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Chapter 12,

Carlisle thought his head was going to explode. He had never spent so much time thinking, strategizing, and worrying deeply over his family. Bella was sitting with her baby, feeding her while Edward was feeding their son with milk she had pumped earlier. They were exhausted. Bella hadn't slept since she heard the Volturi was on their way. It seemed like once she drifted off and came close to falling into a deep slumber she would wake up again in a bit of a panic.

They still hadn't named their kids. Carlisle didn't know why that bothered him. Maybe it was because he didn't like referring to his grandchildren as Him and Her. But he liked that Bella was using that to distract her.

"Let's name him Lemonjello," Bella suggested.

"Lemonjello? That's a strange name but I guess...I mean if your heart is set on it...it sounds like the name of an african american gangster."

"Wow Edward be more racist," Bella sighed.

"But! But!"

"I'm kidding sweetheart."

"Edward," Carlisle sighed with a smile, "you are just about to agree to naming your child Lemon Jello."

"Lemonjell...Oh you are just horrible," he cried to Bella who was grinning. "What are we going to do about the volturi?"

"We aren't talking about that right now," Bella said, "we're talking about our babies and their names."


Edward she doesn't want to talk about that right now. This is the first time she's been really calm in a while

Edward sighed and looked at his son. The boy looked back at him with green and gold eyes as he sucked on the rubber nipple.

"How about Sam."

"For which one?" Bella asked.

"Our son."

Bella nodded. "It fits. What about Dylan for her?"

Edward smiled. "I can't believe it. Our babies have names."

Bella leaned over and kissed him. They looked at the twins and smiled. "Sam and Dylan," she murmured softly.

Dylan finished her meal and yawned.

"All done sweetheart?" Bella asked. She kissed her on the forehead. "You're so beautiful."

She was. They both were. The twins inherited their father's human eyes with the bits of gold that showed they were something more. Bella hugged her baby and stood up.

"Esme," she said, "I need you to do something for me. Edward can you um not listen in?"

"Nope, doesn't work that way dearest," Edward sighed.

"Don't worry Bella we're all used to it," Esme assured her, "now what can I do for you?"

"I want you to take the twins and get them as far away as you can."

"Bella! We should probably talk about this!" Edward cried.

"Don't tell anyone where you're going just in case."

"I'll go with her," Alice said, "not like I'm any use here."

"Thank you Alice," Bella said, beginning to get emotional. She hugged her sister as tight as she could with a baby in her arm.


"Edward I don't want them anywhere near wherever we are."

Edward knew she had a point but he didn't want to admit it.

"We can leave as soon as you want," Esme said. Bella nodded.

Edward was going to be angry with her and she knew it. He didn't speak to her as they were hugging their newborns and kissing them goodbye. Carlisle was holding Esme and sharing a quiet moment with her. Jasper and Alice were doing the same.

"Be careful," Jasper whispered to his wife. "Be extra careful."

"I will," Alice promised.

Carlisle held Esme nearby and they were absolutely silent, communicating in their own way. In his silent embrace he was telling her just how much he was going to miss her. Emmett and Rosalie excused themselves and fixed up two car seats in Carlisle's mercedes. While it wasn't the fastest in the collection of cars, Carlisle was notorious for keeping a full tank.

"Will they be okay?" Rosalie asked. "He may be a pain sometimes, but Edward's my brother and he is going to die for Bella, and she is such a good person...Emmy what if we aren't able to protect them?"

Emmett hugged his wife and kissed her. "Don't worry Rosie. They have to get through the tank that is me."

Rosalie smiled and kissed him again. "You're right," she sighed, "I need to relax."

"Yeah, and you need to help me cause my seat doesn't look right."

Rosalie giggled and fixed it for him.

"Rosie I want you to go with them," Emmett said. "I know that I don't want you here distracting me with that cute butt of yours."

"I want to stay and protect my family," Rosalie insisted.

"But if you're here I won't be able to fight without worrying about you."


"Please? For me? You can help protect the babies if the time comes."

"Come with us," Alice said, coming into the garage. "Please Rosie?"

Rosalie nodded. She finished up with the car seats and everyone was coming out.

Bella took her son and kissed him. Sam grabbed at her face and whimpered.

"I know sweetheart," she whispered, "I'll miss you too."

She handed him to Edward and took Dylan. Her daughter looked up at her and reached her hand up. Bella held her tiny hand and kissed it.

"They'll be here soon," Alice said, "we have to go."

Bella nodded and handed Dylan to Esme. The girls got into the car. Rosalie took the wheel and Esme sat in between the babies to keep them company when they got fussy. Carlisle gave her a bag that he had filled with bottles and formula. Another bag was filled with diapers and wipes. Finally he passed Esme a small billfold that Bella was sure probably had several no limit credit cards or maybe just cash.

