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It was a dark night on October tenth the Kyubi's rampage was near its end as the Yondaime Hokage finished the final seal of his jutsu, as soon as it activated he felt immense pain and the seemingly endless red chakra started to flow into his only son he knew Naruto would have a hard life even with his last wish he only hoped more than the Third Hokage would befriend him especially in his age group. As the final amount of demon chakra was being sucked in, he saw a small blue object in the red going in with the red. He would have wondered what it was but he was dead seconds later joining his recently deceased wife. The Sandaime Hokage arrived next to the body of the fourth holding his child protectively in dead arms, he sighed for many reasons most around the now hated child.

"Minato I only hope your legacy will be accepted as a hero." Picking up the child he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

At a small orphanage he gave the child to the caretaker to hopefully live safely, if only he had seen the look of pure disgust on the owners face.

****************/23 days later/*****************

The Hokage stepped into the same orphanage with another bundle that he just saved, Mitarashi Anko

The Mitarashi clan was one devoted to Orochimaru, and when he left the village about three yours ago most of the clan went with him. The ones remaining were civilian houses and a few ninja houses not loyal enough to him to betray their village. Due to their connection to the traitor they have been hated by the rest of the village ever sense. A short while earlier the houses were attacked with only a handful surviving, stopped by the Hokage himself. Of the survivors Anko is the only one in the village the rest decided to move into other Fire Country owned villages Anko's parents loved this village and would never leave but they were killed in the attack, Anko was born a few days prior to this never knowing her parents the clan heir of the Mitarashi clan (AN: Even though she is an heir she only inherits her clan techniques and secrets the seat in the council was taken away 2 years before)

The Hokage gave her to the owner and left to deal with other important matters. The woman in charge sharing the same beliefs as the rest of the villagers promptly dropped her into the 'demon section' of the bed room next to our favorite blond. She grinned at a thought, keep them alive until they can run and talk and then let them experience torture hehe.

*****************/5 years later/******************

The two children were seen in an ally after a beating from the villagers for the fourth time sense they were kicked out of the orphanage 2 months ago. This time Anko had a senbon needle in her leg unable to use it.

'I need to help Anko but how can I' he fell asleep soon after. Waking up in a sewer he heard crying. Following the sound he arrived at a huge cage with a paper with the kanji for seal in the center. Looking closer he saw a small blue ball in the cage with red swirling energy in the upper half of the cage.

"W-who are you?" said the small blue fox with deep red eyes and a blue tail. "Are you my jailer?"

"What jailer, I'm Naruto, who are you?" The fox changed into a small girl around his age with dark blue hair dressed in the same rags Anko wore. (AN: Kitsune have one human form that is who they are as a human, a henge in how they look like others, she is dressed like Anko because that is all she knows girls her age wear from looking through Naruto's view.)

"My name is Kyubi." A bright flash blinded them what they saw next was the alyway he fell asleep in with a freaked out Anko.

"What did you do, and who is she?" She pointed a Kyubi.

"My name is Kyubi and I was sealed in Naruto but now I'm out."

"What do you mean sealed in me and didn't a huge red you attack the village 5 years ago?"

"Let me explain." (AN: I'll explain it in third person)

The giant fox that attacked the village was not really Kyubi. What really happened was that Kyubi was born to a powerful demon family three days before the attack, her mother died a day later for unknown reasons, and the day of the attack Madara Uchiha appeared and with one of the two demon controlling crystals tried to get her father to attack the village. His power and the crystal's tore at each other putting him in unspeakable rage destroying his body making him a huge fox. He was holding Kyubi at that time so she was engulfed in the energy slightly fusing with it. Madara reverse summoned the nine tailed fox to Konoha and the rest is history. When Kyubi awoke she was in a cell, the shinigami appeared and explained all that happened to the fox, also the fox has a few memories her father had due to the fusion. He promised that she would be let out of the seal as soon if her jailer came to mindscape and was told her name because the deal was to only seal the other demon not her.

"So I'm a demon container?" "Well that explains the villagers calling me a demon."

"You're not a demon Naru-kun."

"Ya, you're a human."

"Um … I have no place to go can I stay with you two, I've never had a friend before."

"Of course." Anko was still uncomfortable with the young kitsune, but she seemed harmless, her leg was still in pain though.

"You need help Anko-chan." The fox examined the leg and only one thing came to mind.

"My father knew something to make humans heal faster but I need about a tails of power to do it." They gave her questioning looks.


"It turns them into half demons and makes you stronger, but I can only use a fourth of a tail so I'll need Naru-kun."

"Well they already call me a demon whore so being a half demon won't hurt my reputation, I'll do it, please help Naru-kun." Naruto blushed at all the attention and thought it over a second.

"If it will help Anko-chan, then alright."

"Ok from what I know we all have to put our lips together and us two focus energy." They followed the instruction to an awkward 3-way kiss. They were all put in immense pain and passed out, all three now a full half demon.

AN: so that was the prologue I will try and make the rest of the story more exciting and less informative but I am really bad at writing I am sorry of that. I'll try and answer some common questions below and as many in the reviews as I can.

1. They are five they don't know what a kiss is for now so they didn't understand exactly what they did.

2. They are all now full half demons, the full part means that they grow like a regular demon but instead of a tail every 4 years they get one every five (the max number of tails depend on the type of half breed they are raccoon 1, fox 9,ect. The fox has more power but it takes a while to get and control that power the more tails the harder it is, control comes with age control of one at age 8, two at 12, three at 16, after 16 it takes to every 20 years. Raccoons have the lowest power but the most control that is why they can control mass amounts of small objects like sand.) The half demon part means that they have their own human chakra and demon making them technically more powerful, the reason demon do not do this is that you become killable by humans instead of just sealed by them (poisons do not work due to the advanced healing, but it can slow them down.) They can also use all demon chakra without having chakra exhaustion death because of the human chakra. But the older you are the more tails it takes to change some one that is another reason it is not used often.

3. Because Kyubi is 5 she cannot use a tail correctly and instead used to much changing them all. The nine tails sealed in Naruto were distributed to each of them so they each have four tails currently but can't use any. They also have around mid-genin speed right now and their human chakra reserves are all at What Naruto's was when he was 12 (a lot) they also all now have a regular fox tail and a new one will come as they get chakra tails from age. The real story will begin at the final exam day at the academy. Kyubi, not liking perverted looks from guys is henge as Carl the weird black haired orphan friend of Naruto and also they want to be on the same team so this works with the unbreakable boy-boy-girl team structure. Anko is henged but only to hide the fox feature and height (Naruto the same there) and her demon growth enhanced chest. Kimimaro was taken out of the cell by Konoha and befriended the trio training them in chakra control and physical conditioning (he doesn't have any jutsu to teach.) They all have low grades because they don't want to show off any skills (but like a fox they are crafty.)

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