Title: Pretty
Author: Bernarde
Rating: NC-17... my favorite.
Summary: In an underground society where sex does indeed sell, Mark Calaway stumbles across a tortured young man named Evan. A wicked past has left Evan with no memory and the mind of a child, but something about him captures Mark's attention...


This floor is dark and comfortably cool when you consider the disgusting heat outside. I can see the cages dimly outlined down the hallway and I wait for the owner to greet me. He's busy with another customer, discussing prices.

"He's worth more than that, and you know it."

"Two-thirty. I go no higher."

"You realize that he usually goes for twice that, right? He's one of my best. Perhaps you'd rather take the brunette... he seems to be a bit more in your price range."

"No. I want the Rose."

"Well, you're not fucking getting him for one-thirty. Oh," the owner glances at me, "Go take a look, I'll be with you then." I nod and leave the lobby-like area, eager to escape the sound of the two men.

There's an impressive selection here, but I knew there would be. Hunter isn't one to lie or overemphasize much of anything, let alone business matters.

They look well taken care of, housed (presumably) according to what they make. Some of them ignore me, obviously disgusted with their place, and those are the ones kept in a bare cage with only a few blankets, maybe a cot, and a bucket. A few notice and entice me, smiling and waiting for me to come closer.

I find one I like. He's housed moderately, with a nice bed, a small television, and a nightstand piled with books. He's sitting on his bed reading but when he sees me looking he stands up, coming to the bars.

"Good evening," he purrs, silky blond hair falling around his face. He's beautiful, with wickedly pretty green eyes that sparkle like emeralds, "My name is Shannon."

"Hello Shannon," I reply, continuing to look him over. He's shirtless, his body a wonderful composition of light muscle and soft, smooth skin, "You're very beautiful."

"Thank you," he takes the compliment easily, and I know he gets them often, "May I ask your name?"

"Mark." He nods, running a hand down his chest and moaning quietly as he tweaks one of his nipples. I feel my cock jerk, but I want to keep looking.

"Keep me in mind," he winks as I start to move on.

"I certainly will."

Only two more cages left. One holds another beautiful young man, who winks at me and informs me that his name is Brian. He's too muscled for me though, and I continue to the last option.

This cage is in the back corner, where it's much darker. It's the sparsest I've seen yet, holding a small cot and a pile of wooden blocks. The inhabitant is sleeping on his side, facing me, his blanket bunched up so that he can hug it as he sleeps.

He's young, maybe the youngest one here. Pretty, with a sharp nose and a wide mouth that's open as he snores quietly. Something in me pulls towards him, and I go closer to analyze him a little more.

"Oh, you don't want him," someone says. I turn to see the most beautiful man yet, clad only in a pair of tight black booty shorts that show off his magnificent legs. His hair is every color of the rainbow, his eyes perfect gems set in his delicate face. I know, without a doubt, that this must be the Rose.

"I don't, do I?"

"I doubt it. He's... special. I don't know why Master keeps him around - no one ever takes him," he lowers his voice, "I think it's out of pity, myself."

I raise an eyebrow, silently asking him to explain.

"He's one of Gangrel's boys... or was. You know how 'Grel treats them, don't you?"

"Yes. He's very... rough with them."

"More accurately, he breaks them. He loves his submissives... but he went too far with this one. I've heard that he got this one off the streets when the boy was... oh, let me think... fourteen? Maybe younger. Kicked out of his house because the parents couldn't afford to support him. Grel took him in and some of his rougher clients took a liking to him. They used him hard for years, rendering him fairly brain dead. That's not what completely did it, though," he pauses, a sad look going across his face, "He was Gangrel's best. But Grel owed a certain gang a lot of money and was... late paying it back. Sick of waiting, they took the boy instead. They did... some pretty horrible things to him. When Grel finally found him again, he was done. He doesn't remember any of his past and has the mind of a kid. Seriously, like a little kid."

"Jeffrey, what are you doing?" a brash voice behind us. The owner. Jeff grins, but backs away from me a bit.

"Just telling a customer about Evan, Master. He was interested."

"I bet," the owner smacks his ass and 'Jeffrey' yelps, "Go put some decent clothes on. There's a man up front wants to take you out tonight."

"Ooooh, am I going to the club?" Jeffrey squeals, "I love that!"

"Yes. Go get dressed before I beat the hell out of you."

"You know I'd like it, Master," he purrs, sidling close to the owner and nipping at his shoulder.

"Go!" Giggling, the Rose slinks away. The owner sighs and turns to me, "Sorry if he was bothering you. He's a hell of a chatterbox, but he's my best boy. Makes me a damn lot of money," he extends his hand, "I'm Raven, by the way."

"Mark," I shake his hand strongly, "Hunter told me about you."

"Ah, good ol' Hunter. I take it you didn't like any of his bitches?"

"No. They weren't my type."

"That'll happen. So, what do you think?"

"Is what... Jeffrey said true?"

"About Evan?" his face falls, "Yeah. Everyone doesn't understand why I don't just throw him out on the street, but honestly... I can't do it. If you knew how he acts, you might get it. He's helpless and he doesn't cost that much. No one wants him because of the way he is. Ah well," Raven glances in at the sleeping boy and shakes his head. "Anything else you liked?"

"Well... a certain blond caught my attention. His name's Shannon?"

"Ah, my little Shanny. He's a good kid. How long?"

"Just a night."

"How hard you going to use him?"

"Not very. I just like tying them up and smacking them around a little bit before getting down to business."

"Good. How does one-ninety sound?"

"That sounds about right. When should I bring him back?"

"Noon tomorrow, that's standard. Green first though."

I nod, pulling out my wallet and handing over the cash. Raven counts it.

"All right," he walks up to Shannon's cage and I follow. When Shannon sees me, he knows immediately what's up and stands, grinning.

"Hey Mark," he says as Raven unlocks the door. He slinks out and wraps himself around me. What a little slut. He really enjoys his work. "Am I going with him tonight, Master?" he asks.

"Yes, and you be good for him or I'll send you out with Dave again."

"Yes, Master. Do you want me dressed?" he asks me. I nod.

"Jeans, shirt, shoes. Nothing fancy, we're just going to my place. Maybe for Chinese later," I reply. He looks at Raven, who nods.

"Go get dressed."

The blond scoots off.

"You trust them a lot. Does your Rose even have a cage?"

"I trust the ones that can be trusted. Rose stays with me most of the time unless he goes out."

Shannon comes back in tight jeans that show off his perfect little ass and a black a-shirt. I look him over, whistling lowly.

"You like?" he asks, spinning in place. What a tart.

"Hell yeah. Now come on. Thanks, Raven," I bid goodbye to the owner, who is eying another customer who has come in.

"Not a problem, Mark. Remember - bring him back at noon tomorrow. They usually turn into pumpkins after that."

"I will. I'm not a big fan of squash."

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