Bella turned into Edward and buried her face in his chest. He held her tight as they drove away. He was so angry with her for sending them away but for a reason he didn't expect. He was angry that she had the strength to do what needed to be done. It was his job! He was supposed to be her husband and protector. He was failing miserably at that. One day he was just going to have to expect that Bella was one of those girls that didn't need a knight in shining armor to protect her. But he was going to try anyway. He was a vampire now and strong enough to be her knight.

"Where's Devon?" she asked.

"We called him and he said he's going to hide out in La Push."

"No, you told me I was," Devon said approaching them, "I said that I was going to be here."

Edward gave him a pained look.

"Devon go," Bella said, "I want you to get out of this state and take Darius with you."

"You obviously don't know how this works," Darius said with a grin, "you may have Edward to protect you but we're still a pack and that means Devon gets the hell out of the country and I stay here with you."

"I'm not going anywhere! I don't care what you guys say!"

"Devon you are our son and your mother and I are not about to watch you be anywhere near danger. Even your stepfather is in agreement."

"Absolutely," Edward nodded.

"No chance," Devon growled, "mom I know you like to put everyone before yourself but I'm not going anywhere. The shifters in La Push couldn't keep me there so you know how determined I am to stay."

"Oh son the shifters in La Push are pussies," Darius sighed, "I mean even Edward here who has the build of a prepubescent girl is stronger than them."

"Thank you Darius, really," Edward grumbled.

"If you thought you could save the youngest one you would have been sadly mistaken."

Everyone turned to look at Aro and his army. He came with Caius, Jane and a few others. Edward stood before Bella and Darius pushed Devon behind him, despite protests.

"And here I was thinking that you would make this easy," Aro sighed, "but being Carlisle's little protege I can't expect normal behavior can I?"

"It's best if you left," Edward growled.

"I hear you left your wife for this bitch," Aro said casually, "Carlisle you should have taught him not to sleep with animals."

"I taught my son to base his judgments on a person's heart and not their species."

"Well if he wants to die with her then by all means, let him keep standing by."

"You'll have to kill me to get to Bella."

Aro sighed. "Such a waste. But if it is what you wish."

His small army mobilized with their weapons drawn. Edward snarled and charged at Jane as she jumped towards Bella. Aro chose to attack Bella. She phased and took off, leading him away from the rumble by the house. If she could get him alone she had a better chance of surviving.

"I heard it through the grapevine, that you're the little bitch that gave me this scar."

If only I could have taken your head

Bella growled and dodged as he swung his sword at her.

"Do you recognize this?" he asked as he appeared in front of her, making her clumsily back track. He sliced through her hind leg and she stumbled. She phased back as she hit the ground. She could see the bone in her thigh. Definitely a bad wound. She phased again and managed to leave him with a nasty stomach wound before her strength gave out. She rolled out of the way as he swung at her again. She was quick, even with an injured leg.

"Now, now if you keep moving you can't notice it."

She stopped suddenly as something cold, metallic and silver wrapped around her neck and she was pulled back quickly. She choked and gagged. She pulled at the chain that was eating her flesh.

"We should just watch her slowly die," Caius suggested.

"I have a better idea," Aro chuckled as he walked up to her. "The others?"

"Are being occupied. Her husband is fighting Jane. She's the last one."

"Do you like this sword?" Aro asked her. Caius held the chain with one hand, loving the idea of her being on a silver leash. "I've always been fond of it."

Bella struggled and Caius wrapped her hands with the slack of the chain. She could hear the battle nearby.

"But do you know what memory it brings to mind? I've slain so many of your kind. This blade is bronze coated in silver. It's strong and sturdy. It cuts through flesh like it were butter. Do you know why this is my favorite sword."

Bella didn't answer. She glared at him with fiery eyes even though her strength was slipping.

"It is my favorite sword because every time I hold it, I so clearly remember screams of anguish and I remember the look in your father's eyes as I threw you onto the fire, when he was so sure that you had died too. I remember the look in his eyes as I plunged the blade into his heart. It went smoothly..." he stabbed her in the shoulder, "...like that. Did you feel how smoothly it went through your skin? No? I'll demonstrate again!"

Bella grit her teeth as he stabbed her stomach. She refused to scream in pain. She wouldn't. She refused to give him that pleasure. The silver on her neck had eaten through the skin and was now working on her muscles.

"I don't know if I want to pierce your heart like I did your fathers and let the poison of this metal spread through your body. Or if I want to sit and wait for the silver around your neck to slowly eat through your neck until your head rolls right off."

"Let's go with plan B," Caius laughed, tugging on the chain and making it sink a bit further into her neck.

"I think I'll grant you your father's death," Aro murmured, "I will slowly slide the blade into your heart and as you slowly die you can ask yourself what you will tell your parents, who tried so hard to give you a long life, when you see them in hell."

