

"I'm going out of the city this weekend," Bella told him. "My monthly visit to the country."

"I want to come with you," Edward said as they walked into the market. "I get worried about you being out there alone."

"Edward you know I think you're sweet but I can beat you up," she teased. Edward rolled his eyes and picked up some vegetables for her. Bella sighed as he did so, knowing full well that they were for her. She needed to stop telling Edward when she was going shopping. She got some meat and Edward raised his eyebrows.

"You sure turn into a carnivore sometimes."

Bella laughed and paid for her food. They walked back to her apartment and put it away. She poured Edward some tea and some for herself. They sat on her old sofa and drank in silence for a bit.

"Play for me?" she asked.

A piano had been left for her by the previous tenant. Edward sighed and got up. He didn't like playing for anyone but her.

The soft music filled the air and Bella sighed happily. The sound of the piano calmed her. Maybe it was because Edward had been playing since he was a little boy and was quite good at it. She knew that she should avoid him close to the full moon. She was reminded when she watched his hand across the keys and her groin burned.

"You're quiet," Edward said.

"Just listening to the music. You play beautifully."

Edward stopped and looked at her with a smile. "You always say that."

Bella smiled back and shrugged. "Because it's always true."

Edward got up and sat with her. "You look sad."

"I had a dream about my parents last night, that's all."

He gave her hand a gentle squeeze. He didn't know much about her life before they met. He knew that she was an orphan and was European. He figured it was too painful for her to talk about.

"My parents would take me out on the night of the full moon and we would walk in the moonlight."

"Which explains why you love it so much."

She nodded and smiled. "I loved it. I would fall asleep and they would carry me home. I miss them so much."

"Wish my family had a sweet little ritual like that. We just have Sunday mass."

Bella laughed. Edward smiled at her. He liked it when she smiled. It lit up her eyes, so beautiful and strange. They were brown like melted chocolate but he could sometimes see swirls of gold. She smelled sweeter than usual but musky at the same time. It was faint, but he was close to her. He had a million and a half impure thoughts about her. When he was with her he wasn't the gentleman he was supposed to be. He was the seventeen-year-old boy he was. She helped him be himself. They were so light and casual with each other and had always been.

"Edward...if you don't leave now I can't promise that I won't do something inappropriate."

Edward nodded. He leaned over her and kissed her shyly. Bella felt her throat burn and fire sparked in her abdomen.

"I don't want you to be appropriate."

"Then don't treat me like a lady," Bella practically growled. Edward smiled and kissed her again. Something came alive in him and he needed her. His body demanded her. She shifted and he settled between her legs. A scorching heat reached his groin and sparked it into life. With Bella it was hard to be prim and proper like a young man of breeding that he was. Her lips tasted sweet and delicious. She parted her lips and brushed her tongue against his lips. Edward startled himself when he felt a growl bubble in his throat as he took her mouth.

She had thought that kissing him deeply would put the burn at ease. She was wrong. The burning had evolved into a scorching flame and she was hungry for more. So this was sex and lust. This was what her parents felt every full moon. Edward pulled away and she whimpered. He laughed and touched her cheek.

"I hear this would be difficult with clothes. I have no intention of stopping so say now if you want me to."

"Kiss me again," she moaned. Edward obeyed her happily. He could hear his mother's voice in his head chastising him for his sinful behavior.

"I'm going to hell for this," Edward whispered with a smile as he kissed her jaw.

"Say ten hail Mary's and call it good," Bella murmured back making him laugh. "Edward please touch me!"

Edward cupped her breast nervously. Bella arched into his touch. He felt her nipple through her shirt. He wanted to do what he dreamed about so many times. He pulled her shirt off and licked her nipple. Bella gasped and gripped his shoulders. He licked it again and sucked lightly.


"I have to get out of these first," he grunted, sitting up. He undid his belt and slid out of his slacks. He took off his underwear and finally he was free. "Cotton prison."

Bella reached down and grabbed him. She pulled lightly and he lost is balance in shock, falling onto her.

"Looks like I have you right where I want you," she purred.

"You always have. I'm a fool for your pretty face."

"I need you in me Edward," she whispered, "please?"

Her eyes were enchanting. A slight almond shape with the golden brown. Thick lashes and smooth skin. He could get lost in them. There was something supernatural about her that kept him wanting more of her. He took off her pants and underwear.

"Are you sure about this?"

Bella nodded and he kissed her quickly before slipping into her. It was like the coziest of fires on a cold winter's night. She welcomed him.

"You feel amazing," he told her.


Edward chuckled and kissed her as he began to move. He started off slowly, testing her body's resistance and depth. Then he picked up speed. He watched her breasts bounce and her eyes close in pleasure. He held her hand and she squeezed his palm. She was beautiful. Her skin was flushed and her breath was coming out in pants. Her lips were parted and swollen.

"Bella...Bella...you are so beautiful..."

She looked at him and smiled. He kissed her lips briefly. She held him tight and he went faster.

"Edward...Ed...ward...I...don't stop..."

He kept going. Her body tightened around him over and over again and he saw waves of pleasure on her face. He didn't have time to focus on her pleasure and her face because his own release was coming. He buried deep in her and released. He collapsed and they both tried to get their breath back. Bella kissed his shoulder and his neck. The animal within her was happily satisfied. If she was a cat she would be purring. She felt full and satisfied.

"Yeah...whoever made that a sin...is mean..." Edward panted.

"I'm sleepy," Bella admitted. Edward nodded. He got off of her and they went to her bed and collapsed. Edward fell asleep first. Bella nuzzled his neck and licked it lightly. She didn't feel human but she didn't feel like the wolf she was. She felt content and satisfied in her best friend's arms. She actually couldn't remember the last time she had felt so warm and comfortable with someone else.

"I love you Bells," Edward whispered. She hadn't realized he woke up. "Sorry it took so long to tell you."

"I love you too."

And she did. That just made it harder. Soon she would have to leave. She had been in Chicago for five years, since she was twelve. She never stayed anywhere for so long, but nowhere else had Edward. How could she stay with him when she knew that someday the vampires would find her. She knew there was one in town. He was deep downtown and didn't seem to be aware of her presence but it was enough to be concerned about. All it would take would be one vampire to alert the Volturi of her existence. She saw her mother's burned face in her mind and her father's body on a cross. She buried her face in Edward's chest. She would have to leave him sooner or later. It would just have to be later. Right now her heart wouldn't let her go.


I know it seems a bit rushed but this part is just the first meeting. I enjoyed writing the lemon though, it's the first one I'd been satisfied with in a while. lol.