He positioned the blade tip against her heart. He had just begun his slow torture when he stopped. Bella heard a vampire crash into Aro and another into Caius. She didn't see who. She fell to the ground and into the dark recesses of unconsciousness.


When Bella woke up she was unbelievably sore. She didn't want to open her eyes and hoped that she could just fall back into unconsciousness. Childbirth wasn't nearly as painful. In fact she was pretty sure that this made childbirth seem like a warm bath in a hot spring. At least she would wake up to Edward. That was a nice thought. She would open her eyes and see him sitting beside her like a good husband would. Like she had when he was sick.

She opened her eyes and saw Carlisle. That was confusing.

"You're not Edward," she said slowly.

"Ah, you're awake!" Carlisle said happily. "We were wondering if you would ever wake up. You had enough silver in you to kill a lycan child."

"Okay," she said in a whisper of a voice, "when I left Edward at the hospital it was because I had to transform or pee. Where the hell is he and why isn't he weeping over my unconsciousness?!"

"Well because he can't weep, for starters, and um he's declared that he's never coming back."

Bella glared. She tried to sit up but couldn't move an inch. "How bad am I?"

"Haha, you're cute Bella. A real laugh."


"You think you're in bad shape. Honey you're clinging to life."

"I feel fine," Bella insisted.

"That's because you have enough pain killers in you to kill a human," Carlisle said, "you'll start feeling less lucid and more agony later."

"You mean there's more! I'm in pain as it is."

"Sorry hon," Carlisle sighed, sitting on her bed. "You're the worst of all of us if that makes you feel any better."

"What's the damage?"

"Well your leg was severely damaged and the bone broke. The silver has slowed down your healing process. You have severe wounds on your torso from being stabbed and your voice won't be back in full for a long time as your vocal chords were damaged. Your neck looks...well let's just say you aren't going out in public any time soon."

Carlisle handed her a mirror and she gasped. She looked like a horror show. It made the burn from the silver powder look like a tiny rash. Her skin was blackened on the edges and bright red. She felt like someone had held a match to plastic.

"Where is Edward?"

Carlisle sighed. "He's...finishing things."

"What kind of things?" Bella asked as Carlisle lifted her shirt to check her wounds. "Carlisle."

"He went to find Tanya. I couldn't stop him. I called her parents and they gave her a warning but I can't do much more than that. He went crazy after he saw you. He killed Aro and Caius. Emmett and Jasper are out looking for him with Alice. He's too smart sometimes. He's purposefully being impulsive so Alice can't see him clearly."

"The girls are back then?"

"Yes," Carlisle said, "they're downstairs feeding the babies some formula. You have too much silver in you to feed them yourself."

"Where's Devon?"

"Being thoroughly pampered by Leah in the next room. He hasn't spoken to anyone in a week."

"Why? I'm okay, tell him that."

Carlisle looked at his hands. "He thinks...Bella Darius died."

Her heart gave an unpleasant thump against her sore ribs. She was waiting for Darius to pop out and say he was only kidding and it was just one of his bad jokes. She looked at Carlisle waiting for an april fools or something.

"Felix killed him. Sliced through his heart. Devon believes it's his fault."


"Darius took the hit and saved Devon. He did what any father would do. But Devon thinks that it was his fault."

Bella was hardly listening. She just saw Darius laughing as he lightly teased Edward just moments before the fight. She could see him dying to protect his son. He would do anything for that boy. Bella felt tears on her cheeks and wiped her eyes. Darius, her beautiful best friend and almost lover, was gone. He was the man who was willing to make her hate him forever just so she wouldn't kill herself.

"This isn't happening. I want to see Devon."

Carlisle nodded and left. After a while Devon walked in.

"Come here love," Bella whispered. "I know I look disgusting."

Devon crawled into the double bed with her and she hugged him the best she could. Before long was crying into her shoulder.

"I'm sorry," he sobbed, "mom I'm sorry."

"I don't blame you," Bella murmured, "Darius died the way he wanted to. Your life was always his first priority."

"But if I...if I just listened to you and him..."

"If you had listened to us and left he would have died saving me," Bella said firmly, "that's the kind of man your father was. He put us first because he loved us dearly."

"I had never seen Edward so angry. He just went crazy and killed the vamp that did it. Then he somehow knew you were in trouble and ran off. Carlisle has been kicking himself up and down this place. He kept saying he should have fought harder."

"He doesn't have it in him to kill someone purposefully."

That was the understatement of the century.

"Emmett was fighting the last one then right?"

"Yeah," Devon said with a nod. "Tough guy too. They were matched for strength."

Bella had an amusing mental image of Emmett fighting himself.

"I'm going to let you rest. I kinda want to be alone."

Bella nodded. He kissed her forehead and left.


Bella woke up again and this time Edward was standing by the massive window and looking out with folded arms and his lips a tight straight line.

"You're back," she whispered.


"Are you going to look at me?" Bella asked.

Edward closed his eyes. Bella looked away from him and sighed.

"Yeah I don't blame you, I'm disgusting."

"You're so absurd," he said with a humorless laugh.

"If you're trying to make me feel better you're going in the wrong direction."

"Bella I can't look at you because every time I do I see how I failed you! If I had done my job and protected you like the husband I claim to be...you almost died!"

"But I didn't!"

"Listen to you! You can't even talk right!"

Bella would have folded her arms but she still couldn't move them very well. She knew how to win this little argument. She wasn't going to talk. Childish but effective.

"How are you feeling Bella?" Carlisle asked as he came in to check on her.

Bella shrugged.

"A verbal response would be nice," Carlisle sighed, "I need you to be precise here."

She shook her head and pointed to her mouth.

"Did something happen to your voice?! Has the wound gotten worse."

"Nothing happened to her voice," Edward sighed, "she's giving me the silent treatment by being silent to everybody."

Bella looked away from both of them angrily.

"Bella please just tell him what he needs to know."

"Everything is the same as before I think except for this horrible pain that is crushing my soul."

"Well I think that'll heal," Carlisle chuckled. He smoothed her hair a bit. "If Edward keeps bothering you just call for someone and we'll come up and smack him for you."

"Carlisle not funny."

"You deserve it an you know it. Be more considerate Edward! Bella your body has completely accepted the new blood and you're starting to heal quicker."

"New blood?"

"You lost a lot," Carlisle reminded her, "you severed a few arteries, if you were human...well the good news is you aren't. Devon gave you some of his blood. It took very well."

"When did I get that?"

"Back when we got you in. Thankfully Devon's wounds were minor. Broken arm and burns on his neck like yours started out."

"How did he break his arm?"

"I think Caius used that silver chain to strangle him like he did you. Dev put his hand up to stop it and it wrapped around his arm. Caius pulled tight on the ends and crushed the bones. It wasn't pretty."

"Poor dear," Bella sighed. Carlisle finished giving her a check up and then left them alone. "So how long are you going to ignore me?"

"A moment longer and you would have been dead."

"But I'm not!"


"Edward if you're going to keep punishing me then can you at least wait until I'm stronger so I can at least get a good storm off in."

"Punish you? Is that what you think I'm doing?!"

Bella shrugged but instantly regretted it.

"If I hadn't spurned Tanya the way I did...I knew she was a jealous woman. You're like this because of me!"

"Alive? Because if I recall you were the one that saved me."

Edward sighed. "He was slowly killing you. I didn't...I couldn't..."

"Edward. This is what I am. I'm a creature that the vampires hate. All my life I have been running away from them. I would have died years ago if I had stayed and fought like I had this time. Never mind that these were professionals. Professionals that effortlessly killed my entire pack when I was little. The fact that I'm still alive...Edward I'm alive because you're different than them, because you can look past what I am."

"I wanted to kill her for this. I wanted to channel all of my anger into destroying her for bringing them here."

"Did you?"

"No. Katie has a wicked right hook. Emmett, Jasper and Alice caught up with me and let's just say I spent a long time face down in the snow with someone's genitalia against my back."

Bella giggled at that. She held Edward's hand.

"Tanya was pinned down by Katie and Alice and we were forced to communicate. It was mostly me screaming at her. It was like someone had uncorked the bottled up feelings I had since 1918 and lost you. I kept screaming that I had tried so hard to get over you and failed. Then I just cried for about a half hour. To quote Emmett...Tanya was being more of a man about it than I was."

"Dude, she totally was," he said popping in, "you were sobbing like a little bitch!"

"Your junk was rubbing against my neck!"

"Well that's what happens when you straddle someone. Parts touch things. How are you feeling little sis?"

"What happened to you hand?!"

"Lost a a couple of fingers," he said holding his hand up. They'll grow back in a few years. I'm just glad it isn't on my wacking hand."

"Wacking hand? Like slapping?" Bella asked.

Emmett grinned. "If I wasn't married I'd show you exactly what I mean," he said, rolling his eyebrows.

"OUT!" Edward cried. He sighed and looked back at Bella.

"Do you love me Edward?"

"You know I do," he murmured.

"If you loved me you would have kissed me at least once by now."

Edward smiled slightly, "allow me to amend my mistake?"

He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"I love you. I love you so much."

"Hold me."

Edward laid beside her and held her lightly. Her skin was warmer than usual. Bella sighed happily against his frigid skin. He took off his shirt and she smiled.

"My walking ice pack," she sighed happily.

Edward chuckled and held his hand against her neck to cool the burned skin that was trying to heal. She sighed yet again and he kissed her forehead.


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